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A pause in Spring weather...

By: Zachary Labe , 8:44 PM GMT on April 05, 2009

"Afternoon Thoughts" (Updated 4/5)
I have been staring at a lonesome sign for many years along the outskirts of my neighborhood at the base of the mountain. The sign reads: COMING SOON AUTUMN OAKS RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT. Existing currently in the foothills of the mountain are already many neighborhoods including mine along with woods and farm fields. A soy bean farm sits east of my neighborhood where one of the signs takes residence. The wind burnt and wood chipped signs covered in weed grasses along the posts seemed to pose little threat to the wildlife and atmosphere of the surrounding community until the threat became a reality. We received a notice in our mailboxes from a few of our neighborhood leaders that this building company finally decided to try to move in and destroy the nearby farm field and destroy acres and acres of woods while building up the mountain. With many of us being concerned, we took up opposition at the township meeting. This being small town residents against a big named builder, it seemed like a worthless fight. But after some media recognition, our story grew with the fight to preserve the nearby land. Meetings were held at the township building and by those old, crooked wooden signs. While us few citizens could hold back the entire plan, we did get a few criteria that we definitely needed to have met from the builder. Now here I stand looking once again at one of the two lonesome signs. But instead of a beautiful vast and lush farm field behind it, I see a drab brown dirt pile followed by those atrocious black vinyl construction fence dividers. While it seemed like the reality would never be reached, it was inevitable. Our once serene and quiet neighborhood tucked along the mountain, would be met with more homes which is the last thing we need. While to me it seems foolish to build homes along the floodplain farm field, up the steep 1200ft mountain, and through the poor economy and housing market; the only thing the building company sees is the dollar sign. While yes we could have just sat there knowing there was nothing to do being small citizens. But everyone needs to feel their obligation to do something about it, instead of sitting reading the newspaper and complaining. This over construction of these multi-million shopping centers, terrible cliché strip malls, and condominiums seem to just be littering the once farm field and woods region of the Harrisburg area. While yes the construction and industrialization of a suburb is a sign of a healthy community, there needs to be standards. So now here I sit, looking out through the bay window at the mysterious mountain landscape, and wondering what will the future hold for the ever-changing landscape. But know I know thanks to the actions of a few in the past, the woods and hawk migration area will be preserved at the top and along the sides courtesy of a new state park, Boyd Big Tree Conservation Area. Everyone can make a difference and with the upcoming 2009 Earth day, I suggest everyone do their part.

"Regional Radar"

(Courtesy of NOAA)

"Regional Satellite"

(Courtesy of Penn State Meteo.)

"Regional Advisories"

(Courtesy of NOAA)

"Forecast Discussion" (Updated 4/5)
Low pressure moving northeast from the Ohio Valley will begin to track across western Pennsylvania. The 992mb low will track near Bradford drawing along a cold front with a warm front to the east. A weak secondary low will from along the warm front across southern Pennsylvania near the Delmarva region. This triple point low will allow the warm sector to seek into southern and eastern Pennsylvania. This may allow for some early to mid morning heating to occur in this region allowing some elevated and surface instability to form. The strong southerly winds will create high shear values near 60knots aloft creating the potential for damaging winds and even an isolated tornado especially to our south. See more in the severe weather section. As the cold front marches through Monday thunderstorms will occur in many locations as elevated instability will enhance convection. These low topped and high inversion thunderstorms will be capable of intense lightning and thunder in some spots courtesy of the high positive CTG strikes that are move commmon in elevated thunderstorms. PWATs will rise to near 1.1inches making for some heavy rain as the front pulls through. QPF totals will be near .5inches in many areas with isolated totals of around 1inch. The low will bottom out around 980mb and become cutoff near the St. Lawrence Seaway along the upstate NY/Canada border. H85s will be crashing towards Monday night under a northwest flow with heights near -4C. Wrap around moisture under a northwest lake influence and enhancement will help create snow showers and rain showers across the state. A tight baraclonic flow will also help to create sub-wind advisory type wind gusts in the 30-40mph range for late Monday and Tuesday. The northwest flow will last until late Wednesday under unseasonably cold air under a deep trough with 850s near -10C near Erie, PA. ModerateT to heavy lake effect snow accumulations may occur in some areas. See more details about snow in winter storm watch section below. Things clear out for Thursday before a weak wave under an easterly flow keeps some light rain Thursday night with QPF below .1inches. Low ceilings near 800ft and 1-3mile vis. fog will also accompany the light rain and drizzle. A lull between systems is possible Friday before a strong low heads up through the Ohio Valley and approaches for the weekend. Some timing issues are likely with systems late in the week.

