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By: StormJunkie, 11:17 PM GMT on June 07, 2007

The Weather page is now active and new links have been added to the Quick Links page; just select the link above. A learning page has also been added recently.
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The beginning of the help video index can now be found on StormJunkie.com. Currently there are series on The spaghetti models, the FSU Experimental Forecast page, and the QuickSCAT page. Look for more video series in the near future as well as some other neat additions to the site.
Please leave any feedback you may have on this video. Technical, quality, accuracy, etc. Please be critical as I hope to provide similar media in the future.

The lower picture was taken overlooking the Cooper River in Charleston, SC. The new Cooper River Bridge is on the left and part of the Yorktown aircraft carrier is on the right. The Charleston Aquarium is in the center. This strike is somewhere in Mt Pleasant around 7:30pmish on 7-11-07. The upper picture was taken on 7-18-07 in Goose Creek, SC. This was just one of many cloud to ground strikes that moved through with this storm. More strike pictures from these and other storms can now be found here.

The intent for StormJunkie.com is to provide access to some of the best tropical and weather tracking information on the web. As hobbyists we truly appreciate the value of the wealth of information available on the internet. We are still in the process of learning how to read and interpret the wealth of maps and data available. That said; part of the learning process is to find the many sites out there, learn to navigate them, and then get a basic understanding of the information provided. Hopefully this site can help speed this process up. That, in conjunction with wanting fast easy access to these links no matter where I am are the reasons this site was created. Links and information on models, marine data, wind data, imagery and much more can be found here. Make sure you check out the Wilma videos provided by weatherboyfsu and CyberWolf.

This will be the second year of operation for this site and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of the folks that have used the site, helped with the site, or offered suggestions. That said, this site is meant to be useful to all. If there is anything that you feel is missing or could be improved upon, please let me know ☺

Thanks Everyone!

SSTs Updated as of October 1st 07
The John Hopkins APL site produces these maps.

Please keep in mind that as these maps update the temperature scale on the various years may change at different points in time. Therefore it is critical to keep an eye on the scales which are in degrees celcius. There is a great calculation converter on this page. I have set the maps from previous years to a forward date of October 1st. I have done this so that I do not have to update the past year maps everyday and so that we can see if we pass those temps and if so how far in advance. The maps are 7 day merged data sst maps.

These maps should all be on the same scale again
September 30 07

October 1 06

October 1 10 05

Octobe 1 04

The 06 map is no longer on the same scale as the other years for the GOM!!!
September 30 07

October 1 06

October 1 05

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