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Sweet Home Chicago

By: juslivn , 4:25 AM GMT on September 07, 2012


Hi. New Blog. It's late but I have a minute. Posted SOME of the pics in the photo section.

However!!! When people actually ask me about the trip, that is when the trip comes to light!!!

So let's start a conversation (in between storms, as it is, right now) Ask me where we went? What we saw.

I can't necessarily write a blog, but I can hold a dialog much better and post something funny, or add a photo of just something AMAZING about our trip! Ok....I'll start: How was the weather???

It was gorgeous. But then, it IS California! Look at the puffy clouds. It was pretty hot though!...


Please, in lieu of a dissertation, let's ramble on with the experience share! Loved it...as I'm certain so many lover's and friends have loved Cali before :)

As for current weather--yes I am tuned in...Hoooooommmmme :)

Link to Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service IL:

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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34. Ylee
10:07 PM GMT on September 14, 2012
Never forgetting 9/11 is important, as long as we are not blinded by the horribleness of it all, and dwell on that day exclusively.

As a counterpoint to your post#25, I give you this:

Freedom Tower, scheduled for completion next year.

Enjoy the coolth!
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33. juslivn
7:25 PM GMT on September 13, 2012
Well SD, that would be a good start to just get the pressure off oil. But, inevitably someone would find something else to oppress the masses about to keep their own pockets full :(

New blog soon (for the celebration of the cooler weather moving in with some good rain for the Mid-West)

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32. StormDrain
1:19 PM GMT on September 13, 2012
I hear there's an ugly Mitsubishi electric auto that gets 128 milespergallonequivalent.
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31. juslivn
5:03 AM GMT on September 13, 2012
To Tigerton, Wisconsin tonight: From the rest of the world, our heart breaks with you.

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30. juslivn
4:23 AM GMT on September 13, 2012
Once again, unfortunately, the day cannot pass without a tribute to fallen Americans and service people.

This time, it is an event which was even unfolding as we were giving tribute last night to 9/11 victims and their families...
How utterly sickening.

With the events of the last 24 hours: Like so many of us, I am reading many news accounts and watching as much as I can (including international sources) trying to find out what the facts are.

My head is screaming, We cannot be fooled AGAIN!
My heart is racing--I hope we do not rush into war, but take a step back and leave no stone unturned to find out who is calling the shots and who and what is behind the smoke and mirrors of these fanatical group(s) who are committing these crimes. And, it is happening so fast! Oh my God. Oh my God.
The crimes ARE still being staged and committed in Egypt and Libya by the same orchestrated criminal groups, even tonight.

They should pay! Our reaction.
We should be assured they WILL pay for the deaths of our Ambassador, and our people in that embassy. And for the attack on the Egyptian embassy, as well. And any other attacks which this spiral has created.

But let me STOP, even though this is all so new... please let me stop and realize my Prayers for Chris Stevens and his family. And prayers for the families of the other service men or women who were SO BRUTALLY killed. It is so hard to just grieve while all of this is going on...sorry...Because I'm outraged! It's still happening! I will certainly grieve, but it appears we need to be a tad pissed off right now ?

{I am going to use the word 'us' and 'we' here, but for sure I know it does not represent everyone's feelings so please grant me a little space or something}

I saw some photos today, which I certainly hope are NOT real.
If they are, I am afraid of how deeply angered we will be.
There is someone trying to incite us.
If they are, THIS IS how to incite us.
It is maddening. But, we too are a good people, a smart people.
We understand all too well when we are being manipulated. They try to use the internet, but the internet will be their demise.
The right folks taught us to think for ourselves. And the internet and social media freed us! The GAME has changed for the 'old regime', and they are scared.
WE are too smart now as a people. Lay down your guns, and stop oppression 'ole network' because the ENTIRE WORLD HAS CHANGED and you JUST DON'T GET IT ANY MORE!
We will find your deep pockets and lack of social conscience so fast with our social radar-- faster than you can count your blood money...well whatever. We are ON TO YOU! Not just me--THE ENTIRE WORLD!

