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north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 10:35 AM GMT on July 31, 2012

06:20, 76F, overcast. ground wet, roof dripping. wolf light. roosters up. all quiet otherwise. fog.
10:00, hot and muggy in hog town. overcast. dr. app't. got seeds for the fall garden at lowes. carrots, turnips, brocoli, mixed salad, lavender, swiss chard, and spinach. no bok choy. rats.
not a lot of people in town. it's nice not to have to fight the traffic and the crowds in this off season.
15:20, 87F, overcast. rained in cowtown. took a detour to the feed store and got some sheep feed. damp at the farm. the mosquitos are back. grrr.. let pups out. home again home again..
19:30, 77F, overcast. some drizzling, some weak sun. got 3 eggs. 1 deer in cactus field. almost had a fight between dixie and newdog over dixie's grumpy, snappy treatment of the puppy. newdog stepped between them and showed her fangs. they backed off when I yelled at them. they all got time-out.
a large cloudbank to the east obscures the moon rise. 4 deer, a buck included, in with the cows in the pasture to the south - a neighbor ranch.
20:50, 77F, partly cloudy. waxing gibbous moon, almost full, climbs above the cloud bank. lovely.

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 11:06 AM GMT on July 30, 2012

06:30, 76F, mosquitos. ground fog. last night the house temp was 86F with the all ceiling fans running. roosters crowing. let young dogs out. yellow dogs under the house, barking. have been smelling a skunk lately. hoping it's not hanging around under the house, but could be a reason for all the barking lately.
07:00 rosy sunrise. young dogs out in the bushes. reddog barking, too.
10:40, drizzling and overcast when I left the farm. high tide at CK, raining. wind WSW, 5-10, but 10-20 knts. in front of rain storms. mid-70's to lower 80's depending on rain. worked on the big net and fixed the big hole, spread the bag out to dry. worked on the last trawl so everything would be in shipshape for the beginning of sampling on the 1st.
13:30, big rain event blew in from the NW. soaked the bag of the big net. wet me down when I was finishing the last trawl and I was under the overhang.
16:10, very high tide at #4 bridge and raining. drove home listening to vivaldi.
18:00, 74F, raining. went out to find the young dogs. brought them in under protest. the new sheep guardian likes the rain and the little pit bull rescue follows where ever she goes.
19:20, 77F, clearing but misty. 4 does, 2 bucks (a six point, and a 2 point with a missing antler) and the fawn, who seems to have finally learned to jump the fence, perusing the donkey woodlot. they ignored me and newdog who barked at the donkeys. 10 deer grazing out in the south cow field.
20:10, 78F. foggy. the rain brought the mosquitos out again. waxing gibbous moon in a mist over the sheep pasture.

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 11:06 AM GMT on July 29, 2012

06:50, 75F, clear and calm. roosters crowing. yellow dogs under house complaining. golden sunrise.
08:55, high tide at CK, mid-80's, WSW wind, 5-10 knts. herons in the spartina. light chop at the sandspit.
10:40, high tide at #4 bridge. woodstork heading inland. I'm heading to lunch on the suwannee river.
river still high and swift. fitfull breeze off the river. everything's lush, green.
a cowtown run after lunch. lots of cows, lots of peanut fields. they had rain. showers. red-tailed hawk flying over the road with a squirrel in its talons. visited hay guy and paid off my debt.
14:30, overcast at the farm. hot with mosquitos. everyone's taking a nap.
17:30,76F, overcast. looks like it could rain but probably not. going out to straighten out some dogs.
20:05, 83F, overcast. still light out so can't find the moon. no breeze. mosquitos. green pecans dropping from trees. finishing up early.

