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By: cutegirl36 , 9:52 AM GMT on June 25, 2012

To get rich, we not only learn but also to relax, there are many ways to relax, each person has a different selection, there are those who choose to play sports, there are those who choose to play games ...

For those who intend to play games, here I present a mini flash games under the category of wisdom. This game stimulates the player must be thinking, so that the entire match.
It's game: "Cannibals And Missionaries". This is the preferred popular logic game is widely rated as very good for both adults and children, because sometimes children that adults complete is not @ @!.

How to play: This game is only played with the mouse.
+ There are 3 people and 3 zombie, select the two characters each boat and somehow to put the all the 3 of 3 zombie into the river. If the number people is larger than the zombie they should be okay, even if the number zombie greater the people, then zombie will eat meat the people.
The game seemed so simple but this may also a problem for someone.

Now let's try to play, pass and discover more at friv.

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