Welcome Spring!

By: Proserpina , 1:55 AM GMT on March 20, 2012



Old Jack Frost is on the run,
Fleeing from the warming sun.
Spring has come to take control,
Encourage growth and to extol
The beauty that each life can bring,
The songs that each voice can sing.

Proserpina is loose again
With warming wind and rinsing rain.
Flowers follow in her train:
Summer's heralds, winter's bane.

(Beautiful Bogon! Thank you!)


by A.A. Milne

She wore her yellow sun-bonnet,
She wore her greenest gown;
She turned to the south wind
And curtsied up and down.
She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbour:
"Winter is dead."

Spring Quiet

Christina Rossetti (1847)

Gone were but the Winter,
Come were but the Spring,
I would go to a covert
Where the birds sing.

Where in the whitethom
Singeth a thrush,
And a robin sings
In the holly-bush.

Full of fresh scents
Are the budding boughs
Arching high over
A cool green house:

Full of sweet scents,
And whispering air
Which sayeth softly:
“We spread no snare;

“Here dwell in safety,
Here dwell alone,
With a clear stream
And a mossy stone.

“Here the sun shineth
Most shadily;
Here is heard an echo
Of the far sea,
Though far off it be.”

Spring Greeting

by Sidney Lanier

All faintly through my soul to-day,
As from a bell that far away
Is tinkled by some frolic fay,
Floateth a lovely chiming.
Thou magic bell, to many a fell
And many a winter-saddened dell
Thy tongue a tale of Spring doth tell,
Too passionate-sweet for rhyming.

Chime out, thou little song of Spring,
Float in the blue skies ravishing.
Thy song-of-life a joy doth bring
That's sweet, albeit fleeting.
Float on the Spring-winds e'en to my home:
And when thou to a rose shalt come
That hath begun to show her bloom,
Say, I send her greeting!


Loving Heart (Proserpina)
The heart that loves is always young. Greek Proverb
Loving Heart
Hidden Treasure (Proserpina)
Hidden Treasure
Delightfully Pink (Proserpina)
Delightfully Pink
Tulips (Proserpina)
Tulip Flame (Proserpina)
Tulip Flame
A Symphony In Lavender. (Proserpina)
A Symphony In Lavender.
Red Velvet (Proserpina)
Red Velvet
Pink Sonata (Proserpina)
Pink Sonata
Spring Delight (Proserpina)
"There is no season such delight can bring, As summer, autumn, winter and the spring." - William Browne
Spring Delight

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Good morning, Prose.

I'm glad you like the poem. I woke up at four in the morning and discovered you had left me a postcard on my blog. I thought, one good turn deserves another.

My connection to wunderground went wonky just as I pushed the Post button. It took some time to discover that the comment got lost in the ether. I had to submit it again, then I went back to sleep.

The photo is from my gallery, taken last month on my neighbor's pear tree. The poem emerged from my fuddled brain. I schemed for a while to make it longer, then remembered that brevity can be a virtue.
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Carried over from previous blog:

Thank you very much to all of you who stopped by while I was spending time with my family and not blogging. There is nothing like the feeling of being connected to family and friends, even virtual friends.

GG, Calpoppy, Sandi, Ylee, Jrrtrollkien, Bug, Skypony, Mass, Weatheringpoints, Gams, BF, THANK YOU for your comments, graphics, wishes, etc. You are the best.

Weatheringpoints, wonderful to see you.

Jrrtrollkien, thank you for stopping by and welcome to the blog. Yes, I am blessed with family and I give thanks everyday for my loved family.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Shore, and with abandon I have been eating! Just finished the last piece of the blueberry coffee cake. Yummy. When next time I complain about my weight, please remind me about my eating with 'abandonment'!
Slowly but surely I will make my way to your blog and the new writings. I am sure that your weekend was wonderful and I want to know all about it.
This morning they said in the news that there were at least 3 tornadoes spotted in San Antonio. They did not mention any damages and so I hope that all is well, humanwise at least. Take care.

