Climatic summary for November 2011

By: Johnwu, 10:46 AM GMT on December 03, 2011

Month: November, 2011Temperature:In comparison to last year,the average temperature of November 2011 is 3.9 degree higher at a record-high of 10.8 degree, which is also3.5 degree above the long-term average for November.The first half of November was predominated by mild condition was temperature rarelydrops below 10 degree( winter boundary). The second half of November turned significantly cooler, however, a prolonged cold spell likelast year was not recorded thus ...

Weather report----Wednesdayr 23th November, 2011

By: Johnwu, 5:59 PM GMT on November 23, 2011

The foggy day is finally ended by a weak cold front which has brought some cold and refreshing north-westerly wind to us. The air quality is likely to improve along with a noticeable drop in temperature( quite normal for this time of the year though). It can be tempting to think that we are finally in winter, however we are actually not!  The average temperature for yesterday was only just slight over the 10 degree borderline, ending another attempt for th...

weather report 19/11/2011

By: Johnwu, 6:22 PM GMT on November 19, 2011

The high pressure has dominated the weather today, contributing a decent amount of sunshine despite the short length of daytime right now. Due to clear sky under the continental anticyclone, it is expected that temperature can drop as low as 6 degree Celsius along with some foggy conditions developing over night. Tomorrow will start with some very misty conditions before the fog lifting to higher level, thus a rather dull Sunday is expected.

Summary for October 2011 released!

By: Johnwu, 6:08 PM GMT on November 19, 2011

Month: October,2011Temperature:The early period of october 2011 has been exceptionally warm as the high temperature even set a few records around the country.Here in Buckswood school, the maximum temperature recorded has been 25.1 degree Celsius. As a result of the warm anticyclones situated over the European continents, the temperature broke records in other European countries too.As a direct consequence of the early hot spell, the average temperature for the ...

weather report

By: Johnwu, 10:43 PM GMT on November 13, 2011

The remembrance Sunday ended with a lovely sunny day, unfortunately, the daylight is simply so much shorter than in summer months. Currently, we are still stuck in meteorological autumn and it seems unlikely that the cold continental anticyclone early next week will last long enough to bring 5 consecutive days of average temperature below 10 degree Celsius. Nevertheless, from Monday to Wednesday, it can be rather chilly at times with temperature fluctuating between ...

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