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By: OrangeRoses , 3:41 PM GMT on February 26, 2012

Gibbeuse Ascendante- Waxing Gibbous 96% Moon Rise: + 4:50pm cst Set: - 5:50am cst
Full Moon on the rise March 8 2012 at 3:41 am

Et quand l'Agneau ouvrit le septième sceau, le silence couvert le ciel

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Les yeux de la vérité sont toujours vous surveille
Et quand l'Agneau ouvrit le septième sceau, le silence couvert le ciel

No rain, no thunder, no storms so far. It is overcast, 67°, the air pressure fell 10 mb in 24 hours, and there is nothing on the radar anywhere. 4:07 pm 2/28

And this is a nextday W3dnesday reporting: NO rain at all, no thunder period! It is like the weathermen live on another planet some times!!

By the time the temp reaches a high of 77° the chances of rain fall below Zer0, like the forecast should have been last night!
There were tornadoes north of us overnite with watches and warnings in 6 states NE of here.

March 1st 8am
Let us focus today on an easy forecast. 'Twill be around 80 in 7-8 hours from right now.
Is already 45, so 35 degree warmup is quite possible.

● Evening Followup. Temp climbed to 80° at 2pm & stayed the same for 2 hours.

●● the next morning March 2
Winds gusting all night starting with 20 mph at 2 am and increasing to 28 mph at 6. There is some mention of rain in the forecast but I think (after they were so DEAD WRONG again) the NWS in GuessCast Shreveport got gunshy.

Take a walk●● park the truck●● learn to walk upon the Earth instead of trying to destroy it with your low●●mileage rumblebox.

Our cold air here is coming from the North. Overnight low 38 for early Sat Morning and
30 Sunday Morning winds W 5-10. Now for the windchil. T 30 wind 5 is 25 W.C.

try calculating it yourself

Sat. 3/3/12†
4:30 AM overnite low temp 36 windchill 36

With the windchill effect Princess Glaciera, who knows better than most forcastors (lol), will most likely appear once again.

Forgetful? There is no forgiving fools

Sunday iv Martius MMXII
by 4:15 AM the temp dropped below freezing with a wind speed of 3 mph an hour later resulting in a 26° windchill— the "apparent" overnight low.

Effective: 03:52 CST on 03-06-2012
Expires: 16:00 CST on 03-06-2012

Event: Lake Wind Advisory

Octo Post Meridiem Martius quattuor I would be very surprised if the forecasted low of 30° occured. That would mean a 40 degree change in temperature from this afternoon, or a 27 degree drop in 8 hours(it's 8 PM) which I do not believe will happen. we shall see. I do know Glaciera would love to taunt some more foo-uls again.

301 am CST Monday Mar 5 2012
08z [2am] analysis this morning shows a weak cold ront extending from
NE OK into north Arkansas and north MS. Seeing SW surface flow ahead of this
boundary across much of our region which is helping to hold
temperatures up a little despite clear skies. This boundary will
backdoor its way into the region before washing out as southeast
winds are expected across the entire region by this afternoon.
An increasing pressure gradient and high clouds streaming ovhd
tonight will continue to hold overnight min temperatures up slightly as
we say goodbye to the cool nights for a while.
This explains the 38 degree overnight low temperature, when 30 was in the guesscast, I guess.

Tiw's-Day 6 Mar.
78 in the forecast this afternoon. See the National Weather Service Discussion for more infomation.
35 mph windgusts may move some trucks sideways. We pray for headon collisions, those of us who think gashog rumbleboxes and brainless wannabe cowboy drivers need some prayers.

The link just underneath opens in a small popup window.
Real-Time Weather Data Station K4O4 from National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)



The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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