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Unwelcome Rains Will Put Stress on Lake Okeechobee’s Dike

Dr. Jeff Masters, August 24, 2016

Director of Meteorology, Weather Underground

Even if 99L never develops into a tropical cyclone, it has the potential to dump a large amount of rain on a place that doesn’t need it—the catchment basin of Lake Okeechobee in Central Florida. Torrential rains of 7+ inches from a tropical storm or hurricane are capable of raising the lake level by over three feet in a few weeks. The Army Corps must dump water out of the lake as fast as it can in order to keep high stresses on the lake's dike from causing a failure if 99L brings heavy rains.

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Evangeline and Mathilda: Louisiana is Our Holland

Dr. Ricky Rood, August 23, 2016

Professor, University of Michigan

This event brings me face to face with the idea of necessary losses. If I were in a flood that did not go away, I would lose my emotional hold on land and geography. I would want to move.

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Getting Ready to Get Ready

Bryan Norcross, August 24, 2016

Hurricane Specialist, The Weather Channel

There's enough of a chance that a tropical system will threaten South Florida over the weekend that resident there need to perk up. It's time to get ready to get ready, and not get caught up in the discussion about the models, which is really just noise.

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Hottest Reliably Measured Air Temperatures on Earth: PART TWO

Christopher C. Burt, August 19, 2016

Weather Historian, Weather Underground

In my previous blog I discussed the various contenders for what might be the hottest reliably measured air temperatures on Earth. That blog focused on those that were most likely not reliable for various reasons. In this blog I will briefly list those that I believe to be the most reliably measured. This takes into account such factors as climatology (general and specific to the sites at time of observation), properly exposed instrumentation, and good correspondence with other temperature observations in the vicinity of the record-breaking site(s).

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Featured PWS Owner: Timothy R. Linde, Gardener

Kari Strenfel, August 11, 2016

Meteorologist, Weather Underground

Timothy R. Linde [Ashton, West Virginia]

Location, location, location. Not only is it a real estate agent’s mantra, but location can also be the determining factor in getting ...

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America's Hurricane Forecaster: National Hurricane Center Director, Dr. Rick Knabb

Dr. Marshall Shepherd, August 11, 2016

2013 President, American Meteorological Society
Director of Atmospheric Sciences, Univ. of Georgia

One of the cool things that we try to do for viewers of Weather Geeks is bring you access to some of the top weather-climate minds and influencers in the community. This week is no exception.

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Help us help Louisiana

Portlight, August 15, 2016

Disaster Relief Organization

Portlight is working quickly to assist those severely impacted by the historic deadly flooding in Louisiana.

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First Rain of the Season for Southern California

Zachary Labe, September 13, 2015

Northeast Weather Analyst

The remnants of Hurricane Linda will track toward southern California in addition to a deepening trough. This will allow for a moist, upslope flow to provide the first widespread rain of the fall season across the region.

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