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Nov 2011 forecast

By: Mikeman444, 11:43 PM GMT on October 30, 2011

Things will begin to change for the month of November as we near the winter. October was 1 or 2C warmer than the norm with a wide array of weather. No real snowfall has come in most areas as predicted and any that did fall melted promptly. The warm fall here on the prairies allowed hail damaged farmland to recover and 2011 boasted a bumper crop over a wide area. I was baffled by the blooming hail battered canola crops in my area in early October!.
One of the oddest weeks in weather was the last week of the month. While generally snow free and warm on the Canadian prairies this was not the case in much warmer climates. Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, and all the way up the eastern seaboard it snowed causing car crashes, airport delays, and massive power outages as the still in leaf trees snap like toothpicks under heavy snow.
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November could have the same in store when it comes to snowfall, but the arctic cold may come visit over the next month.

Nov 1-10: Getting quite cold, but little if any snow over most areas not in high elevation.

Nov 10-20: Very cold, nearly -20C in many places, But still no real snow in many areas. The ground will freeze quickly and lakes will have thick ice earlier than usual because of this, could also lead to more water main breaks than normal.

Nov 20-30: Warming up, Freezing rain, showers, and maybe even the odd lightning strike. A higher chance of accumulating wet snowfall due to a moister air mass.


October 2011 Forecast

By: Mikeman444, 10:50 PM GMT on October 05, 2011

I lost track of Octobers forecast and it's 5 days late but here it is.

A look back:
September was a scorcher, many of my predictions came true, it did have the hottest day of the year in Edmonton(sept 25th) and in some areas it was the hottest month of 2011. It was dry in most places making up for some of the early and mid summer that poured. Even with all the hailstorms and flooding 2011 will go down with a bumper crop in many agricultural areas. In some areas the unusually warm conditions allowed some hail cleared canola crops to produce even though they did not flower until September! So far as of the 5th of October there has only been a single significant frost. Many trees are somewhat late this year for shedding leaves.

October forecast:
The eastern prairies will wonder if there even is a fall, with near 30C expected to last. Farther west Alberta can expect to be under a persistent flow from California with mild and humid air bringing heavy rain and sporadic lightning strikes, there may be a drier flow for part of the month but overall Oct 2011 will be very wet with slightly warmer temperatures(warmer nights, cooler days).

BC can expect be under a through for much of the month and expect cold and wet weather with frequent snowfalls at high elevations.

The arctic areas will be very cold as the arctic osculation may be strongly positive this month locking in the cold with a stronger arctic vortex.

Updated: 10:52 PM GMT on October 05, 2011


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