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;Beautiful day in the neighborhood

By: NEwxguy, 7:10 PM GMT on July 31, 2011

warm dry day in new england again.This great vacation weather for those lucky enough to be on vacation.Tomorrow will be a mostly cloudy more humid day with possible heavy storms in the afternoon,then back to more warm dry weather.
Watching 91L,whose future is uncertain,all I know is our area is safe with the pattern we are in.

Summer weather

By: NEwxguy, 4:31 PM GMT on July 30, 2011

This will be a beautiful summer weekend.warm to hot temps with low humidity.Would be a beautful beach weekend,but oncall,so that is out.Coming week looks nice also,chance of thundershowers late Monday or Monday night,then more warm dry weather for the rest of week.
TS Don moved into the southern Texas/Mexico area with very little impact and fell apart quickly so no relief for the drought down there. Now all eyes turn to 91L out in the central atlantic.

Friday and the Tropics

By: NEwxguy, 1:07 PM GMT on July 29, 2011

My blod title sounds like a rock group name,but it is Friday yeeeeeeeaaaa!!!!Its been a busy and long week after my vacation,but I made it.Next week will be a little short as I'm taking Friday off.
The Tropics are active,a disorganized TS Don is quickly moving to the south texas coast and northern mexico coast.Should bring some much needed rain to parts of texas,but no nearly enough to end the extreme drought.
We have a new invest out in the central atlantic that bears watching.Track is very uncertain as of now.Will probably move north of the Antilles,and curve out to sea depending on if the current pattern holds,but this is a long way out and who knows what will happen in the next couple of weeks.
Strange happenings with the Patriots.Albert Haynesworth looks to be coming to town,not sure I like that with his history.This is not a nice guy.
And Chad Ochocinco coming to town to with all his hijinks.Will be interesting to see how these guys fit into the very strict Patriots style.
Redsox lost a close one yesterday,and now out in Chicago for the weekend.'
Authorities still looking for the girl in New Hampsire with no clues at this point.Really sounds like a strange case,wonder if there are going to be some surprises as this case goes along.

This and That!

By: NEwxguy, 12:50 PM GMT on July 28, 2011

Random thoughts on this Thursday with not much going on.
1.One more day of warm dry weather,before dewpoints start to rise and rain and storms move in late tonight.Weekned looks good with temps close to 90 and low dewpoints.I'm oncall so figures it would be a nice weekend where I can't travel far.
2.Tropical Storm Don heading NW in the gulf,looks like central to southern Texas coast is target,hopefully it is a moist tropical storm,that state needs rain so bad.Hoping it stays weak.
3.Attended a wake for one of my uncles,which I have fond memories over the years.Only one more uncle left for our elders of the family.Now that makes me feel old thinking that my generation are going to be the elders of the family.At 63 I still don't feel old,but all these things are making me realize time is moving fast.
4.Refuse to watch any more stories on the debt ceiling bills in Washington,just sick of the whole bunch of them down there.
5.Patriots trade a 5 the round draft pick for Albert Haynesworth from the Washington Redskins.Not a nice guy,but I guess they will try to get something out of him this year.They have a month to evaluate him and if he fails,then they just dump him with out much risk.
6.Redsox continue to pound opponents.Playing the lower teams right now and their pitching are no match for this offense.Another 2 digit night last night.Have increase their lead over the Yankees to 3 games.
7. More heavy rain in the Great lakes area.The Chicago area is going to float away if this keeps up.
8. Notice the earlier setting sun in the evening and the later rising sun in the morning.We here in the north know what that means.Not going to talk about that anymore,just depress me.


Tropical Storm Don

By: NEwxguy, 1:07 PM GMT on July 27, 2011

Tropical Season started on June 01,but things don't really get going until August and September. This year we are already up to C with early carribeans systems.Now 90L near the Yucatan channels is set to enter the gulf and will probably strenthen to a Tropical storm by tonight and become Don.How strong it gets and where it goes is the question.Lots of very warm water down there.The central and western gulf coast will have to watch this one.A couple of strong waves are off Africa coast which have a lot of potential,so the tropical season seems to be in full swing a little early.We here in New England with the current pattern should be safe for now.
More severe weather yesterday afternoon in the same area that suffered tornados in June.Not nearly as much damage,but lots of trees down and power outages,one man was killed when hit by a tree on his bike. Eastern areas only had some brief showers with the rumble of thunder.Now some cooler and drier weather is in place for a couple of days before more unsettled weather moves in tomorrow night.


changing weather-Tornado warning

By: NEwxguy, 1:25 PM GMT on July 26, 2011

So don't get use to any particular type of weather for the foreseeable future.The strong High in the central part of the country shows no signs of moving,so they will bake in the central and southern plains,while disturbances move up and around the high.So we will have periods of warm dry weather,then a brief period of humid air,then storms will clean us out and we will have a short dry period.Nothing looks to change anytime soon.







where did the week go?????