We know this excuse of A STUPID MOVIE IS NOT THE TRUTH. (quote taken from the news headlines today) IT IS NOT the truth this movie caused the slayings of A UNITED STATES AMBASSADOR, and embassy service men and women.
We are NOT deceived by this ruse-- Nor are the millions of decent people of the world.

Who is bankrolling who here? Movie? Hmmmmm?
I say on this day today:
Leave no stone unturned following the money trail this time. This angering, cowardly act of desperation of those who know their power is coming to an end...don't fall for it.

Please I hope Chris Stevens and these people's deaths bring about a massive change for the good because I think the bad guys MADE A BIGGGG MISTAKE THIS TIME in the minds and hearts of regular good people around the world.

Ok rant off...(I posted some of this on FB. This song just came into my mind today---once again. At 49 years old, I know it all too well...
Head in hands--
Love up, justice will be done.
PAX out-

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29. juslivn
2:17 AM GMT on September 13, 2012
Hi Skye and NEw,
NEw, hope you have a very, very nice anniversary! Sounds like a double present to me--the wife and you get a new kitchen, AND you get to have dinners out for a few days. Good deal.

Skye, thanks so much on the photos. No, I could not stop enough along the side of the mountains to just look at those trees again and again from different perspectives. When the forest starts to change as you get higher, that anticipation builds and then you see your first Sequioia on the way in and 'WOW' just mouth dropping. Thanks again and stay well!

SD, didn't really respond direct to you last night, but you sort of know I was also posting to you...just a given. But thank you for this morning's music! Excellent shares.

In general, today was a really busy day. But, we did get out to play tennis before tomorrow's rainy cold
weather rolls in. It was pretty warm tonight, just like all summer long. We were hoping we would get some great fall weather to play outdoors. Trying to find a new indoor facility again this year.

Not sure if I'll be around much the rest of this week so have a good one and stay well all. I may post about the events of the last 24 hours. I am thinking about what I have written before I post it--maybe later.

As to the cold front, it IS bringing much needed rain! Whoo hoooo-- here's part of the Discussion:

"...pretty much the entire County Warning Area should see a
nice soaking rain with total rainfall amounts of 0.25 to 0.5
The precipitation should end from northwest from late Thursday
afternoon through Thursday night.

By Friday...strong high pressure will quickly build in behind the
front as a cool upper trough passes over the upper Midwest and Great
Lakes regions. Skies will quickly clear as the high pressure builds
in and setting up a very pleasant Friday...with temperatures only in
the lower 70s under sunny skies.
The pleasant weather will continue
through the weekend as high pressure continues to dominate the
area. With continued ample sunshine...temperatures will climb
slightly through the weekend...with highs on Saturday in the lower
to middle 70s and middle 70s on Sunday.
Overnight lows should be on
the chilly side as well as the airmass will dry out considerable and
the clear skies and light winds allow for significant radiational
cooling. Overnight lows through the weekend should be in the middle
to upper 40s...except in downtown Chicago and along the Lakefront
where temperatures will remain in the middle to upper 50s.

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28. NEwxguy
6:20 PM GMT on September 12, 2012
Horrible story out of Libya,really sad. Prayers go out to those killed and their families.I really don't like listening to the news anymore. So much hate in this country as well as around the globe.
In stark contrast to our day here in New England 75 degrees and no wind,and not a could in the sky. Anyway,back to my dismal day at work. Gotta get out to the store after work and get an anniversary gift.
Thats one gift a man better not forget.
Friday 27 years and we're celebrating with our kitchen torn apart,which is a good excuse to take my lady out to dinner on Friday night.
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27. Skyepony (Mod)
5:39 PM GMT on September 12, 2012
Nice to see you home. Great pics. How hard was it to leave those big trees?
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26. StormDrain
11:14 AM GMT on September 12, 2012

Good morning, jus.
Enjoyed the fields slide show. Thanks.

Ahhh, Bakersfield...