, I LOVE your poem! You wrote it, didn't you? You are talented and I appreciate your talent. Do you mind if I put it in the header?
Did you take the photo of the beautiful blooms? If you did please put it on the photo gallery, it deserves to be seen and enjoyed.
Thank you for coming by with such precious gifts.
Hubby just came by the computer to say adios, he is going to play golf. He loves your photo and poem!

Sandi, after I got off the computer I went back to bed and slept. Of course Koko woke me up at 5am, she needed to go out. She has been eating too many goodies from our weekend feasts.
Sandi, I so needed an injection of family. All of it together for a while, and Rain and Aqua alone for the most part. I needed to spend time with the part of the family I had not seen in 4 years! God is good to me.
The photo is another outstanding early morn sky for your series. I just love it and will go visit it in other venues (I assume you have posted it elsewhere as well). You are good my friend.

Ylee, I like the tradition of the egg hunt. It is so much fun for the children as well as for the adults. When younger I used to create works of art, designs of flowers or geometric ones. As I grew older and more involved with work and life, they only got a coat of color. We have not had any egg hunts at my house for several years but I am glad for Easter Egg Hunts of the past.
Our grass is growing fast as well. The problem is that our lawn is so shady that our grass in actually moss dotted with tufts of grass! It does to be mowed but hubby has not given in to the yard work temptation yet!
When I visited your blog this morning, a ship was coming in the harbor (Australia? I do not remember). I love it when the ships come in that spot and quickly disappear.

All right, hubby just left to go play golf, I might go back to bed or continue playing on the blogs. :)

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Morning, Pros ~ I did see all your pics of the family. They were wonderful! The big storm is heading our way, so for now I'm just saying hello and whizzing away. I want to get around to everyone before I have to shut this thing down. It looks as though the weather's significant enough that may happen for a while.

I'm so glad your weekend was fabulous! Eat those leftovers with abandon!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Hi, Prose. I've come to return your springtime greeting.

Old Jack Frost is on the run,
Fleeing from the warming sun.
Spring has come to take control,
Encourage growth and to extol
The beauty that each life can bring,
The songs that each voice can sing.

Proserpina is loose again
With warming wind and rinsing rain.
Flowers follow in her train:
Summer's heralds, winter's bane.
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Hi Pros,
I am so glad you had a great weekend, and having all your family on Sunday was perfect... It was Mothering Sunday :))

I posted my First day of Spring photo in the previous comment box :)

Hope you are sleeping soundly right now - Zzzzzzz
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Hi Sandi, I missed conversing with you. Our son and his wife's visit was wonderful. We ate, laughed than ate some more, took photos, went out for brunch on Saturday, and had a brunch feast at my house on Sunday when our other son and his family joined us. This mother is a happy one!

As per request by my son, our Friday night dinner was an Italian meal which we capped with English trifle. Delicious and it disappeared faster than I could say, hmmm nice. Yes, the wise thing will be to go on a diet for a while, but I have so many leftovers, what do I do with them if we do not eat them?

I think that I have relaxed enough to go back to bed and hopefully fall asleep. Good night my friend. I'll catch up with your blog as soon as I can.

Good night.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Good morning to you!
I am listening to the Vivaldi whilst I write this - wonderful!

For each morning in March I have set the alarm for ten minutes before sunrise to see if there was one.... and for each morning I have been disappointed :(

But this morning, the first day of Spring, there is a veritable fire in the sky!

Red sky in the morning - sailors (or shepherds) take warning - Oh, dear!

I am going to process the photos and will bring one back to post here, later:)

Member Since: Posts: Comments:

For Jrrtrollkien, Kat, Spathy, Karen, and those visitors whose blogs are closed; lurkers; and all of goodwill who stop by here.

I will soon respond to the new posts from the last blog.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
First! Thanks for posting the poetry! I've never read anything of A.A. Milne outside of the "Winnie the Pooh" stories! Neat!

Dandelions and other little seasonal flowers are popping up all over our yard; even some wild mustard! Traditionally, we don't mow until after Easter, because our home is where the family Easter egg hunt is, and we want plenty of hiding places for the eggs! This year, the grass, ect. is taking off, and I'm afraid the eggs won't be able to be seen, so we're going to have to mow soon in order for the grass to grow back to egg-hiding height! :)

I hope this evening finds you well! Take care!
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