May 1st Severe Weather

By: Buckey2745 , 8:03 PM GMT on May 01, 2012

Not long after I made my last post the NWS issued a Tornado Watch for the southwestern portion of Ohio. While this wasn't a total shock, it was interesting to see something that went from a low risk severe day go to a Tornado Watch being issued.

Here's the watch area not including the Columbus area:

A warm front is lifting through our area with storms firing along the boundry. What's noticeable is an area of partly cloudy skies to the south of I-70 which should help feed this instability.

Map highlights area of greatest instability lifting slowly to the north.

There's a sharp cutoff of instability that coincides with the break in the clouds. Most of Kentucky has moderate instability while areas north of I-70 has almost none.

So far there's been little spin in the upper atmosphere over Kentucky where the greatest instabity is. However it appears decent shear sits over Indiana and will move east, while the greatest instability moves northeast. That'll put southern Ohio in the crosshairs.

It'll be interesting to see how quickly the atmosphere recovers after these debris clouds move out later. We have a small window for any supercells, but bowing segments will be probable overnight. Right now I feel like the worst won't make it much further north than Cincinnati. We'll see. I'll post more as storms develop.

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