By: NEwxguy, 1:34 PM GMT on July 25, 2011

As with all vacations,it was way too short.Just started relaxing around Thursday,and suddenly its Monday.
Spent Wednesday to Saturday on Cape Cod,and despite the extreme heat in most of New England,Friday was the only hot and sunny day down there.On Cape Cod,the best weather is when the winds are from the west and Northwest.When the winds come from the SW or South or East of the cooler waters it usually brings low clouds and fog and much cooler temps.Cape Cod has its own weather environment and can be so different then the rest of New England.We arrived and went right to the beach on Wednesday and it was hazy sun when we first got there,but then the wind picked up from the ocean,fog started rolling in and the temps dropped.Thursday was cloudy and very windy off the ocean and only in the 70's while the rest of New England was in the 90's.Friday was bright and sunn and in the low 90's with a westerly wind. Saturday we were going to stay on the beach until late in the day,but thunderstorms came rolling through mid day which cut our day short.So weatherwise it was a C,but I was away from this job,so the vacation was an A.
Expect a crazy day at work trying to catch up and 300 emails,but will stop by everyone to see whats been happening.


perfect 10 weather day

By: NEwxguy, 1:20 PM GMT on July 15, 2011

Everybody has their own idea of the perfect weather day.
Yesterday was my idea of the perfect weather day.
High temp was only about 76,which most southerners would be running for the sweatshirt. Dew points were in the low 50's.Light breeze,which turned into a seabreeze along the coast.A little chilly near the water.But with the warm July sun,it kept the day warm not too far inland.Perfect working outdoors,running,in my case I went golfing after work and couldn't have had better weather,the perfect golf weather.
Today should be very similar with temps around 80.Nice weather into the weekend,with warmer temps and dewpoints beginning to climb on Sunday.
This is a typical summer in New England, a couple of hot humid days and then a cold front sweeps through and refreshes the air.The coming week will be the same in this pattern as High pressure stays in the midwest and bakes them.
Redsox are back in action tonight as the second half of the season starts. David Ortiz has been suspended for 4 days,which is to be expected.He appealed so he is playing this weekend against the Tampa Bay Rays,then will probably drop the appeal to sit out when they go to Baltimore.Listening to the Orioles crying about their suspensions,you would think they did nothing wrong.

cool and dry!

By: NEwxguy, 1:12 PM GMT on July 14, 2011

After showers during the night,all the humidity has been swept away,cool refreshing morning.Looks to be a beautiful day today and tomorrow,into the weekend.
two more days and I can forget about this zoo for a while.
Not a soccer fan,but nice to see the US womens team make it into the world cup finals which will be held in Frankfurt Germany this weekend.Baseball gets back to action tonight,but the Redsox won't start until tomorrow night in Tampa.

Transition day!

By: NEwxguy, 1:04 PM GMT on July 13, 2011

Our mini heat wave,is about over.Today will be the changing of the air masses. A trough will move through this afternoon,generating a few showers and storms.Some storms possibly may be strong,then tonight the drier air moves in and the next couple of days are cool and dry.Starts to warmup this weekend again,but humidity doesn't start to climb until Sunday.
Hoping this nice weather sticks around next week when I am on vacation.

Humid night

By: NEwxguy, 1:35 PM GMT on July 12, 2011

For our area,even in a heatwave,we usually drop into the mid to upper 60's in the suburbs.Last night the low temp was 75,walked out of the house this morning and it was already uncomfortable,but not going to complain watching the weather in Texas and the plains.
And the good news is a cold front moves through this afternoon and sweeps out all this humidity.Also the atmosphere is very stable for a cold front moving through all this humidity,and not much chance of any showers or thunderstorms,low chance.With a trough moving through tomorrow afternoon,more of a chance,but even tomorrow's threat is in the north.We could use some rain.Thursday and Friday will be refreshing cooler drier air right into the weekend with a gradual warmup.No complaints here.

beautiful summer weekend

By: NEwxguy, 1:19 PM GMT on July 11, 2011

Now thats the kind of weather we wish for all summer.
Warm in the 80's and very low humidity.Great for being outdoors and great for sleeping at night with the windows open.Starting today the humidity creeps back up,and very humid tomorrow with some severe storms possible as another cold front moves through and the then more warm dry weather for the end of the week into the weekend.
We are now in a steady pattern,where a strong high sits over souther plains and pumps extremely hot and humid weather into the central part of the country,triple digits is pretty much the rule.As all the cold fronts move across the northern section of the country. We will get periodic fronts moving through to cool us off.
Interesting series of games with the first place redsox and the last place Baltimore Orioles.The Orioles acting like the little kid who is there to show the big kid up.After a bench clearing brawl on Friday night,which was really David Ortiz's doing.He really should have kept his cool,but the Baltimore picture was way out of line with his stupid comments about the high payroll of the Redsox,he really sounds like a jealous player bringing that up.
Anyway baseball has its Allstar break this week.

