Hawks on the weathervane

By: SpeakerTweaker, 2:22 PM GMT on May 19, 2010

My weather station has been down for quite some time. I think a few months. I had yet another computer go down. I am now on my 4th computer and am now using an old laptop. This computer should last much longer than the other three very old desktops I was using. Because of this change the weather station name has been updated to El Royer 2.3.Now if I can just keep the hawks off of the weathervane.

Wind Direction

By: SpeakerTweaker, 7:41 AM GMT on December 31, 2009

Ever wonder why sometimes the wind direction on your weather station is incorrect. This could be your answer. Note all the nails I have glued on the weather station to keep birds off of it. Looks like I need one more nail.

Oregon Scientific - WMR200A is Junk

By: SpeakerTweaker, 8:28 PM GMT on July 19, 2009

The Oregon Scientific - WMR200A is a piece of junkThe El Royer 2.2 weather station, Oregon Scientific - WMR200A is having problems again. It just won’t receive signals from the sensors from time to time. This has been happen from the start when I got this thin for Christmas in 2008. It is a problem I can live with, until it happens all day long for weeks on end as it's doing now. I would in no way recommend the Oregon Scientific - WMR200A to anyone. Sure Oregon Sc...

El Royer 2.2

By: SpeakerTweaker, 7:59 PM GMT on April 25, 2009

El Royer has now been upgraded to 2.2. I had to send back the weather station because some of the sensors where not working properly. I was told that it would take about a month to receive the new / exchange weather station but it only took a week. The next weekend I got the new station back up and running. One week after that the dedicated computer died. I have now dedicated another old computer, bigger, better, faster, reformatted the hard drive. This computer is ...

Weather Station, Oregon Scientific - WMR200 Down and Out

By: SpeakerTweaker, 5:29 PM GMT on March 04, 2009

My weather station (El Royer 1.2) is down. It is all the way down and dissembled. I am having problems with the anemometer, rain gage and temperature sensors not transmitting data to the base unit. The Oregon Scientific - WMR200A has a transmitting range of 300 feet without any abstractions in the way. All of the sensors are within 25 feet of the base unit with ether the roof or one wall of the house in the way. If the Oregon Scientific - WMR200A can not transmit fr...

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