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 11:41 AM GMT on July 28, 2012

07:20, 74F, clear and sunny. roosters and crows carrying on. dogs out. yellow dogs silent under the house. pizza for breakfast.
13:20, 92F, sunny, cloudy, slight SW breeze, sometimes. fed chickens, got 4 eggs. young dogs digging a hole out by the sheep water. mowed the front yard. made serious inroads into the virginia creeper that keeps wanting to take over the shadey areas. good place for snakes to hide. trying to eliminate most of it but it's hard mowing. nap time. red-shouldered hawk by sheep barn.
20:50,82F, partly cloudy, intermitant SW breeze.
waxing gibbous moon in the SE sky. you can almost see the whole rabbit. 2 deer by the grape vines in the cactus field.

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 11:32 AM GMT on July 27, 2012

06:40, 75F, clear. roosters up. yellow dogs barking a frenzy under the house. snake? young dogs let out to pee.. raisin bran for breakfast.
10:50, high tide going out at CK, mid-80's, WSW wind, 5-10 knts. sunny. continued mending the 600 ft. seine. found the large hole I cable-tied together last week during sampling - a tricky mend.. almost to the bag. hot and humid. ospreys brought a big mullet back to their nest.
left truck at andy's for new front tires that I can't afford. got new windshield wipers, too. no more annie's cafe for me until oyster season...
17:15, low tide at #4 bridge. spoonbills and egrets all over, scattered throughout the back creeks. bringing a mushroom and black olive pizza back to the farm. marsh mallows in bloom.
19:20, mid 80's, hot, mosquitos. got 2 eggs. gopher tortoise out by the donkey water. removed a big cactus thorn from its leg.
20:55, 80F, hot, still. waxing gibbous moon high in the sky. ground mist.

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 12:26 PM GMT on July 26, 2012

07:20, 74F, partly cloudy. roosters up. yellow dogs barking under the house. young dogs wrestling down by the sheep barn. hmmm..
09:10, 80F, overcast. thunder rumblin from the west. brought young dogs in. hay to sheep and donkeys. drizzle led to rain. got 1 egg.
10:40, medium tide going out in CK. low 80's, WSW wind, 5-8 knts. light chop at sandspit. blue heron up to its tail feathers in the outgoing tide. must have looked at the tide charts.
600 ft. seine soaking wet from rain. picked through it and when I found something to repair, I spread it out to dry before I started a mend. gathered 5 gallons of seagrass from the net well of the boat to put in my compost pile.
16:05, low tide coming in at #4 bridge. roseate spoonbills and snowy egrets poking around the back waters. black vultures mobbing a road-kill hog.
16:40, 94F at back door. partly cloudy, sunny, no wind at all. let young dogs out to play. chili for supper.
19:30, 84F, clearing. mosquitos are bad again. I feel really sorry for the outside dogs. tried the flea stuff with mosquito repellant and it didn't work at all. a waste of $$.
21:00, 80F, partly cloudy. ground fog. waxing half moon over the house in the southern sky. frogs singing.

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 11:26 AM GMT on July 25, 2012

07:10, 74F, clear and sunny. muggy with mosquitos. let young dogs out. roosters up. yellow dogs sleeping under house.
10:00. medium tide at CK. mid-80's, SW wind, 5 knts. partly cloudy. flock of spoonbills flying over the marsh.
dropped truck off for oil change and tire problems. washed, dried, mended last bait seine and worked on trawls. tomorrow - the 600 ft. seine needs work. need to buy 2 new tires.
15:30, medium tide at #4 bridge. spoonbills and egrets working the shallows. cloudy on the mainland but not raining.
17:05, 83F, muggy with mosquitos. cloudy, slight breeze. got 2 eggs. 4 deer grazing in the south cow field. there's enough grass in the pasture so that I can cut down on the sheep's hay. not for the donkeys, though. they, mostly the jack, tore up their field so bad with holes and stallion piles that dog fennel and cactus has taken over. I need to sell him.
21:15, 81F, waxing almost half-moon veiled in clouds. air barely moving. frogs singing. pleasant walk with newdog.