"Current Surface Map and Weekly History of Jet Stream Position"

(Courtesy of Weather Underground)

"Weekly Forecast" (Updated 4/5)
Monday- A MCS complex associated with a cold front and strong low pressure will be weakening, but moving across Pennsylvania Monday morning. Rainfall Monday will be associated with the rain from the frontal band which will generally be around a half an inch, but up to an inch for some locations. Isolated urban, farm field, and small stream flooding will be possible in some select locations. Some morning peaks of sunshine along the I-95 corridor could spark some reintensification of the thunderstorm complex by late morning Monday and early afternoon. A few strong thunderstorms cannot be ruled out for far eastern and southern areas. Winds will turn northwesterly behind the front with gusts in the 30-40mph range with a few isolated gusts near 50mph along the ridge tops. As colder air moves into the state, rain will change from west to east as some wrap around moisture moves in across the state. Precipitation amounts will be light. High temperatures will be met ahead of the front in the 50s and 60s falling into the 30s by late afternoon and evening. Monday night will feature wrap-around snow showers for most areas in the central and western third of the state. Snow accumulations will be around 1inch in the valley and 2-4inches in the mountains particularily the western facing slopes. Lows will generally be in the upper 20s to the mid 30s with windchills in the teens thanks to 30mph howling winds.

Tuesday- A continued northwest flow will dominate the weather. Lake enhancement and a cut-off low will cause widespread overcast skies and mountain snow showers with rain/snow showers over the east being more intermittent. Snow accumulations will be limited for elevations over 2000ft for western and northern areas with accumulations only around 1-2inches generally limited to the grass. Winds will continue to be gusty in the 30-40mph range. Some low cloud ceilings are possible in the northwest with dense fog on the ridgetops. High temperatures will be near 10-15degrees below normal with them in the 30s and low 40s. Tuesday night will feature pure lake effect snow with intense bands possible in the northwest with snow accumulations in the snowbelts of 3-5inches. Outside the snowbelts a coating to one inch of snow is possible. East of the Blue ridge only a few scattered snow showers are possible. Cloud cover will persist through the night keeping temperatures from dropping off too much. Lows will generally be in the upper 20s to mid 30s.

Wednesday- The lake effect and northwest flow will begin to dwindle. Downsloping will clear out eastern areas from the clouds giving way to sunshine. But the mountains and western areas will be continued with stratus clouds and occasional snow showers. No additional snow accumulations will occur for all locations. Winds will also begin to calm with only breezy conditions expected with 10-15mph gusts. As the day progresses conditions will get better from east to west. High temperatures will be again well below normal for early April standards and be in the upper 30s for western areas to mid 40s for the east. It will definitely feel like winter once again. Wednesday night will feature partly to mostly cloudy skies with some light northwest 5mph winds. This will limit frost development even through temperatures will likely drop below freezing statewide excluding the Philadelphia metro region.

Thursday- A lull between systems will keep generally sunny to partly cloudy skies statewide with light winds shifting to the east. The day will generally be nice with temperatures rising closer to normal with highs in the 50s and low 60s. But a weak shortwave approaches later in the day with a bit of light rain and drizzle. A marine layer under the easterly flow will likely development towards Thursday night with low cloud ceilings near 700-800ft and 1-3mile visibility fog with possible .5mile fog near Philadelphia. Conditions will be slightly better across western areas. Lows will be mild thanks to the easterly flow and cloud cover with lows generally in the 40s to low 50s.