Against a backdrop of postwar prosperity, and after two decades of migration to California's fertile San Joaquin Valley by Dust Bowl refugees and job seekers from Oklahoma, Texas, and elsewhere, Bakersfield emerged in the 1950s as a hotbed of country music. The town's many honky-tonks and dance halls catered to Kern County's oilfield roughnecks, farm laborers, and blue-collar workers with money to spend. These people flocked to Bakersfield's nightspots to play pool, flirt, dance, drink, fight, and hear music that reflected their tough-minded, independent spirit.

Country Music Hall of Fame, architects and founders of the Bakersfield Sound.

Have a good one.
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25. juslivn
4:59 AM GMT on September 12, 2012


This day can not and will not go without a tribute to those of 9/11.
I will never forget. My New York/New Jersey family (and more) will never forget...LOVE up to the souls of those lost and the survivors.

Good night all. Prayers up.
(from last year)

a href="" target="_blank">Link

I will not forget.

<>a href="" target="_blank">Link

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24. juslivn
2:16 AM GMT on September 12, 2012
Awe...ylee sorry to disappoint! What happens in a 'Blue Moon' along the Kern River, stays by the Kern :)

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23. Ylee
2:06 AM GMT on September 12, 2012
Well, at least no one walked in on you while you were nekkid in a chair texting someone, lol! Kinda anticlimatic, really! :) I figured you were talking about someone outside running around the motel in some sort of altered state!

Sorry your work day sucked; puts your vacation in greater contrast to The Present Reality!

Hope tomorrow is better!
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22. juslivn
1:43 AM GMT on September 12, 2012
AAAAAACCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!! real estate hell. (Sorry, now I have that off my chest)

Ok, and now back to the weather. It was the Windy city. It's calmed down a bit now, but earlier it was quite breezy.
Mom flew out back to Florida today. (Yes, she flies back into hurricane season, and flies on 9/11)
Everything was fine, but it just makes me nervous, ya know? I can't help it.
But, she said her flight was very smooth. Apparently they had some storms in FL when she arrived at her place? I haven't looked to see how strong. I am so behind.

Ohhhh your little dove looks like a cousin to our mountain morning dove! Very pretty. Thank you for the comments about the tree photos. They were the favorite part of the trip.
Kind of an aside, but -- My friend at work returned from her vacation to see the wild mustangs off North Carolina (among other N.C thangs). Wow! We both saw two natural attractions which we had always, always wanted to see.
My brother and his wife went to Estes Park in CO. Seems the naturalist vacations are now 'in'. Well, ya know we used to go to Senior Froggies in Cacun back in the day...it's a switch! LOL

BC - Ha ha installments. Well, ok if it keeps you on your toes! Thank you, it's just working out that way. I don't have much more. Maybe one or two more slide shows. We'll see if I can even get to them. Maybe later.

Ylee: The service in California, everywhere, everywhere (except the naked guy incident) was really, really great. The restaurant was nothing really too fancy but, yes, they brought out blankets.

OK -- Naked guy incident! (it's really just a dumb) story, but you've waited soooo patiently. I suppose now's as good a time as any:

So we were done coming down, down the mountains, and down down the Pacific coast highway back to L.A. We were tired and our final destination was a hotel next to the airport and close to the rental car place. Our flight was in the morning the next day. I didn't want to risk driving far to get to the airport in L.A. (uhm...yeah. good move! Traffic is as crazy as the legends!!! And we drive the Dan Ryan in Chi town! The highways were just NUTS! They'll cut in, out, inbetween, faster than you can blink! Traffic goes from 75 to EEEREERRRT Stop! and then within like 30 seconds you're doing 75 again! See...we come to a dead halt in Chi town and sit there for 45 minutes inching our way into the city. None of that happened (at least on our trip) in L.A. traffic.
Oh wait, I digressed again
OKAY...so we were tired and got to the hotel finally. The gal was extremely slow at the counter and seemed like she couldn't find us in the system. Like 20 minutes tip tapped away at her little screen so long, I though she may just be playing on facebook or something, lol. So, we were getting a bit un-nerved. Finally she had made her choice! Like putting a dart into a dart board I think of the hundreds of rooms. Gave us a key and we lugged our schtuff up.
Well, 9th floor (ok in L.A. and there's been an Earthquake 'swarm' while we've been there--ha ha, no I was okay with it w/e)
So we get to the room and put the lil keyhicky thingy in and wallah!!! It's someone elses room and there's a naked man on the chair playing with
His cell Phone!!! Really! Swear to Gawd! He was Asian.
So he said Ayeeee or something in Asian and I said AAAACCCIIK and we like quickly closed the door and apologized through it!