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 11:44 AM GMT on July 24, 2012

06:30, 73F, overcast. roosters up. dreary out.
07:35, 74F, overcast and drizzling. radar shows some wet stuff coming in from the gulf. young dogs out playing in the wet grass. yellow dogs barking from under the house. crows. mosquitos.
did chores, hung out a wash, got 1 egg.
10:40, medium tide at CK with 20-25 knt. SW winds and a bodaceous rainstorm .. ospreys hunkered down in their nest in the big pine across from the lab. rain diminished before noon and wind died down to 8-10 knts, WSW. not strong enough to keep the mosquitos - the little ones that really sting - away while I was mending the bait seine. had to turn the big fan on and sit in front of it.
16:05, high tide at #4 bridge, overcast. hazy.
stopped and walked a mud turtle across 345. small puddles in the road, soaked vegetation, steamy pavement clued me in that the orange rain storm that I saw earlier on the radar did get close to the farm. close enough to drop 2" of rain. I missed that. the wash got a good rinse but was drip drying in the steamy air.
20:30, 78F, calm, partly cloudy. brought wash in and hung it around. mosquitos out in sheep pasture. waxing classic crescent moon hanging off in the SW. distant thunderheads to SW and north.

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 10:20 AM GMT on July 23, 2012

06:50, 74F, mostly cloudy. calm. roosters up. reddog barking. working on the nets this week.
08:15, weather report says rain in the p.m. from a tropical wave ~ needed fuel and feed so went to cowtown early rather then after work. coming out of winn dixie, it was raining. a set-back. packed groceries in the passenger side of pick-up. got gas. by then it cleared. got feed. headed back to the farm and didn't get rain - then ..
10:20, medium tide at CK. high 70's - low 80's. SE wind clocking to SW, 5-10 knts., a.m. 10-15 knts., p.m. sunny. hung up bait seine and washed it down. nice morning for drying a net. didn't see much damage to it but haven't looked closely at the bag yet. going out to seahorse to pull the 600' seine.
14:00, choppy. big black gnarly looking cloud bank to the SW.
heading to sea horse to pull some nets for a UF class and introduce them to various and sundry fish. wind switched to SW and picked up. gray clouds moved in. net pulling, fish i.d'ing done we head back. we didn't net much. mostly some silver-sides and some large pinfish.
16:15, coal black clouds from the NE to the SE on the horizon going over #4 bridge. high tide.
began to rain in sumner. by rosewood it was coming down good. had about 7 miles of a monsoon on 345. thinned at sweetwater bend. cows and horses grazing in the rain.
18:20, 83F, rain stopped. muggy. hot. mosquitos out. got 2 eggs. younger pups helped with chores.
newdog got put on a lead. she barked at the donkeys.
20:50, 76F, misty. nothing stirring. totally overcast. waxing crescent moon hidden by clouds. an interesting day.

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 12:12 PM GMT on July 22, 2012

06:20, 71F, clear skies. roosters up, yellow dogs under the house. oatmeal for breakfast.
08:45, medium tide going out at CK. flock of ibis heading for the marsh. low 80's, slight breeze.
10:50, low tide at #4 bridge. heading for fowler's bluff and lunch. wild turkey crosses the road. fire trucks from lower suwannee wildlife refuge parked along the road. perhaps they're doing another burn? a ranger with his foot propped on a heavy equiment trailer picking stuff off his pants' legs. ticks? sandspurs? glad I work on the water!
15:40, 97F at back door. clear. sunny. pups in wash tub. me reading the sunday paper.
just when I finished and was considering a nap, the hay guy called. he cut hay and got it baled today and had more bales than would fit in his barn. went and got 15 bales. I had to owe him. it was o.k. by him. he was just happy that he's getting that hay in. passed a truck with a big trailer coming in as I was leaving. summer on a farm is pure back-breaking, sweat soaked work. dusty, too.
since weather's been so flucky, went back and unloaded the hay right away. got 1 egg.
18:10, 93F, clouding up. brisk wind from the east.
a drizzle begins. thunder. hoping that all the hay is in the barn over at that hay field. there were 2 long rows of hay left to bale. 50-60 bales? with a crew consisting of extended family and neighbors, I'm thinking they just made it.
19:20, 84F, very overcast. 0.10" of rain.. no wind at all. a tree size branch from a huge laurel oak in the sheep pasture broke off the main trunk. must have been that east wind. it wasn't like that last night. let the dogs out and started the chores.
21:00, 79F, muggy with mosquitos. moon hidden by clouds. the lawn needs mowing again. will have to let the sheep in for an afternoon or two before the grass gets too tough ..