Friday- A bit of questionable timing exists as another low pressure heads up through the Great Lakes with a trailing cold front. At this time it appears rain develops from west to east by late morning under a moist southerly flow. Rainfall looks to be a nice soaking .5-1inch rainfall for the total event with the height of the rainfall late afternoon and early evening. Highs will be in the 50s and low 60s. An isolated thunderstorm is also possible over the southeast region towards evening. Friday night will feature the frontal rain band returning the flow too a cooler and more northwesterly regime pattern for the weekend. Lows Friday night will be in the 30s and 40s.

"Wildfire Outlook" (Updated 4/5)
Some brief wildfire criteria will be met today, Sunday. Low RH values near 20-30% combined with some 10-15mph breezes will help some minimal criteria for wildfire to development. But with ample soil moisture from the recent rains and lush vegetation beginning to bloom, this will help to keep a hold on any natural fire development. This week will feature a general northwest flow through Wednesday which will keep a strato-cumulus deck generally over the entire state. Also temperatures will be well below normal along with instability rain and snow showers. The fire threat is very low this week. By Thursday an easterly flow will develop along with a marine layer keeping again high RH values and ample moisture with light rain and drizzle. By next weekend another storm system is poised to move into the state with more moderate to heavy periods of rain. The short-term drought is being quickly eaten away by these beneficial rains, but the long term drought is still there with a nearly -5inch anomaly for the year for many areas. But again that is being taken chunk by chunk away each rainfall. I still think the general theme of the summer will be drier than normal once this active spring weather pattern ceases. My summer outlook looks to debut either next weekend or possibly the weekend after. Also my Earth Day blog will be posted the 22nd. The latest drought monitor from NOAA CPC is showing some moderate criteria being met for some southern areas, but improvement is on the way. Hopefully we can take in this stratiform rainfall before we rely on the unreliable summer time convection.

Here again are the fire criteria for development in Pennsylvania... Link.

Criteria for rapid initiation and spread of wildfires in PA:

1. Winds must be sustained at 15 mph (13 knots) for two hours or more, and

2. Minimum Relative Humidities (which usually occur in the afternoon) must be 30 percent or less, and

3. 10-hour Fuel Moistures must be 15 percent or less (and expected to remain there for two or more days).

"Fire Outlooks from Storm Prediction Center Days 1, 2, and 3"

(Courtesy of NOAA)

"Gardening Outlook" (Updated 4/5)
What a beautiful day it is outside this Sunday. The sun is shining and the temperature is in the upper 60s. And o yes those horrible winds have ceased. I did do quite of a bit of outdoor work this morning and afternoon including the first mowing of the lawn and fertilizing. Also I took out all of the garden statues and decorations and such including my rain barrel which I did hook up. And yes, my weekend would not be complete without a trip to the flower nursery for more vegetables. Groundhog sighting have been limited to one time this week with no damage to anything. My Spring Onions are really coming up with about five rows of 20 sets. The Garlic has been the quickest growing with about 15 cloves planted. The sprouts are about 3-4inches tall. I did plant prematurely some radish seeds just yesterday as the soil in my raised boxes is always warmer than ground soil thanks to the sun all day heating the boxes. This allows me to do some early planting compared to others. My pea seeds are beginning to sprout about 1inch tall. My ground garden which has great expanded this Spring consists of 28 lettuce plants which include a variety set, romaine, and butter crunch. The lettuce has been growing great and the other night when temperatures dropped to 31degrees on the 31st, seemed to have no impact on anything. Also I planted about 12 leeks this week. I read that leeks are somewhat beneficial to the garden keeping pests and hopefully japanese beetles away come Summer. After some pruning of the blueberry bushes, it appears I did not suffer any losses and they look very healthy after the long and cold winter. Finally my celery plants seem healthy, but very slow growers. It is nice to see my other perennials coming up. I noted my day lilies coming up and my daffodils have bloomed the brilliant yellow around the yard. Tulips are up nearly 6inches and appear healthy although it does not seem to be quite as full as last year. My monstrous bleeding heart is already 3inches high. See pictures from last year of this monster, lol. Anyway get out in the soil and enjoy this Spring weather, although this coming week does not look like the best of opportunity.

