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By: MissMcManiac, 11:11 AM GMT on February 19, 2012

Now that the drench is mostly over- thank you for that- much appreciated, I cant help but wonder what the uber windy conditions have in store for my little middle of nowhere.
According to wave maps there will be a marked increase in wave height-esp. for the gulf today around noon. Anyone off to gorda or surrounding areas keep that in mind, and if I don't get to investigate myself -please let me know if anything unusual occurs or if you catch an unlikely fish-
After the sweltering summer we had in 2011 I had anticipated a harsh winter too, but it is almost a non-event in this locality. Just a few expected cold fronts and a lot of downed limbs. Let us hope that this wont be the breeze to finish off my cottonwood (whats left) and or my shady sycamore. my neighbors have been away for some time and I regret to say, the last wind event annihilated their fig tree- a tree I used to stare at and salivate. Such an abundance of pink juicy figs was truly a delicacy-an ancient super snack or a cure for whatever might be ailing. In retrospect I should have grown a cutting myself or planted the figs that got soft on the windowsill-alas there will be no more. Carla blew most of the fig trees away fifty years ago, the survivors are few and far between, and with the carcass of this mighty tree still fresh, i can't say that I know where another fig tree is in this whole county. Good Morning and Good Night

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weather wonder

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