How Steep Is This Downhill Slide?

By: WiltonWeatherGuy , 4:14 AM GMT on May 31, 2007

As the morning progressed here in Wilton, Maine the cloud cover did as well. By the time we reached noon the sky was very interesting, and I should have photographed it. We did not have any precipitation until very late this afternoon, although there was plenty of threatening going on. N.O.A.A. did not quite get the predominant weather correct. I was able to work outside and get all 42 of my tomato plants in the ground. My lattice netting is not all up, but there is time to get that done before the tomatoes get too big.
For the overnight N.O.A.A. predicts rain early and light scattered showers for the rest of the night, and the cloud cover supports that (98%/85%/79%/75% ). The temperature did not rise as high as they said it would, and it is only predicted to fall to around 55F for the overnight. As was noted in the data we did have about 0.02 inches of rain this evening, and that may be all we will have. I did not see any more moving in on the NEXRAD composite radar. Not only that but the Weather Underground model forecast maps indicate that we will have a decent day tomorrow, and that should give me enough time to plant the rest of my seeds and the potatoes. There seems to be some question about Friday and the weekend. There are some storm systems out there, and we may see them rolling through on Friday and even into Monday. At leas that is what the expert forecasters are suggesting.
My Weather Stick points down. 89% relative humidity, well that is no surprise. The electronic instruments are predicting everything. The Weather Station forecasts fair skies with rising barometric pressure. The Min/Max Thermometer forecasts mixed fair and cloudy skies with falling barometric pressure. The remote weather station forecasts mixed fair and cloudy skies with rising barometric pressure. My best guess, and it is only a guess, is that we will see a bit more rain overnight, have a cloudy but dry day tomorrow and rain tomorrow night. Now, that is my forecast and I am sticking to it.
High Temperature (F): 71.9
Current Temperature (F): 57.3
Relative Humidity (%): 89%
Heat Index (F): N/A
Dew Point (F): 54.1
Barometric Pressure (in Hg): 30.10
Wind Direction: Calm
Wind Speed (mph): 0.0
Wind Chill (F): N/A
Sky-PM: Overcast
Cloud Type: Stratus
Precipitation (Type): Rain
Amount (inches): 0.02
Weather Stick: Down
Comparative data for today.
Temperature: 60F/67.6F//73F/70.7F//78F/68.1F//76F/60.6F
Relative Humidity: 65%/74%//44%/58%//41%/70%//41%/82%.

N.O.A.A. not only missed the relative humidity, it was not even close. They also missed all but one of the temperature points. The one they got was at 11:00 hours. Not one of their better efforts, and I am disappointed.
Forecast data for the overnight.
Temperature: 67F/61F/57F/55F
Relative Humidity: 60%/70%/75%/80%

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