Light Snow In Chicago first day of Spring

By: juslivn, 9:24 PM GMT on February 13, 2010

SATURDAY March 20: Back to the inside clean up and work this weekend until Winter releases its grip on the Midwest.

WEDNESDAY March 17:HI ALL, WILL BE BUSY WITH WORK AND SPRING CLEAN UP IN THE YARD FOR A FEW DAYS WHILE THE WEATHER PERMITS! I'll be popping in and out. Hope you have a fabulous Thurs. and Fri and weekend!

I'll post a new SPRING flower pic here when they open probably later today with all this sunshine. Bye for now!

Prom Plans have begun! Prom will be May 7, 2010, and this year is my last Prom as a Mom. (Joe and his girlfriend Samantha, 18 years old, will be the finale) Samm has shown me a few dresses for this year's selections. I'll try to get some pics.

I should re-phrase that...it is our wallet's last prom. Joe was preceeded by 4 x 2= 8 Proms. 20 Homecomings, 10 Turn-abouts, lol.
I don't become one of those moms who relives their prom or wedding...I coordinate only! I do not really even go with the girls to shop, they do this with their friends. But, they bring the dresses home and I oooh and ahh. My assistance is usually coordinating the hair, the nails, the dinner plans, the picture taking etc...I'm all about the shawl or cover up cause it is always cold!
And then we all take wonderful pictures of the day. Great traditions in McHenry and Woodstock, IL, and great memories.

At night, it's basically just worry and hope they all make it safe and sound. It is a tough night for parents.
So far, knock on wood...all have been successful. Post-prom is sort of scary, too. But...again so far, so good.

This article is about a wonderful program for prom dresses.

Prom made affordable



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New Pic of the puppy, Molly and Meatloaf. (Meatloaf's eyes look goofy in the flash)




Molly is an American Bulldog, 12 weeks old. This is my son and his girlfriend's dog. Molly will stay at Samantha's house, but Samm is here most of the time, so I'm sure I will see a lot of Molly.


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I was out at lunch and found the first flower in my yard and some bulbs coming up. The flower is a crocus, which I did not plant. They have come up in the grass there since we moved in. They are fine there and I don't want to move them.
The other bud is hard to tell from the photo that it is a grape hyacinth.
I don't know what the other ones coming up are quite yet. It has been a bit chilly, but the sun has been quite hot. Very pretty! I covered the bulbs back up with leaves.
Whoo hooo! It's really almost here! (Maybe)

A Nice Start to March in Chicago Area
Warming temperatures each day this week. No rain until Saturday. Works for me!

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