"Soil Moisture Anomalies and 5-day Precipitation Amounts from Hydro Prediction Center"

(Courtesy of NOAA)

"Severe Weather Outlook" (Updated 4/5)
A isolated risk of severe weather is possible Monday late morning and early afternoon as a cold front crosses the region. A MCS complex will work its way across the Ohio Valley Sunday night and will feature elevated thunderstorms with high +CTG lightning strikes that will be capable of loud thunder. This combined with rising PWATs near 1.1inches will help create some heavy rain for the morning rush hour for much of Pennsylvania. As a low heads up through northwestern Pennsylvania, a second triple point low will form across the Delmarva similar to last Sunday. But this case will feature unfavorable timing for severe weather. The warm sector will reach eastern Pennsylvania and southern areas Monday morning ahead of fastly approaching stratus clouds from the MCS complex. Very little diurnal heating will occur outside of a 1-3hr period. But during this time near 500j/kg will be able to form. This combined with strong instability aloft will help to create a few stronger updrafts. While the threat looks somewhat limited, a few damaging wind gusts and a weak isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. It appears there will be a lack of surface heating and instability that will inhibit most severe weather. In any case a few strong 60mph gusts could occur along with some spotty flash flooding. The best dynamics will be over the region with high winds and shear aloft, but the best instability hence stronger storms will be over the Carolinas. The next best chance of thunderstorms and or isolated strong storms will be next Friday and Saturday as another wave passes through with possible secondary development again similar to these past events. Still though nothing appears to be too widespread. Severe weather season does not begin until June 1 here in Pennsylvania. Although May has been quite active some years especially late in the month with the worst tornado outbreaks in the state.

"Severe Weather Outlooks from Storm Prediction Center Days 1, 2, and 3"

(Courtesy of NOAA)

"Monthly Outlook" (April)
Due to ever-so dull nature of the weather lately and my busy schedule, I never did issue a formal March prediction. In any case it appears the month will come up with near normal temperatures to slightly above normal temperatures along with below normal precipitation for most areas with only above normal precipitation for areas north of Interstate 80. I had a bit of a difficult time coming with a prediction for April. There still though does appear to be a general agreement with an analog year of April 2008. That month was dominated by generally a zonal flow with a weak trough situated over New England. This April I am expecting generally a ridge across the central part of the nation with a trough over the west with a central axis though off the coast and a weak trough across northern New England. This pattern fits well with teleconnections of a positive NAO and negative PNA along with a weak influenced MJO and GWA wave pattern. The weakening SO Nina also favors this setup given the month of April.

Temperature- I am going with near normal temperatures to slightly above normal temperatures. The cooler anomalies will be found for those closer to the New York/Pennsylvania border as they will be closer to the cooler air of the Canadian Maritimes with a trough over northern New England. This will occasionally provide the opportunity for a back door cold front.

Precipitation- Precipitation appears to be below normal for much of the month with the lowest anomalies across the south. Backdoor cold fronts will occasionally bring rain to northern Pennsylvania along with some lake enhanced rain/snow showers on the northwest flow. Meanwhile the flow will be a bit more southern stream dominated with much of any moisture being suppressed to the south of the state with the southern Middle Atlantic being in a more favorable region. Of course with any mesoscale events as thunderstorms, this could disrupt the precipitation totals for localized areas. The severe weather threat appears low for Pennsylvania as there should be a lacking in the clashing of warm/cold airmasses.

"Temperature and Precipitation Outlooks from Climate Prediction Center for next 30 days"

(Courtesy of NOAA)

