western carib

By: roatangardener, 8:26 AM GMT on June 16, 2013

Some lightening and rain as the new disturbance moves up along the nic/honduran coast. Rain is sure welcomed here, been way too dry.

2013 season in western caribbean

By: roatangardener, 3:49 PM GMT on June 02, 2013

been watching the forecasts for this area of the carib for the 2013 season. today it is unbelievably hot, not a single breeze. usually this means rain is on its way. looking at the blob just off the tip of the yucatan. any chance this will swing south west. not looking forward to bad weather but some rain would be very welcomed. most folks with rain supplied cisterns are at the bottom of the tank at the moment here on Roatan.


By: roatangardener, 11:28 AM GMT on August 06, 2012

preparing the farm for an ernesto drive by. have to bring down the orchids, hanging baskets, etc. then we need to harvest the limes and mangos. hoping there wont be too much wind damage to the hydroponic lettuce farm. will keep checking in. rg


By: roatangardener, 6:13 PM GMT on October 27, 2011

now that we lived thru several days of pouring rain with the mudslides and flooding then a very near miss with hurricane rina which dropped more rain, heavy wind and extreme surf we have 97L on our heels. any insight into what to expect from that? rg

here we go

By: roatangardener, 7:24 PM GMT on August 18, 2011

and the season begins here. waiting for 93L to cruise past us and hopefully drop some rain. been very dry here all spring and summer. today there is no air to breathe. and looking out over the north coast the clouds are starting to build. all looks good for an afternoon shower. then we wait to see what this slow moving system will finally decide to do. will post more later. rg

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