Weather for Tel Aviv US

Place Alerts Temp. Conditions Humidity Pressure Wind Updated
Tel, Afghanistan 0 74 °F Mostly Cloudy 11% 30.01 in Variable at 2 mph 3:25 PM AFT
Tel, Azerbaijan 0            
Tel, Central African Republic 0 72 °F Clear 62%  in Calm 7:00 AM WAT
Tel, Guinea-Bissau 0 77 °F Clear 74% 29.86 in SW at 4 mph 10:00 AM GMT
Perry County Municipal, Indiana 0 43 °F Light Rain 82% 30.26 in (Falling) South at 6 mph 5:56 AM EST
Tel, Italy 1Disruption due to snow and ice from 6AM CET TUE until 5:30PM CET TUE 48 °F Scattered Clouds 43% 30.01 in Calm 11:50 AM CET

Alerts Legend

Tornado Warning Tornado Warning
Tornado Watch Tornado Watch
Severe Thunderstorm Warning Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Severe Thunderstorm Watch Severe Thunderstorm Watch
High Wind Advisory High Wind Advisory
Flood Warning Flood Warning
Flood Watch / Flood Statement Flood Watch / Flood Statement
Hurricane Local Statement Hurricane Local Statement
Winter Weather Statement Winter Weather Statement
Heat Advisory Heat Advisory
Dense Fog Advisory Dense Fog Advisory
Fire Weather Advisory Fire Weather Advisory
Hurricane Watch Special Weather Statement
Hurricane Warning Record Set
Tropical Storm Watch Public Report
Tropical Storm Warning Public Statement
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