"Winter Storm Watch" (Updated 4/5)
A very unusual and unseasonably cold airmass will move into the region late Monday through Wednesday. A cutoff low in Canada along with a strong northwest flow will create a spring lake effect snow outbreak. H85s will drop near -10C near Erie, PA along with a cold pocket of H5s near 526mb over Lake Erie. A 310 trajectory flow looks likely becoming near 290 towards Wednesday. The moisture enhancement from the low and the lakes will create widespread upsloping moisture. At first boundary layer temperatures will take some time to cool below 0C for Monday night, but after midnight most areas in the mountains will be below freezing. With non-diurnal effects that night, snow will accumulate as the deformation area will be over much of western Pennsylvania and northern Pennsylvania. Snow accumulations will be 2-4inches for elevations above 1800ft west of the Altoona-State College-Mansfield line. Snow accumulations of 1inch will be possible in the valleys and possibly even in the Pittsburgh and Erie metro areas. Also 1-2inches of snow will possible in extreme northeastern Pennsylvania above 1500ft. Tuesday will feature a continued northwest flow day. Strato-cumulus will cover the region with more of a pure lake effect day. But with the effects of the strong April diurnal heating, snow will be hard to accumulate below 1800ft statewide. Still areas above 1800ft particularily in the far northwest in Warren and southeast Crawford Counties will be able to pick up an additional 1-3inches. Tuesday night will feature a more 290 trajectory lake effect snow event. The ground will have cooled statewide which will help to cause the snow to accumulate more. Abundant moisture, dendritic growth, and Omega values will allow widespread snow showers and bands. Areas in favored snow belts will pick up an additional 3-5inches of snow with isolated 6inch totals along the Erie Plateau in northwest Pennsylvania. A few snow showers may also make it east of the blue ridge. Total snow accumulations for the multi-day event will be 1-3inches for valley locations and the Pittsburgh metro possibly into State College as well with more likely C-1inch. Snow accumulations for 2-4inches for the southern Laurel Highlands and far northeastern Mountains. Snow accumulations of 3-6inches for the full spine of the Laurel Highlands and northern Pennsylvania mountains in Elk County and surrounding areas. Finally 5-9inches will be possible for extreme northwestern Pennsylvania with a foot+ likely along the Erie Plateau in Crawford, Erie, and Warren Counties. The snow will be under a wet consistency with snow ratios around 10:1. Total QPF for the northwestern mountains is around .5-.75inch. With lack of spring foliage and too early for growing season, the only threat should be a few isolated power outages and poor driving conditions. But most snow accumulations will be limited to the grass and elevated surfaces as road temperatures are very warm.

"ECMWF/GFS Day 8-10 H5 Mean Anomalies"

(Courtesy of Penn State Meteo.)

"Here north of Harrisburg 2009 statistics"
(Severe Weather Stats...)
Severe Thunderstorm Watches- 1
Severe Thunderstorm Warnings- 0
Tornado Watches- 0
Tornado Warnings- 0
Total Thunderstorms- 2

(Precipitation Stats...)
Flood Watches- 0
Flood Warnings- 0
Monthly Precipitation- 2.27inches
Yearly Precipitation- 5.52inches

(Temperature Stats...)
Heat Advisories- 0
Excessive Heat Warnings- 0
90degree days- 0

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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hmmmmm - haven't seen any chipmunks outside lately, but i did see them on Disney XD the other day where they meet the werewolf. haha

plenty of hawks around my area. they are fun to watch chasing birds.

its almost 9pm
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
TheRasberryPatch- Another animal lacking this year that I cannot seem to find is chipmunks. I heard from a few sources that over the winter there was a deadly plague going around with them and killed off many. They became too overpopulated and finally many of them died over the winter. Supposedly the populations of chipmunks go in cycles.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
oh right squirrels. since the tornado went through the neighborhood a few years ago i have heard they haven't been coming around. i have plenty of rabbits, though.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
TheRasberryPatch- I put up a wooden crow type thing. I read somewhere the squirrels were eating someone's tulips. My yard is rampid with them but not really rabbits.

***Summer Outlook will be posted by 9pm tonight. Hopefully, cross my fingers.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
the only thing i can guess would be rabbits eating the tulips.

the robins have been very active in my yard the last month.

btw - i saw in a catalog a mylar owl with sparkling eyes. supposed to work against critters. something else to consider

i great night outside.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
TheRasberryPatch- Gorgeous night out tonight to sit outside. Birds seem really active this evening too. Something is eating my tulips. I have found several throughout the yard maliciously attacked.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Blizz - yea thats true. i thought you might need weatherlink also.

a beautiful day outside today. nice to string a few days together like this. i am looking forward to the next two days. i think i am going to sit outside this evening and drink a few beers and enjoy the nice weather and listen to some deep tracks.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
TheRasberryPatch- I guess that was a mild case of hoar frost. From my research you need that data logger that comes with the weatherlink package and then you can get the VWS.

