Will Ernesto have a NW turn or not (201208-06/07)

By: vis0 , 9:56 AM GMT on August 07, 2012

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(OF COURSE THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL its just like if Thomas Edison said in his time that one day we could use his invention / discovery of harnessing electricity (battery or solar power) to power cameras at higher altitude to help predict weather by taking a series of photos. Now its taken for granted, well what i state will be fact but its too early and no one gives a hoot to discover it for now.

As stated 24hrs ago (not to mention at least 9 times on my wunderground blog) that when the ml-d settings are turned ON, or changed a 2-3 delay period takes in effect as where the ml-d's activity rings START FIRST reaching the changed settings from THE OUTER MOST RING FIRST

(if image is not fully presented or too small try http://www.ipernity.com/doc/140862/12530709/sizes )
towards the INNER MOST RINGS. If one has read my blogbits one will notice how for instance Tropical Storms are affects IF THEY ARE WITHIN THE ml-d's RINGS/AOI.

As ml-d was off it seems Ernesto formed (THIS IS FOR THIS YEAR's Tropical Season as to what i call the Galacsic Cycle which present 2nd third of its ascending cycle ends August 4th 2012

(if image is not fully presented or too small try http://www.ipernity.com/doc/140862/12723133/sizes )

and its NATURAL  2 week delay is ~August 18th 2012. since the ml-d INFLUENCES weather NOT create it IT DEPENDS ON THE NATURAL TREND via several natural occurrences one of which is the Galacsic Cycle (undiscovered by modern science), others are Rossby waves, El NiƱo, etc. Now the problem for me are the next 2 weeks as i see what "natural trends" are to begin for this last third of the ascending Galacsic season. now as the ml-d takes hold nearer to the Northeast this means due to its settings (posted on earlier wxun blogbits) weather formation will act as if there is a vortex draining weather into / towards the NYC area AND THIS EFFECT becomes a form of "circular training" from the ml-d's AOI towards NYC.  Since this is part of what i call the "push-pull" affect this means activity near the ml-d's AOI will be influenced as to come towards the ml-d created inward vortex. So i am watching to see if after the 1st 24 hours of the ml-d's outermost rings tugging at Ernesto (till Monday Early AM) then letting go as the ml-d's next influence are the middle rings, then over NYC AREA will the eventual vortex push-pull be strong enough to slightly give Ernesto a NW tug towards the southern Gulf of Mexico or is it too far away AND IF does tug it can it capture Ernesto to bring it towards the southeast as a Hurricane?  About 67% depends on what this last third of the ascending Galacsic season is to bring, since i stopped studying NASA's star chart i don't even know,peace 

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