New disturbances and possibly new invest!

By: Tropicnerd13 , 12:59 AM GMT on July 26, 2007

Well today, the 25th of July, we have two areas of disturbed weather that have some chance for development. One area of concern is closer to home than most of us would like. This one is located in the gulf of mexico. It appears to have little to no circulation and is under moderate sheer so i don't expect any development with this. All I expect of it is to go north into Texas and bring heavy rain, which isn't needed for much of the area.
Gulf of Mexico disturbance

The other disturbance that is of concern is asociated with a low around 30 west 12 north. It has a mid-level circulation and appears to have a low-level circulation. It is still in or very close to the itcz so development probably wont occur with this wave within the next 12 hours. i do expect this do develop, though, considering it's appearance and amount of convection. It appears to have much moisture near it but the SAL above it is a factor that could effect development, but i forecast it to not effect it enough to limit development.
central atlantic wave.

There are also some waves coming off africa that appear very healthy. a low is asociated with one of those waves, too, but it is not of any concern at this time. that is all the news i have for today, and thank you for reading my blog.

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