DenverMark- Well keep us updated. At least the vegetation is young and should not really be damaged too much.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Hi B92!
It looks like we are still on track for a big storm in Denver. The foothills will definitely get a big dump of snow...maybe up to 2 feet. In the city, there's some question now about how much will fall as rain before the changeover. We could end up with 20" of snow...or 6". We'll see. Snow is common in Denver this time of year. In fact, we can get snowstorms in May. I'd rather have rain! Have a great day :-)
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
haven't seen this phenomenon. the grass was frozen. could have skated on it. haha

Blizz - like i have said - i purchased the weatherlink only to find out that most websites prefer VWS Internet edition. the problem is that i think you need weatherlink to communicate with VWS. not sure. its just a necessary solution, i think.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Freezing dense fog here this morning. Visibility is down to .25miles and the temperature is 30degrees.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
TheRasberryPatch- Another day of no email replies today, just another look at the standard of customer service. I did some reseach today and I found I might have to get the VWS.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Blizz - look at our tomato and pepper plants last May. it was a cool and wet month and our plants did terrible.

i can see get a start on the warm weather plants and having a juicy tomato come July 1, but if you don't have the warm weather it won't occur. also, you never know when a frost might occur

common sense? look at our federal congress. no such thing as common sense these days.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
TheRasberryPatch- Typing up the summer forecast right now and tomorrow, the suspence is gripping, hahaha. It appears a cooler, but wetter pattern should persist through the end of the month. I don't plan on planting any warm weather crops for a while. Some clerk at my local flower nursery was telling people they could put tomato and pepper plants in the ground. And then the person of course goes and buys them only to see them die in a few days, ha. I tell you some people have no common sense some times.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
hey Blizz - yea i will be out gardening this weekend. i hope to have most of my seeds and plants in the ground.

i don't think i will plant cucumbers or tomatoes yet.

its been a very very busy last month. i wish i could have gotten my veggies out. oh well.

i hope with the warm sun we keep getting rain too.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Mason803- Yep, looking a bit more indepth at this system is seems a bit better in the moisture department with high PWATs rising from the Gulf near 1.5inches.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
lewisburg got it eariler too with coop reports of 1.13" of rain with this morning's report/ next weeks storm looks like another good soaker for the region with possible phasing of the jets accoding to ctp's latest discussion. looks to be a slow mover too.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Mason803- There could be some dense fog tomorrow morning depending on if the winds stay calm tonight. Looking at the radar estimates is looks like the hotspot for this event was the Middle Susquehanna Valley near Selinsgrove and Lewisburg.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
.55" today
.74" for the event
3.17" for the month

back edege is getting close here.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
TheRasberryPatch- Yep, I am very pleased. Final total here is .93inches. Are you feeling well enough to start your garden yet? This weekend looks mighty nice!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
0.72" for the day
0.79" for the storm and
2.43" for the month.

thats a good start of rain for the month. now if we can get it to warm up.

looks like we finally got some decent precip, huh Blizz? still lightly raining.

btw - does anyone send their weather data to PWS (weatherforyou)?
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Finally... .92inches of rain so far today!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
TheRasberryPatch- Another darn dry slot. I just received my latest Weatherwise and it totaled the snow totals for the 2007-2008 season for varying climate reporting stations across the USA. 75% of stations came in with percent of average over 100%. About 10% near normal and the rest of odd below 50% of normal snowfall all located here in the Middle Atlantic south of I-80. Everyone across the nation has been seeing great precipitation, but just not our area.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Blizz - i think you need weatherlink to communicate with vws. i know what you mean. i bought weatherlink only to find out i needed vws to get my data to the websites. just one of those things.

