Here we are almost a year later

By: JamminRed, 3:56 AM GMT on April 20, 2013

as I type this it is pouring outside or as my weather station would say, its raining cats and dogs!! it has been a while since I have posted anything so I thought I would give a quick update. This station has performed flawlessly over the last year, and on May 25th I will officially have 1 year of my OWN weather data. not really sure what I can or will do with it, the only thing I use the weather station for on a regular basis is monitoring the weather for MY HA pro...

weather station Jacksonville rain

TS Debby, sne dus more rain

By: JamminRed, 3:08 PM GMT on June 25, 2012

Great week here in the Sunshine StateThe Weather was very hot at the begining of the week, and now we are looking at grey skys and lots of rain drops, in fact 6.1 inches from last nights SLOW MOVING TS Debby Rain Bands. its okay though, I will take it, My Tomatoes looks great, my new sod, it greenier than ever and my Fishing buddy landed a huge Lemon Shark over the weekend, so all in all. TS Debby, you were good to us. I know she has more rain coming around liunch t...

Florida Flood Tropical Storm Jacksonville weather station Davis fishing sharking

Its getting HOT HOT HOT

By: JamminRed, 6:48 PM GMT on June 05, 2012

Well, the Florida summer is in full effect. Hurricane season has some slight activity but not much more than a tropical. Judging from my Tomatoes plants needing to be watered twice a day now. The Solar radiation has got to be high. Next year I hope to add on that sensor but for now. Im just going to say the burn factor is quick here, less than 15 mins. For me at least. te Fishing is starting to pick up inshore, with the Reds tailing and the flouders comming in close...

Florida fishing Fire HOT Sunny severe thunderstorm sharking

Weather Station reporting back to me again

By: JamminRed, 1:00 PM GMT on May 31, 2012

After losing communication with the ISS, (intergrated Sensor Suite) on my Davis Vantage Pro console. I was unablt to get any data from tropical storm beryl. I lost communication just 3 hours before the storm hit our coast. No worries though, I have eliminated this issue from happening again. cant wait for the next big storm to pass through, and feed me lots of data. Side note, The sharks have come in to Jax, for all you land sharkers out there, time to get the sting...

weather station fishing sharking Florida

Station up just in time for some real weather

By: JamminRed, 4:43 AM GMT on May 27, 2012

NEW Station UP and runningWell I got the Station fully functional and mounted outside this week, forgot to order a mount for this thing, so I improvised with some pipe I had laying around and used an 8 foot chain link fence surrounding property to mount sensors. Its been recording data for two days now. I have a Davis Vantage Vue Pro 2, with the Wireless ISS sensor suite. I'm using WeatherLink software to Log the data on my Window 7 PC. The first two days were hot a...

New Station Tropical Storm Hurricane Florida weather station ISS Davis Pro Vantage

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