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By: OGal, 12:45 PM GMT on February 29, 2012

I promise I will answer with my thoughts too. This is another case where there are lot of questions and not a lot of answers. This case takes place in Sanford, Fl about fifteen minutes from my house. This case will be tried in Seminole County, my county. The Gran Jury is made up of folks from right here. It is a jury that has already been seated before Trayvon was killed.

First let me tell you Sanford is not a horrible town. It is a small town located on Lake Monroe. It has a downtown that has finally started to thrive with lots of art galleries and terrific antique shops. The town is sprinkled with beautiful old homes that date back to when Sanford was the celery capitol of Florida.

Sanford has an International Airport and is thrilled to have many tour groups from the UK. Larry Dale, President of the airport has done an excellent job of bringing in flights from all over the US. People laughed at him and he proved them wrong. Aerosim Flight School is there training pilots from all over the world to go to the airlines. This is where my son trained when Aerosim was called, Delta Connection.

What happened to Trayvon was horrible but lets not blame an entire town. I have worked with the police department through the supervised visitation center. I never once saw any indication of racism. Is there some in the police department maybe so. Once again don't blame the entire department.

This case will get sorted out but it will take time. Cool heads need to prevail.

The Sanford waterfront on Lake Monroe.

A view of the downtown area of Sanford.

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