By: GRANDMANAN , 11:48 AM GMT on November 20, 2007

Easterly breeze 15-20KPH, partial overcast, temp a seasonable 2C. Forecast for breeze to shift to southerly as the day moves along with moisture in the offing over next couple of days.

Checked the woodlot area yesterday, lots of water, evident the beavers have been busy with the pond a lot larger than last spring. Can't get into the area until freeze up in fine style.

Rob now officially a preteen having his 12th birthday yesterday. He is having a group of his boarder fraternity over the weekend, probably Friday. He has indicated no presents just hard cash, has his mind on much needed accessories for boarding.

Emily doing well with her piano, is practising on her own without much prodding. Even my tin ear recoginizes the improvement she has made.

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