But, then I was really mad. We had to shlep our bags again to the elevator, but ohhhh there's those phones there!!! So I quickly got on the line and told the front desk they may want to get a manager ready cause I'm coming down and the guy in room 9&* may be coming down right after us!!! Down, down we went and walking across the whole huge lobby with our bags. They were not ready and pretended they knew nothing. Lil FB clicky click clerk gal was ominously not present. They got an ear full.

It was also un nerving to think that they may give OUR key out in the middle of the night to someone in a dumb error.

So long story short, I got room service free breakfast for us both out of it (worth about $70.00) oh yeah! Poor Asian guy...we'll never quite know how he is doing, but we feel like...we know him.

Okay...end of story.
Ah you had to know this was comin -

a href="" target="_blank">Link

Here's 'The Fields' slideshow (makes no sense why I threw it in at this point in time, but anyhoooo...)
and tunes to go by with the show--it's not a long show


a href="" target="_blank">Link

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21. StormDrain
3:26 PM GMT on September 11, 2012
Hi jus,
You saw a lot of California in a few days!

Love all the photos, even the parched grass in the hills. (Will be green again in Spring, I'd guess.) The Seagull and sunset at Cambria, what a treat. Thank you for finding time to post these. Really enjoyed the views.
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20. Ylee
5:55 AM GMT on September 11, 2012
The resturant lent out blankies? How spoiled is that? Did you have a massage and a pedicure while you ate, too? :))

The naked guy couldn't have been there; he would've had a blankie!
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19. BriarCraft
9:29 PM GMT on September 10, 2012
Hey, Jus! You're putting together a real nice travel blog here. And since you're doing it on the installment plan, you keep me coming back for more, wondering what else you might post here. Great collection of photos and some good dialog to go with. Thanks for sharing! BBL
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18. sandiquiz
10:10 AM GMT on September 10, 2012
Love the photos of your trip, those trees are magnificent.

The last photo of the dove, you call "morning" dove.

We call it a "collared dove" ... and I have a pair in my garden.

Hope you have a wonderful week, safe from poor weather and mad house buyers!
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17. juslivn
4:49 AM GMT on September 10, 2012
May be one of my fav pics by the Kern River, California. A little fundera

I can hear the trains going to bed.
Someday, I'll go over and take pics of that train yard and the metra of Chicago all going to sleep in Fox Lake.

In the meantime, the morning dove from Cali will do...
Good morning all when you arise ;)


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16. juslivn
4:19 AM GMT on September 10, 2012
Thanks Wab, hope all is well by you. You had rain??? I think...And hopefully no really bad storms? Anyway, good to see you.
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15. whitewabit
3:56 AM GMT on September 10, 2012
welcome back .. Hope your vacation was relaxing..!!!
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14. juslivn
3:26 AM GMT on September 10, 2012
Hi Calpoppy! You know, for the amount of people, being only four hours out of L.A., heading up to those Sequoias was relatively isolated! Now, on the way along the Kern River and in the mountains, in the National Park (which is just huge) there were so many people camping, but it was Labor Day Weekend. So many people who just parked along side of the road.

I'm assuming they had site numbers for each place and a system of some sort and didn't just park along side any which way. There were some very nice areas to camp. A lot of 'food' tents up with many, many groups of people. They would park by the road and many of their sites were down by the river. I don't have any pics of these.

Thanks for the post. We went from sea level to 7,000 ft? all over a few days (three!) It was greeeaaat MON!

