Weather Modification in Texas

By: SubtropicalHi, 6:28 PM GMT on July 16, 2012

I was reading Dr. Master's blog today. A member posted a site about weather modification projects: Agriculture Defense CoalitionThe Agriculture Defense Coalition site listed weather modification projects in the US. From there I found a project for Texas: Texas Weather ModificationAnd a local project: South Texas Weather ModificationThe local sites are very informative and give details about daily cloud seeding activities.I had always known they did cloud seeding ...

Updated: 7:46 PM GMT on July 16, 2012


By: SubtropicalHi, 10:11 PM GMT on August 09, 2011

The subtropical high/death ridge over Texas has an official name: Ridge-a-mortis.Might as well name these droughts. Maybe we can fly recon into them. But, I guess that would be soooo boring, who would want to fly 35,000 feet to look at nothing but more sunlight. I'll stay inside....

Updated: 10:13 PM GMT on August 09, 2011

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