Random thoughts on a Friday

By: NEwxguy, 1:04 PM GMT on July 08, 2011

cloudy,damp Friday with occasional showers and thundershowers rolling through.Can't wait for the end of the day.Just some random thoughts going on in my head.
1.Tragic death at the Texas ballpark last night as a father at the game with his 6 year old boy,fell to his death.Just a freak accident. Ball was hit foul I believe in right field and Josh Hamilton got the ball and tossed it up into the stands,and this father moved forward to catch the ball for his sun and his momentum carried him into the railing and he flipped over the railing and plunged 20 feet head first,while his son watched it happen.Second death at the stadium in a year,a guy fell last July also.

2.Watching Casey Anthony in court yesterday really irritated me as she was all done up,hair down,smiling and giggling and flirting.She has no clue what her life is going to be like when she gets out does she.

3.The capture of Whitey Bulger a notorious mobster from South Boston,is one of the great stories for our times, and I gurantee you will see a movie in the not too distant future.But on talk shows,I sit stunned with people calling in calling him a Robin Hood of their town,one guy calls and says whats the big deal he was a mobster,killing people is their job,thats what they do.Last time I checked,as past work,killing people is not such a good thing to put on your resume.
And looking in job categories,mobster and killer aren't listed.

4.Our Redsox are back in first place this morning.I get the feeling that this is the way its going to be all year with the Yankees and Redsox back and forth and Tampa Bay rays not far behind.Should be an exciting season.Whats more impressive is the redsox are on a roll with 3 fifths of the starting rotation out.Should say 4/5 since John Lackey is basically out,the way he's been pitching.

what its not Friday yet????

By: NEwxguy, 1:08 PM GMT on July 07, 2011

Short week,but it sure doesn't feel like it. It's only Thursday.
Not much to talk about at this point.
Casey Anthony innocent has outraged a lot of people.
Whitey Bulger story is going to go on forever.He was arraigned yesterday on 19 counts of murder,expected trial won't start for 3-4 years.((((Groan))))
All quiet in the Atlantic at the moment.
slow moving cold front moving through our area as I speak,may be a shower southern parts of area today.
More showers moving in tomorrow night. May be a cool day tomorrow especially the closer you get to the coast.
Looks like a nice weekend.
Redsox won,but another frontline pitcher went on the disable list.Luckily the all star break is coming up.
Incredible heat continues in the southern plains.
Thats it,anybody have anything else to add?

weather and other things

By: NEwxguy, 1:59 PM GMT on July 06, 2011

So our very warm actually hot and humid weather continues,but a series of fronts over the next few days should cool us off and drier air Friday and Saturday,then another warmup Sun and Mon,then another front Monday night and Tuesday,then it cools off again.
Amazing video from Arizona

So people want to live in Arizona why?????

so casey anthony is found innocent.A lot of people outraged,but in truth prosecution could not connect the dots. A lot of evidence,and lots of things make me pretty sure she had something to do with death of little Caylee,but you have to make sure you take any doubt out of it,if you want a jury to find that person guilty,and that's what happened here.It looks like her death will go unpunished.
In my area,in a town called Wayland next door to Waltham, a disturbing story of a young teenage girl found murdered and the body left in a marshy area.Pretty young girl set to start college this fall.Smart talented girl who loved to sing and now they've arrested the long time on again off again boyfriend.They've found all kinds of bloody clothes and bungy cord hidden in his house.Evidently over her wanted to end it and get on with their lives seperately and he couldn't handle.Just sad,really sad.

Summertime in New England

By: NEwxguy, 1:09 PM GMT on July 05, 2011

There's no doubt we are in a summertime pattern here and across the country.The southern states,especially the southern plains, are baking with 90's and 100's,as they have for weeks now.The northen tier of states are hot also,but with occasional fronts moving through that usher in a little cooler and less humid weather every few days.
Yesterday I hit 90 and it was humid,our north shore cities,gloucester,newburyport,and surrounding towns,got hit hard with fast moving heavy storms,with reports of some trees down.
Wonderful night on the esplanade with boston pops and guest singer Martina McBride.We didn't see any fireworks this year as we were visting friends.
Our Redsox finally returned home,unfortunately they had to start the home appearance with John Lackey,who has forgotten how to pitch.He's only on his 2nd year of a 5 year contract,this is going to be a painful contract to hold onto.
Hope everyone had a great weekend,enjoyed the holiday.Now back to work. Anyone else feel the long weekend,just wasn't long enough?Would love a weekend no going anywhere and no work around the house.I might actually feel rested.

Happy Fourth of Juyly!!!!!

By: NEwxguy, 2:37 PM GMT on July 01, 2011

Since I don't have any buttons in my blog,I can't post any 4th of July pics,but hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
Weather looks to be summery this weekend,the only day that may not be too nice is Sunday.In fact there is a high risk of severe storms in the afternoon. Will have to watch how this developes as the weekend progresses.
Redsox salvaged the final game with the Phillies,and now on to Houston for 3 games,before returning home on the 4th to take on the Toronto Blue Jays.
Lionel Ritchie had to cancel his Boston Pops esplanade appearance due to throat and voice problems.In his place will be Martina McBride.

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