So, to finish what BC also asked, we went down the West side of the park to get back down to Bakersfield. From there (ohhhhh there is yet another segment of pics from 'The Fields!' I was soooooo taken away by the produce fields of California!!! Shocked, in awe...but we'll save that for another post kk? KK) Anyhooooo... Off to Cambria!!! Just toggled a bit North (not sure if that was the PC Hwy? w/e) but IT WAS SUCH A FIND!! In the slide show below, you can see the pics of our little lodge view of the ocean (corner view, lol) and it had a fireplace in the room, plus jetted tub! aHHHHHH. We walked to dinner only a few steps away down the walk.

Oh wait, I digress! Back up a bit.
I was shocked when I stepped out of the car and it was 60 degrees, with a stiff wind! We had arrived at the Pacific!
Earlier in the day, we left the Trees and about 102 degrees winding down and into the flat lands when we got out of the mountains. First stop was Fountain Springs! Dusty little stop on the hwy but they were soooo nice in there.



Ok...well it was HOT. And, then-- we arrived at Cambria, and the world was NEW!
How fun is California! So, we walked to dinner. They had a patio, and even with the chill, I wanted to be seated outside. We had a perfect table with a view of the ocean sunset!

They brought me a blanket once the sun began to set just below the horizon. A burgundy blanket. The service was just happy, and outstanding. We watched the sunset as if we had picked the time and place to be with precision. It just happened that way.

No, this is NOT where the naked guy in the hotel comes in, lol! You'll just have to wait...Cambria was an amazing town.

We hit many, many beaches as well, when we were done with hubby's convention stuff down by Anaheim, too. I have a slideshow! Oh, magine that! Here are the Beaches, and the Ocean Pacific from all the way down by Laguna Beach on up to Cambria and along the Pacific Coast Highway 1, and 101!!!

Enjoy! Oh and don't forget to play the theme music while the slides-slide by.... :)

<>a href="" target="_blank">Link


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13. calpoppy
5:13 PM GMT on September 09, 2012
looks like you had a great time in Cali!!! It is an amazing state. Where else can you ride motorcycles in the desert, then go snowboarding in the mountains and then end your day surfing, all in one day! They actually have a commercial with the same theme. Trouble is you are doing it with a few million people, LOL!

Did you feel like an ant looking up at the giant trees? I do, it puts me in my place, LOL!

Looking forward to more pics!
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12. juslivn
3:42 AM GMT on September 09, 2012
No, SD, I thought about it. But, was afraid of disturbing any critters habitat.

So...we were watching the Northwestern Game whoooo hooooo!

Ok and before we were watching that, we left Johnsburg Saufen und Spiel Festival. The band was very good! But, dang it, I saw the wx coming in and left in the nick of time. Maybe, we should have stayed and danced in the rain.

It wasn't a bad storm at all. Just NICE rain! And, back in the days of the Johnsburg farmers getting together for Saufen und Spiel, they probably would have danced in the rain after this summer.

We got lucky. Not so much for my relatives out East. They are picking up trees off their streets in VA, etc...sheesh.

Ok so I think I need to just post a beach picture. Did I mention Zuma beach? We saw Dolphins!!! Mesmerized! That, was a favorite, too!


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11. StormDrain
8:29 PM GMT on September 08, 2012
Wow. Thank you. Did you bring home some foot-long pine cones? Also, well, I won't ask if you guys were skinny dippin' at the Kern River. lol But I hope you were.

Fishing sounds fun. Have a great weekend.
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10. Ylee
7:49 PM GMT on September 08, 2012
Jus, Glad you're feeling better; I'm glad you didn't pick up a hantavirus like those poor people in Yosemite did!

Naked guy? Hope it wasn't at Disneyland! :)

Have fun on the boat!
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9. juslivn
7:32 PM GMT on September 08, 2012
Briarcraft - Helloooooo! Yes, a presence! Absolutely holy ground of some sort.



