Water shortfall?

By: GainesvilleGator, 9:54 PM GMT on June 27, 2007

I haven't heard much about Lake Okechobee lately. I hope the rain from this oncoming tropical wave can help out in a significant way. My AC failed a few months back & I bought a dehumidifier since it tends to get humid in my apartment. The AC unit is really old so the landlord won't replace it unless it is not fixable. From the time I left for work (7am)until I got home (6pm) the dehumidifer pulled about 3 gallons of water out of a 600 square foot apartment.I kn...

How is your beach?

By: GainesvilleGator, 10:14 PM GMT on June 10, 2007

I drove down to Port Charlotte Saturday morning to go to a friend's wedding. Everything went well & I had a good time. I stayed at the Venice Days Inn. I went to Venice Beach for a couple of hours before checking out on Sunday. I saw several sea turtle nests some maked & some that were probably made overnight. I thought it was interesting that the beach has several wooden benches where people could sit down. The sand was dark brown with about 10% crushed shells...

Not all is bad news!

By: GainesvilleGator, 11:18 AM GMT on August 27, 2006

The 5:00 AM NHC discussion mentioned "rapid intensification" among other things. Not all is bad news. It looks like there is a good chance that Ernesto may stay over Cuba for a while. This would severly weaken the system. Next good news for me in Gainesville is that the current forecast path shows Ernesto going right through here. Why the good news? The NHC isn't that good (5 days out) & the path will likely change several times before landfall. This has happe...

New blob

By: GainesvilleGator, 11:54 AM GMT on June 30, 2006

The blob north of the Dominican Republic / Puerto Rico isn't getting any love from anybody this morning. No mention of it by the NHC, Accuweather,weather.com etc.Even if it doesn't materialize into anything, where is it headed? Florida? SE coast, add to the flooding in the upper east coast? It looks more impressive at this point than that tropical disturbance prior to it coming ahore in Florida.

Need rain in North Central Florida

By: GainesvilleGator, 9:41 PM GMT on June 23, 2006

I went to Weather.com to see how much rain Gainesville, FL received for the month of June. The monthly average is $5.87" of rain. Through June 22, we received 4.29" of rain. Alberto dropped 3.94" of this total from June 12-14th. Outside of Alberto, we received .35" of rain. June has felt more like the typical May with a lot of dry air / lower humidity. I have lived in the North Central Florida since 1984 & I don't remember so many days with little or no rain. ...

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