It Burns My Butt!

By: auburn, 7:07 PM GMT on January 17, 2012

I guess I am just to poor to even consider voting for any of the GOP candidates..I for one could care less what folks do in their bedrooms and that seems to be the GOPs main message..that and cut out what social programs there are for the poor in order to continue to give Tax breaks to the rich..the Rich have been getting these Tax breaks for 10 years now because they are the Job only question is..where in the hell are all the jobs this is suppose to create..It just burns my ass that my Tax dollars pay for someone in another country to go to the doctor and I cant go myself..and the folks that live here in the US thinks thats fine and wont support Obama care here but will in other country's..Like over 3 billion a year to Israel that helps with their FREE healthcare and even pays for 20.000+ abortions a year 40% of those are simply because the mother isn't married..that is just one example of countrys that we do this for..but yet you donrt want to help your own?I just dont get it..and dont say its an Obama thing..this has been going on for years...The main reason Lots of folks are against Obama or Obama care is because their friends are against it..they have no clue whats even in the bill..or what the man has accomplished..ohh and it dont help that he is 1/2 Black either for some.. whats more important..helping out someone who needs medical care and /or food..or being sure two men or women don't get my opinion how does it affect you if they do..its none of your business what folks do in their own bed room...or for that matter what religion thy are!

We LOVE Winter...right Clem?

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