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keep praying - we need help!

By: AllyBama , 3:22 AM GMT on May 07, 2009


Here are some links to the information about National Prayer Day:



Have a great Friday everyone..I know that God heard many prayers Thursday..please continue to pray for our Nation - we are in dire straits - IMHO!

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Momma has to keep a watchout for her babies in Groton

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22. incogkneetoe
2:52 AM GMT on May 10, 2009

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21. EmmyRose
2:39 AM GMT on May 10, 2009
To my crazy bama friend
Enjoy your Mothers Day

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20. Proserpina
2:32 AM GMT on May 10, 2009

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19. AllyBama
7:39 PM GMT on May 09, 2009
thanks PL and gamma for the Mother's Day wishes!..best to you too!

I am out for awhile as my SIL is preparing dinner for me and his Mom tonight..and I
definitely need to get off here and get ready
to do!...see ya' later♥
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18. seflagamma
2:44 PM GMT on May 09, 2009
Hi AllyB,

Thank you for stopping by my blog this week with your good wishes!!! Yes we are all thrilled!!!

Just in case I do not make it around tomorrow; hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

and have a great weekend!

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17. 0084PenguinLover
11:11 AM GMT on May 09, 2009
Happy weekend and mother's day!!
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16. moonlightcowboy
3:28 AM GMT on May 08, 2009
Have a good sleep, Ally - prayers always!
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15. AllyBama
3:26 AM GMT on May 08, 2009
I hope that everybody remembered to pray

good night everyone - and thanks so much
for stopping by today..
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14. Proserpina
11:56 PM GMT on May 07, 2009
HELLO Pictures, Images and Photos

Prayer for you and family.
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13. surfmom
8:49 PM GMT on May 07, 2009
prayer in mind
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12. Redhead
6:55 PM GMT on May 07, 2009
Update on post #5

Thursday, May 7, 2009 1:44 PM, EDT LINK

Preston continues to run some fever. It is enough concern that they have scheduled a CT scan for this afternoon.

Please pray that they either find nothing or exactly what is the source of the fever.

I will update later.

In His Arms and Claiming His Healing


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11. seflagamma
2:26 PM GMT on May 07, 2009
Good morning AllyB,

I am part of our SALT Christian network here at work.. it is one of the "Diversity" networks. So this organiztion puts on the National Day of Prayer at each of our locations.

I have lead some of the prayers in the past during this activity and plan to attend today's. I think it is a good thing for our National to ask God to give us guidance for our Country.

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10. jitterymoose
2:18 PM GMT on May 07, 2009
Tony Dungy. What a guy. If I had faith like he does.... :-)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
9. Patrap
2:16 PM GMT on May 07, 2009

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8. stormygace
1:20 PM GMT on May 07, 2009
6. Yes we do! No matter if it is not "PC" in certain quarters to say - YES, we need God in America Again, right now! Thanks for posting.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
7. AllyBama
12:31 PM GMT on May 07, 2009
Don't forget to pray everyone and please pray for the little boy that Redhead has posted about - see #5....this is so sad and he needs all the thoughts and prayers he can get...

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6. Redhead
6:25 AM GMT on May 07, 2009
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
5. Redhead
5:10 AM GMT on May 07, 2009
Please read the story and then pray for 4 yr. old, Preston Loyd who was critically injured in a lawnmower accident last month. His grandfather did not know Preston was near, and accidently backed over him. There seems to be no serious brain injury, spinal cord injury, or lost appendages. He does have a horrific wound to his left side. In the trauma surgery, he lost his left kidney and spleen. He is still in an induced coma.


Here is part of his Dad's journal written today.
Wednesday, May 6, 2009 10:53 PM, EDT

Mark 5:3
Ignoring what they said, Jesus told the synagogue ruler,
Do not be afraid; just BELIEVE.

That is my mantra right now, do not be afraid, just believe. I need all of you to raise that up. We believe Preston will have perfect healing. We know this will be in Gods time, but we know that healing will be perfect.

Preston had a great day. His vitals were great. They replaced his wound vac and said it is definitely healing. Prayer items:
Brain, brain, brain. Call on God to heal any injury that may be present in my precious sons brain.
Continued healing of all his exterior wounds.
The doctors plan on waking him up by Sunday. Pray this process is manageable for my sweet boy. Pray he does not suffer as he comes off the sedation and they manage his pain meds.
Pray for patience for Cinamon and me. I am claiming my sons healing and I need all of you to hold me up in that. We have thousands of people out there praying.
Find someone else to add to your prayer list. I have actually created a prayer excel sheet this week. I can sit and call out people by names who have asked me for prayer.
Pray for all the Pray for Preston Prayer Warriors
Praise God: Cinamon has decided to stay in the condo being offered for our use by Pinnacle Properties and Royal Court. God has given Mommy that peace.

I want to share a note I read to my church on Sunday. It is from an old friend:


I want to acknowledge you for your huge heart and incredible grace during what would be the most trying time for any father. My son and yours are about the same age and my heart breaks for you and your family. I also want to say what an inspiration you are to me. To witness the love and faith you show each day really touches my heart.
While I grew-up a Christian, I have not had much of a place for religion in my life as an adult. I have also not made a particular effort to introduce my three children to the teachings of Christ or faith of any kind. Your postings and Prestons courage have had a significant impact on me. As a result, my family and I will be attending church for the first time this Sunday. I explained to my kids that we will be going to honor and pray for a brave little boy who is working hard to become well again. They are excited to help and amazed that their prayers can help heal someone they never met. Im not sure how Christ word will impact my family or what changes we will make, but I do want you and Preston to know that your courage has opened a door that would have remained closed.

