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Leaving LakeWorthFinn's for a road trip with redagainPatti

By: OtherBug, 2:51 PM GMT on July 16, 2012

Hi WUBAs! I arrived at Finn's house on Saturday, safe and sound and had a great trip from Cayman Brac to SEFL! I didn't mind sleeping for a few days after all the jungle chopping and caving with crab & bride :) The best of it was seeing the famous CAVES! Man, them guys sure are prepared for hurricanes. I ate and drank so much at Crab's that I gained a few pounds, hope to loose them here in Lake Worth.

Crab gently tucked me in a comfortable box for the journey and wrote "cardboard cutout" in the customs declaration. Crab's bride sang a lullaby and they both shed a few tears when they sent me off. Thanks guys, I had a blast and my tan looks great!

Just one complaint: I heard someone at the Cayman post office call my wonderful hosts "wackamoles"... HOW DARE THEY!

So here I am, surrounded by three dogs, while Finn and hubby are working. I'm lying on the sofa watching TV, away from the needle sharp fangs of a small devil puppy dog names Lucy but I've made good friends with the other two dogs, Max & Sophie. Sophie even licked my hand to welcome me. Finn made me a delicious smooothie from freeze dried strawberries to celebrate my arrival, but I woulda preferred an ice cold Vodka, but they said it might upset my stomach after being swayed around and upside down during the trip here... They know nothing about me - yet... (evil grin)

At night time I enjoy the thunder storms sweeping through the area and listen to the sounds of ibis, blue herons, parrots and frogs. Goodness, there are frogs EVERYWHERE - but I'm glad they don't hang upside down and fly like bats!

Finn's laptop is being repaired, because she spewed Coke on the keyboard when she burst into laughter reading some comment Crab had written.

Pics will come soon, but I'm reading, watching TV, and doing some QiGong with Finn to strech my legs and keep fit. I need to loose them extra pounds!

I'm off to Finland with Finn in a few weeks. Can't wait to go to the sauna and take a dip in the 4th deepest lake there. I can't swim, but I float pretty well!

More later, lotsa luv to yas all!

Updated: 7:33 PM GMT on August 20, 2012


Tired, but happy!

By: OtherBug, 9:28 PM GMT on July 02, 2012

What a day! I must admit, at first I thought that Crab and Bride drank too much water and took too many breaks to really get anything done.

This morning after breakfast, we left to work on their trail. I've seen trails before, but this is more like a road! Six feet wide, and through some of the wildest, roughest jungle you have ever seen, and sharp, spikey rocks all around. Crab and Bride call it 'bush', so I guess I will also, but it looks like jungle to me.

We saw parrots this morning! Oh, they were SO colorful and noisy -- like avian children playing in the trees.

I know Crab and Bride were a tad concerned about me using a sharp machette, but I've done this before. I think I surprised them. We had to carry over three gallons of water with us! Dear me!

I started getting limp about 1:00, and the little dears set me in the shade of a sea grape tree to rest a bit. While I rested, they cleared another sixty feet of trail. This trail is so long that it's almost as much work to walk home as to do the work! Crab says it's just under 1000 yards to the bluff, and it looks like we're about halfway there.

I am knackered, as Sandi would say, but happy. I didn't think I'd want to get into the hot tub in this heat, but I have to admit it was delightful. I must find out the recipe for this delightful fruity drink Crab keeps making.

Looking forward to visiting Finn! Have you seen her adorable Lucy? This has been a wonderful trip, so far.

Crab says we'll try to get into the sea tomorrow, unless it's still choppy. I want to see de Crab cave. Speaking of which, I don't believe I've ever known anyone to have SUCH an assortment of headlamps. I mean, they're EVERYWHERE!! There must be 20 headlamps all around this house, all seemingly strategically placed.

Did I mention that Crab is a good cook?

More later, after my nap. :>)


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