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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 9:00 am EDT on August 27, 2014

This is practice demonstration test message.

The following message is transmitted at the request of the Florida division of emergency management Tallahassee FL.

This is a test message. This is a test of the capability to relay emergency messages from non-National Weather Service sources using department of Homeland security and NWS systems. This practice demonstration test message is not intended to activate the emergency alert system.

This is a test message. Do not take action based on this test message.


3308219gw/ipawsopen 200002

End Sample practice demonstration test message.

Information on the hazcollect program can be found at the hazcollect web site at /use lower case letters/:


Non-weather related emergency messages are originated by local...state or federal civil authorities and at their request may be relayed by the National Weather Service in non-weather related text products...and over NOAA Weather Radio all hazards /NWR/ and the eas. The National Weather Service does not initiate non-weather related emergency messages. NWS instruction 10-518 includes the specifications for these products. NWS instruction 10-518 appendix c defines content guidelines for each non-weather emergency message type. The hazcollect service is described in NWS instruction 10-1708.

NWS instruction 10-518 and 10-1708 are available on the internet at /use lower case letters/:


If you have any questions or comments...please contact:

Al sandrik...warning coordination meteorologist National Weather Service office Jacksonville FL 904-741-4370 x223 al.Sandrik@noaa.Gov

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