We went up from Anaheim on the 405 all the way to Bakersfield, then went over and up-- is it 10? I was simply in awe of the climb of the roads! We landed in Kernville. Awesome town! We stopped in for a brew and lunch with a view. Then we continued on up to our lodge along the Kern River. I cannot say how excited I was. We went swimming in the river right away. It was soooo damn cool! What a great place to land. We got soooo lucky.
BC, I will write more about heading down from here and the Sequoia National Monument park a bit later because hubby wants to get going...thanks sooo much for asking! (no this hotel was NOT where we encountered the naked guy incident LOL thank goodness!)

img src="">

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8. juslivn
7:13 PM GMT on September 08, 2012
Okay, he's making a fish taco...I have a moment.

Well SD, this WAS pretty impressive! LOL ROTF...Noooo just kidding!


I think it was impressive going up to the Sequoia National Monument and realizing that people had to get up those windy roads just to go see those trees (and make it alive) lol. But, I made hubby stop soooo many times to take photos of the views.

img src="">

MOST impressive has to be the trees. Not just the sequoias but ponderosa pines, as well. The texture the grain, the history! The survivalism fighting for sun and resources, and the feeling of live GREATNESS along side of those trees which had fallen dead to feed thousands of animals and organisms in that phenomenal ecosystem.





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7. juslivn
6:26 PM GMT on September 08, 2012
Hi, ok was showing houses after recovering from the 'attack' of thursday night and then working yesterday, and this morning. I promise you I will sit when I have time to laugh, post, and play. My wonderful hubby has mowed the lawn, done the dishes, cleaned the stove while I was working and me thinks he'd like to go to the boat. Sooooo...I shall return when I can!

Stay safe out East! and where ever the weather is awful today. (aaaaccckk, what is that white stuff on the severe map up in ND? and not liking that orange either)
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6. StormDrain
2:18 PM GMT on September 08, 2012
Good morning, jus.
Did you see the SPC used the "d" word in 8 am Day 1 outlook?

Please, in lieu of a dissertation, let's ramble on with the experience share! Loved it...as I'm certain so many lover's and friends have loved Cali before :)
Hard for me not to dissertate about California's wonderfulness. lol

Saw your lettuce photo and caption. Also other photos here at wu. My question is... What was your absolute favorite place/thing you saw and why?
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5. juslivn
5:36 PM GMT on September 07, 2012
Nasty storms in S. Central IL and by Indy headed into Ohio Overcast here and rain appears to be threatening. Nice if we can have the cold front without a bad storm. But, sorry for the people taking the hit today!

Hi you two, NEw and BC, I have a bad attack of my diverticulitis and just literally got out of bed after being up all night with a fever, etc...

Now it's off to work which is needed. But I will respond better later.

Thanks! This will be fun, especially the naked man story You won't believe that one! Be back later.

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4. NEwxguy
4:23 PM GMT on September 07, 2012
Ok,I wanted to hear all about the redwood trees,but naked guy in the hotel? Or is that just a tease and to keep us coming back?
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3. BriarCraft
6:12 AM GMT on September 07, 2012
Okay, so what route did you drive? Did you see Yosemite and Kings Canyon? You don't have to write a blog, but you gotta give us a starting point. Did you end up on Hwy 1 or 101?

Regardless of where you went, aren't those trees something special? Whenever I've touched an ancient sequoia or redwood, I've been awed by the indescribable feeling. Did you feel a Presence, something you can't really put a name to? To me, it was a feeling of something slow-ancient-immense-powerful-mystical.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
2. juslivn
4:52 AM GMT on September 07, 2012

So, anyway. You should ask me about the naked guy in the hotel..heee heeee! Night all ships! Be safe. Trains are going to bed.
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1. juslivn
4:33 AM GMT on September 07, 2012
One of the funniest things was when we got to the hotel in Cambria (what a beautiful town! Oh MY!).
It was a room with a pacific ocean --corner view. And, a fireplace. And, just over the fireplace, looking over the bed was a picture of our black lab, Meatloaf, staring at us! Well, it sure looked like him!

Ha ha...I thought it was just too funny!


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