AGW and The Myth of Free Market Solutions

By: Naga5000, 7:00 PM GMT on December 07, 2015

Putting science denial aside, the policy camps in AGW essentially fall into 2 categories that exist on a spectrum: Let the free market take care of the issue OR the government must act to limit CO2 through massive regulation. There is, of course many who fall into a more nuanced place along the continuum, but the point of my post is to explain why the idea of letting the free market handle AGW is a bad idea.

The free market method has two major flaws. The...

On Terrorism

By: Naga5000, 5:54 PM GMT on December 04, 2015

I just sent this message to a fellow blogger, but feel I should repost it publicly to start discussion. By discussion, I mean rational conversation about events and issues. That being said, if posts get out of line, I will moderate them or potentially close the blog.

My post:

Jean Baudrillard in The Spirit of Terrorism (a fantastic read if you have the time), points out a interesting argument/interpretation of the situation. The problem is, th...

Social Change: The Emerging Role of The Activist Scientist

By: Naga5000, 6:25 PM GMT on February 26, 2014

In the late 1800's and early 1900's, Emile Durkheim sought to lay out the ground work of Sociology as its own field of scientific exploration. His major work, "The Rules of Sociological Method", defined the social scientist as the objective observer. This definition was one borrowed from the prevailing ideas of what it means to be a researcher and a scientist. Objective observation, empirical research, and a simple conclusion of what the data said was the duty of...

Meta Discussion Climate Change Sociology

To survey or not, Moderator response requested.

By: Naga5000, 5:28 PM GMT on August 10, 2013

Hello all,

I was thinking about doing a survey here of Wunderground users in an attempt to study our communities' take on the issue of climate change. The study would be through a third party survey website (i.e. Surveymonkey) and I can ensure confidentiality and anonymity personal information.

Participation would be completely voluntary and limited to one unique response per user. After getting the information I would run a statistical an...

Climate Change Meta Discussion

Google News Aggregator and Ethical Resposibility in Science Related Articles

By: Naga5000, 12:30 PM GMT on April 15, 2013

This morning in Google News' Science section, a report caught my eye entitled "Antarctic ice sheet melt 'not that unusual', latest ice core shows" Link. This article from the Register, written by Lewis Page(who has a history of denialist leans when writing about climate) is just another article in a long line for his misinterpretation of data to support his own agenda.

Without getting into the problems with his article, which are irrelevant for this blog ...

Climate Change Meta Discussion

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