Record High 82 Today

By: DenverMark, 1:18 AM GMT on March 31, 2010

At 3:32 PM MDT, Denver International Airport reached 82 degrees, for a new record high for the date. The old record was a very old one...81 degrees which had stood since 1879! In our neighborhood in Thornton, the high was also 82. In downtown Denver at 21st and Broadway, the high was 82 as well. The highest temperature in Colorado was 88 in Lamar, with Burlington reaching 87. Most locations on the eastern plains were in the 80s.This was the warmest March day in Denv...

First T-Storm and Spring Snow

By: DenverMark, 12:15 PM GMT on March 25, 2010

Good morning all,The weather in Denver had been boring up until a week ago, when we transitioned into an active spring weather pattern. Last Friday we picked up 7" of snow at our house in Thornton, although only 1.7" fell out at Denver International Airport. By Sunday and Monday, temperatures warmed back into the 60s and the snow quickly disappeared. Tuesday afternoon brought some excitement as we had surprisingly strong thunderstorms develop over the Denver area. T...

January Was Boring In Denver

By: DenverMark, 1:01 PM GMT on February 05, 2010

Good morning all,I was very busy at times last month, so took a break from the blogs. After the brief cold snap in the first week of January, Denver got into a very boring weather pattern which can happen when a split jet flow sets up. We've had no snow in the last month other than a couple of dustings. Temperatures ran somewhat above normal, although we didn't have a major heat wave occur. There were a lot of highs in the 40s and 50s, but no 60s in most locations a...

Cold Thursday In Denver

By: DenverMark, 11:37 AM GMT on January 07, 2010

Thursday was a very cold day in the Denver metro area, but morning lows varied considerably due to calm conditions and the urban heat island. At Denver International Airport, the low plunged to 16 below zero, only 2 degrees shy of the record of -18 set in 1913. Here in Thornton, we dropped to 10 below. At the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the low was 2 below. In downtown Denver at 21st and Broadway, the air quality monitor had a low of 2 above. Afternoon high...

Happy New Year!

By: DenverMark, 2:40 PM GMT on December 20, 2009

WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!**********SNOW DECEMBER 23 GOOD FOR A WHITE CHRISTMASAt our house in Thornton, I measured 8.4" of snow from the December 23 storm. By the next morning it was clear and cold, with lows of +2 at both the airport and here in Thornton, while downtown Denver held at 10 degrees. Afternoon highs ranged from 17 at the airport to 22 in Thornton to 25 downtown.Interestingly, the north metro area had some of the higher snow totals, with the w...

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