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By: Ylee, 11:12 AM GMT on February 25, 2012

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This blog has been almost totally content-driven from the get-go. Here you go folks, look at the pretty webcam pictures! If you wanted any background information about the locations of the cams, for the most part people were out of luck! With the National Park Service cams, I supplied links to the parks' websites, where anyone could get all the info they wanted. Other cams were trickier. Milos and Mille Lacs has websites that give details about their respective locations, but what about the WU cams? I don't know anything more about the Parc de Chateau in France any more than you do. I know it's in France, and that's about it!
So now, I'm going to try something new: Each cam will come with a little background information, along with the Weathersticker. I'm also going to add an eighth cam in order to get a little better worldwide coverage.

Wish me luck!

Courtesy of webcamsdemexico, the Beach Palace cam!
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Did you know that Cancun didn't even exist before 1970? Built on part of the world's second largest coral reef, the Mexican Government helped finance the first nine hotels. The cam is from the Beach Palace Resort, a very exclusive(and expensive) all-inclusive resort!

Thanks to denhoward, the Howard falls cam!
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This cam is courtesy of the Howard Falls Trust which has been in the Howard family for over 170 years. The falls is located in Erie County, Pa!

From Milos, Greece, the Pollonia cam!
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Thanks to webcamketchikan, the Ketchikan cam!

Ketchikan has been called the "Salmon Capital of the World", and is the Southeasternmost large town in Alaska, about 600 miles north of Vancouver Island. Tongass National Forest is its' neighbor to the east!
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Courtesy on New Zealands' Horizons Regional Council, the Akitio cam!
Click for Palmerston North, New Zealand Forecast

From Theodore Roosevelt National Park the Painted Canyon cam!
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Courtesy of cocodeebo, the Koh Chang, Thailand cam!
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Koh Chang, which means elephant island, is a small island of the coast of Thailand. It's national park features the stump-tailed macaque which endemic only to the island!

From Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, the Giant Forest cam!
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Wingin' it!

By: Ylee, 10:45 AM GMT on February 18, 2012

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To put it short and sweet, I had an all new blog almost finished early yesterday, when I accidentaly deleted it. Now, using a different computer without having a list of any of the cams I saved on my regular computer, I must find the new cams by memory and try to get this blog done by 7AM local!

From Shenandoah National Park, the Pinnacles cam!
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Thanks to KVERVOSEN, the Hellandsjoen, Norway cam!
Click for Vinjeora, Norway Forecast

From Castletonite, the Castleton Valley cam!
Click for Moab, Utah Forecast

Courtesy of Vision76, the Parc du Chateau cam!
Click for Dieppe, France Forecast

From Milos, Greece, the Pollonia cam!
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Thanks to Springville, the Lost Coast Headlands cam!
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Courtesy of frostw, the Sydney Harbor cam!
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Fire and Ice

By: Ylee, 10:31 AM GMT on February 09, 2012

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Fire and ice: Elemental opposites, they are rarely seen coexisting, especially in the world of webcams. However, there are exceptions, and probably the best known worldwide is Mt. Etna, in Sicily. This volcano has the longest recorded history of eruptions, going back at least 3500 years, and scientists have estimated the volcano has been erupting for over 300,000 years, rising out of the Mediterranean. For the time being, with the cold and snow covering Europe, Etna is blanketed with white, all the while steaming and waiting for the next opportunity to erupt.

From etnawebcam, the Mt. Etna cam!
Click for Catania, Italy Forecast

Thanks to thadjosh76, the San Diego cam!
Click for Point Loma, California Forecast

From the Grand Teton National Park, the Teton Science Center cam!
Click for Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming Forecast

Thanks to gutz, the Zatec, Czech Republic cam!
Click for Tusimice, Czech Republic Forecast

From Adelaide, Australia, the Outer Harbor cam!
Click for Adelaide, South Australia Forecast

Thanks to wxeyeNH, the Bristol, New Hampshire cam!
Click for Bridgewater, New Hampshire Forecast

From Milos, Greece, the Pollonia cam!
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