looks like the rain keeps splitting our area. been like that all year long
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
TheRasberryPatch- No, no one has gotten back to me yet from the email. I may call up Davis at the end of the week. Virtual weather station definitely should have been what I should have gotten. But who would have that the Davis made WeatherLink is so poor and difficult to give information to the internet.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
is it that warm? haha

did you get everything hooked up and sending the data? i know i have been pounding it a lot but it seems that wunderground and cwop prefer the virtual weather station by ambient weather. the internet version. i remember when i first signed up for CWOP - i was emailing the guy running it and he told me the prefer VWS this was his quote
VWS along with the helper application VWSAPRS, better supports all data elements that we are interested in (1 and 24 hr rainfall in particular) than WeatherLink
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Ah the lovely weather today, 45degrees mist and wind.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Quoting Blizzard92:
Mason803- So far I have had no issues what-so-ever with connectivity and power from the solar panels. Also the fan inside the temperature gauge continues to run by the solar panel as quick as ever.

that's good to know.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Mason803- So far I have had no issues what-so-ever with connectivity and power from the solar panels. Also the fan inside the temperature gauge continues to run by the solar panel as quick as ever.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:

hope your summer outlook doesn't look too dry.

about the vp2, i was quite pleased to see the size of the radiation shield. it's almost the same size as the nws mmts shield.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
I guess my Summer Outlook will be the next blog debuting Saturday!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
thanks fellas for the ideas!!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
On a sad note:

Print and Go Back ESPN.com: Baseball [Print without images]

Monday, April 13, 2009
Kalas, longtime Phillies voice, dies at 73
Associated Press

WASHINGTON -- Longtime Philadelphia Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas, who punctuated innumerable home runs with his "Outta here!" call, died Monday after being found passed out in the broadcast booth before a game against the Washington Nationals. He was 73.

"We lost our voice today," team president David Montgomery said, his voice cracking. "He has loved our game and made just a tremendous contribution to our sport and certainly to our organization."

Kalas was discovered by the Phillies director of broadcasting about 12:30 p.m. and taken to a local hospital, Montgomery said.

Kalas had surgery earlier this year for an undisclosed ailment that the team characterized as minor. He looked somewhat drawn last week as the Phillies opened the season at home.

Kalas joined the Phillies in 1971. Before that, he was a member of the Houston Astros' broadcast team from 1965-70.

In 2002, he received the Baseball Hall of Fame's Ford C. Frick Award for his contributions to the game.

"Players come and go, but 'Outta here!' -- that's forever," said Scott Franzke, a Phillies radio broadcaster.

Kalas lent his sonorous voice to everything from puppies to soup. He did work for NFL Films, was the voice for Chunky Soup commercials and Animal Planet's annual tongue-in-cheek Super Bowl competitor, the Puppy Bowl.

Kalas joined the Phillies radio and TV broadcast team the year the club moved into its former home, Veterans Stadium, replacing fan favorite Bill Campbell.

He wasn't immediately embraced by Phillies fans, despite being paired with Richie Ashburn, a Hall of Famer as a player, and longtime announcer.

But Kalas evolved into a beloved sports figure in Philadelphia. He and Ashburn grew into a popular team, and shared the booth until Ashburn's death in 1997.

"Major League Baseball has lost one of the great voices of our generation," commissioner Bud Selig said in a statement. "Baseball announcers have a special bond with their audience, and Harry represented the best of baseball not only to the fans of the Phillies, but to fans everywhere."

Kalas fell in love with baseball at a young age, when his father took him to Comiskey Park to see the Chicago White Sox play the Washington Senators. It was a rainy night, and Kalas sat with his dad behind the Washington dugout.

"Because of the rains, the field was covered," he told The Associated Press. "There was no batting practice, so the players really didn't have anything to do. Mickey Vernon popped out of the dugout, saw this wide-eyed kid -- me -- picked me up, took me in the dugout, gave me a baseball, introduced me to his teammates, and thus began my love of baseball and the Washington Senators."

He maintained that enthusiasm for the game throughout his career.

The son of a Methodist minister, the Naperville, Ill., native graduated from the University of Iowa in 1959 with a degree in speech, radio and television. He was drafted into the Army soon after he graduated.

In 1961, he became sports director at Hawaii radio station KGU and also broadcast games for the Hawaii Islanders of the Pacific Coast League and the University of Hawaii.

