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August 2011 forecast for Western Canada(more details added)

By: Mikeman444, 7:29 PM GMT on August 05, 2011

July had little recovery in Alberta and B.C though SK and MB recovered quite nicely. August however will bring the highest heat to the western sections.
The high arctic can expect temperatures as high as 25C above the norm and steady at 10-15C above for most of the month is certain areas not effected by the sea. I can also expect the arctic to remain warm into the winter possibly beating the balmy winter of 2010/11. "Can't be cold without sea ice". The majority of the arctic heat is due to lower amounts of sea ice that normal reflect heat back into space and is now more like a feedback loop, less ice means more heat, means less ice, and so on.

Aug 1-10.
Getting hotter, temps in the mid to high 20s getting as far north as the high arctic and temps near 20C possibly flirting with the north pole in areas with land(islands) as the water(like any sea) will keep the air cooler. Severe weather and high heat for the prairies and central B.C

Aug 10-20. Remaining hot over most areas, temps in the mid 30s over much of B.C, Yukon, and NWT. Many far northern stations may set new all time heat records. Coastal regions should be cooler and closer to average

Aug 20-31.
Extremely hot, Nearing 40C in central B.C, Low to mid 30s widespread in Alberta and SK(mid 30s in the south). Low to briefly mid 30s also in the lower arctic and Mackenzie(south of the cooling effect of the sea). Possible severe prairie hailstorms result from cold autumn air coming down and colliding with the late summer heatwave. Mid 20s possible over the southeastern arctic islands, 20C at some point in Alert, NU this month. Heat may linger into Sept and set monthly heat records.

A note, possible rapid transition into fall towards mid Sept, more details in the Sept 2011 forecast if the prediction holds

Updated: 10:40 PM GMT on August 09, 2011


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