I do not need or expect a reply to this email. I just wanted you to know the impact that you and your family had on me and my family. Thank you Ashton.

Blessings on you and your beautiful boy!

I can also report this past Sunday was that day, and this family has decided to seek out a church home. WOW. That is the witness my son is already bearing through this tragedy.

If I can impress anything on those of you who are reading these posts and may not have a church home, or a personal relationship with God seek it out. Only through our faith has God sustained us through these last days. I have seen both my wife and my faith multiply dramatically in these days.

Thanks again for all the prayers, notes, emails, visits, donations, etc. The love is overwhelming. Gods love exhibited through his people.

We Love all of you.

In His Arms,

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4. AllyBama
3:36 AM GMT on May 07, 2009
me too Beach!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
3. Beachfoxx
3:27 AM GMT on May 07, 2009
I thought you were booting your blog cause you didn't like Dungy! LOL

I hope you enjoyed his words... I find him to be an inspiration. Wish we had more men like him in the public eye. : )
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
2. AllyBama
3:25 AM GMT on May 07, 2009
This was just posted in my old blog by my friend, Beachfoxx..

Tony Dungy voices the pain, lessons from son’s suicide
By Art Stricklin, Baptist Press
Published February 22, 2006

An emotional Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy, in his first speaking engagement since his son’s funeral, headlined the 19th annual Athletes in Action Super Bowl breakfast Feb. 4 at the Super Bowl XL headquarters hotel in Detroit.

Honors God — Tony Dungy, head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, shares for the first time publicly that he and his family donated several organs for transplant surgeries after his 18-year-old son James committed suicide in December.
New York Jets running back Curtis Martin received the Bart Starr Award, given annually to an NFL player on the basis of character and service. But all eyes were on Dungy, who was given two standing ovations in telling of the pain and the lessons from his son’s suicide in December.
Dungy said he had learned a lot from his sons, Eric, 14 and Jordan, 5, “but the most important thing came from James, who would have been 19.”
“He was a Christian and is today in heaven. He was struggling with the things of the world and took his own life. People ask how I could come back to work so soon. I’m not totally recovered, I don’t know if I ever will be, it’s still ever-painful,” he said, wiping back a tear. “But some good things have come out of it.”
He said he has received dozens of letters from people who heard him speak at his son’s funeral or at a Colts news conference on the peace and assurance he has in his son’s salvation and eternal destination. Dungy told of two people having received the gift of sight from his son’s donated corneas and of the youth to whom he has talked who are wrestling with similar problems as his son.
But Dungy used the most important lesson to drive home his point before the packed ballroom full of former NFL players and coaches, league officials and fans.
“If God had talked to me before James’ death and said his death would have helped all these people, it would have saved them and healed their sins, but I would have to take your son, I would have said no, I can’t do that.
“But God had the same choice 2,000 years ago with his Son, Jesus Christ, and it paved the way for you and me to have eternal life. That’s the benefit I got, that’s the benefit James got, and that’s the benefit you can get if you accept Jesus into your heart today as your Savior.”
Dungy said the biggest regret in his life is that when he saw his son for the last time during the Thanksgiving holidays, he did not hug him when he left but only gave him a casual goodbye.
He said he didn’t want to have the same regret at the sold-out breakfast, as he led the crowd in prayer, asking those who did not have Jesus in their life to accept him for the very first time.
“I want you to know there is a peace in your mind through God’s spirit when you know Jesus and know you will be in heaven with him.”
When he got up to speak, Dungy said it was the eighth or ninth time he had attended the annual Super Bowl event, but his dream remains to attend just 24 hours before he takes the field as a Super Bowl coach.
“This is a tremendous event and it’s great to be here, but I didn’t want to come here as the invited speaker, but as the head coach of a Super Bowl team. My goal is to fill a couple of tables with my players the day before the game.
“It hasn’t happened yet; I’ll sure be happy when it does.”
Before he got up to speak, a brief video was shown of Colts players talking about the impact Dungy had on their life before and after the tragic death of his son.
“This is the way a Christian man should coach a team,” punter Hunter Smith said. “I believe it’s the way Jesus would coach a team.”
Martin, in his acceptance speech for the Bart Starr Award, said his faith in God helped him overcome a rocky beginning to his life, including family and friends being killed when he was young and an abusive home situation.
“I always thought I would die before I was 21, but I appreciate life now and I do realize we have a God who forgives whatever we can do.”
Hall of Fame members Steve Largent, a receiver with the Seattle Seahawks, and Lem Barney, a Detroit Lions cornerback, also voiced testimonies of God’s goodness both on and off the field.
“Why does God allow pain in our lives?” Dungy asked in his emotionally charged speech. “Because we’re loved by God, and the pain allows us to head back to our Father.”

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1. Beachfoxx
3:24 AM GMT on May 07, 2009

You didn't like my Tony Dungy??? : (
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:

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