CHIKUNGUNYA, No Laughing Matter!

By: VirginIslandsVisitor, 6:53 PM GMT on October 08, 2014

“Chikungunya fever is spreading more rapidly through Latin America and the Caribbean than it takes to learn to spell and pronounce its name correctly.”

An acute infectious disease caused by a mosquito-borne virus, characterized by fever, rash, and joint pain, and seen primarily in Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. Also called chicken guinea disease.

Origin of chikungunya
Makonde (Bantu language of the reg...

A Fish Tale!

By: VirginIslandsVisitor, 3:16 AM GMT on July 15, 2014

As promised so long ago, I'm finally getting my act together on this blog of mine!!

So back in the good old days, my other half, Jimmy, and his fishing partner, Bozo (I only knew him by that nickname), were out fishing for yellowtail snapper. They'd leave the bay early in the afternoon and be back by daylight the next morning. The night was getting on, the tide had dropped, and they decided to take a break for a few hours until things picked up again.

Fish Tales and Tails

By: VirginIslandsVisitor, 1:18 PM GMT on June 05, 2013

As some of you may or may not know, my other half and I are commercial fishermen. I know I joke about it on the blog but it really is our livelihood. I've received a couple of emails expressing interest in our lives, so here I am. This blog will be about us out on the water, the ups and downs, the humour and sometimes the harder side of life.

This will be a work in progress so have patience. I'll get there!


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Blog humor, things said that make you think, etc.

By: VirginIslandsVisitor, 10:52 PM GMT on July 30, 2011

G'day everyone!

I've been a member of WU for over a year now and for the most part am a lurker. I do post from time to time but not being a weather expert by any stretch of the means, I depend on you guys to explain it all and it's a fine job you do! While sitting here reading the blog, occasionally something is said that can be extremely funny, thought provoking, etc. and I think to myself, "Those words are going to be lost forever unless someone captu...

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