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
this is my setup Mason. i bought the post through Davis. i have it mounted to a 4x4
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Mason803- I used one mounting pole set Link then a tripod set on the bottom to mount Link.
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got my vp2 today. what does everybody have there's mounted on?
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Vegetable garden is really coming along this year. I bought some Swiss Chard and herbs today to plant. This year I am planting the herbs in a separate container so they do not take up room in the main garden. I also put in some radish and spinach seeds along with broccoli and cauliflower.
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JDinWPA- Thanks! Warmer times appear around the corner towards next weekend.

Mason803- I see that. I am monitoring the situation as it is very possible for wet snow in the high elevations depending on the deepening of the head low. The NAM consistently overphased lows this winter, so I guess we will see if it did that again.
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models turned wetter last night for this weeks event. high elevation wet snows possible too.

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Hi Bliz. Hope your Easter was a good one. It was unconventional, but excellent here. My youngest had to work today so we had Easter dinner yesterday and leftovers today. A lot less stress on the cook! ;}

PS ~ It was really cold for how sunny it was today!
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Happy Easter all!!!

*Cover your plants tonight. A hard freeze looks likely with even a few isolated areas seeing potentially record lows. I covered my lettuce plants.
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Good morning and Happy Easter

Blizz - i think if you go to findu.com you will see how to setup your CWOP. that is how i recall setting up using their information.
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Mason803- Weatherlink is very confusing. I had not luck today. Looks like I will be making a phone call to Davis Monday. Also I had no luck with CWOP, ugh.

pittsburghnurse- Thanks! I am sure out there in western Pennsylvania everyone is ready for some real warmth.
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Hey Blizz, have been cruising the blogs lately but not posting. Want to wish you and yours a Happy Easter!
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any luck with getting your station on wunderground? i have my station on here but i don't use the weatherlink software so i don't know if i'd be much help.
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Mason803- I would say just south of Williamstown on the north side of Peter's Mountain in Dauphin County. The elevation is pretty high compared to areas to the south. It gets similar weather to Schuykill County which gets a lot of snow and pulse summer time thunderstorms.

Fshhead- Thanks!

***Does anyone have any knowledge on Weatherlink software? I am trying to figure out how to upload data to wunderground, but I am having little to no luck. Either leave or comment or wunder email, that would be great. Thanks in advance.
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51. Fshhead
7:02 PM GMT on April 11, 2009
Hey Blizz,
A Happy Easter to you & yours also!!!
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50. Mason803
6:54 PM GMT on April 11, 2009
thanks for the detailed description! with the precip event back on april 3rd and 4th, dehart dam recieved nearly 2" of rain. i did quite well with that event also, recieving 1.61" of rain. from your knowledge, what area in your region recieves the most yearly precip? here's a link from the ctp website. Link look at the big contrast in adams county east to west and dauphin county from southern to northeastern. south montain makes a big difference with precip in my neck of the woods as you know
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49. Zachary Labe
6:27 PM GMT on April 11, 2009
Mason803- Yep, it is northern Dauphin County in Clarks Valley between Peters and Stony Mountain. The elevation is around 800ft in the valley between mountains with elevations of around 1600ft. Dehart Dam that spills into Clarks Creek which runs down through the valley. The water supplies much of the Harrisburg region with water and we are very dependent on it during droughts. The valley gets quite a bit of orographic lift for rainfall sometimes and in the summer tends to get a few more pulse thunderstorms than other regions thanks to the mountains natural lift. Beautiful location up there along with some great trout fishing in Clarks Creek.
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48. Mason803
5:55 PM GMT on April 11, 2009
final rainfall total was 0.51".

blizzard92, do you know know dehart dam is? there's a coop site located there that always seems to get more precip than the surronding coop sites.
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47. Zachary Labe
5:10 PM GMT on April 11, 2009
upweatherdog- Thanks!

seflagamma- Thanks! I hope so too!

TheRasberryPatch- .19inches is the final total here. Temperature dropped to 41degrees here in the rain, brrr, but now it is up to 47degrees.

HeavySnow- Good afternoon!!! Yea, I tell ya things never go our way in the winter time. At least you got a decent snowstorm this winter, I did not get really any one significant snow, ugh! I just wish it would get warm now, but instead as patch mentioned we go from winter to summer without a spring.
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