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 12:34 PM GMT on July 21, 2012

07:20, 73F, misty. roosters doing their thing. sun's up and bright. supposed to be really hot today so I better get crackin' before the heat hits.
ham and toast for breakfast.
11:10, 89F, clear and sunny. cleaned out the dog pen and big dog house. a dirty job. sprayed for fleas. reddog is on the chain by the little dog house until things dry. did a wash and hung it up. let young dogs roam through the yard. filled a wash tub for them to play in. newdog hopped right in. pup hovered around the edges until I threw her in. the yellow dogs weren't interested. mosquitos have quieted down some. actually only got a few bites when I was hanging out the clothes. if it wasn't so hot I'd burn some yard trash but break into a sweat just thinking of it..
20:10, 80F, partly cloudy with big storm clouds to northeast and to the south. got 2 eggs. waxing sliver of a moon to the west over the woods.very still out in the pasture at sunset. a mist.
21:30, lightning to the south and west and NE. no thunder. a few drops falling..

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 10:58 AM GMT on July 20, 2012

06:30, 74F, overcast. yellow dogs barking. let pup out to pee. she did and came right back to the door! anything to avoid those mosquitos. roosters up. doing a wash. out of milk. aggravating but not aggravating enough to get dairy goats again ...
10:05, medium tide coming in at CK. mid-80's, SW wind, 5 knts. partly cloudy, partly sunny. washed, dried, and repacked the trawls. hot out there! not much breeze at all.
16:30, high tide at #4 bridge. wood stork crossing 24. red-shouldered hawk on a fence post.
17:45, 85, hot with mosquitos. let dogs out. got 2 eggs. put dogs up. muggy. 6 deer in cow pasture to the south - 4 does, 1 buck, and a yearling. a walk at sunset with newdog was lovely. no breeze but also no mosquitos. partly cloudy. pale sunset.
19:10, 83F, no breeze, a few fireflies around.

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 12:08 PM GMT on July 19, 2012

07:05, 75F, overcast with mosquitos.. roosters up, yellow dogs under house. crab cake for breakfast!
15:10, 85F, overcast and sprinkling. thunder to the west. daughter and son-in-law have left for the west coast. too short a visit. all dogs napping.
17:00, 83F, only got a drizzle. damp and grim out. overcast. mosquitos. to go outside takes courage. got 2 eggs. young dogs now helping with the chores. sometimes the yellow dogs join in but generally they are stand-offish.. bruiser is more tolerant than dixie. and reddog has quit growling at the puppy.
20:40, 78F, overcast. mowed by the corncrib. hit some baling twine and stopped the mower. untangled it but mower refused to crank. drat. new moon, so no moon. ready to see the waxing crescent in the nighttime sky again!

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 12:26 PM GMT on July 18, 2012

07:00, 74F, foggy. condensation dripping off roof. roosters up. bruiser under pear tree. mosquitos so bad I cut short the dog walk and rushed back inside.. hoping this won't last all summer but it might.
09:10, 78F, mostly cloudy. no breeze at all. doing a wash.. we can only hope. sick old sheep in barn. just wore out from life.. she still goes out with the others but I have to keep an eye on her.
12:15,ran to hay guy for more hay. started sprinkling when I was heading back to the farm with my truck full of square bales. I floored it and got back to my barn and unloaded it all without too much of a soaking from the rain. hay guy's been having problems. he cut a 10 acre field several days ago and it's been soaked daily. he figures that field is a total loss unless he sprigs a new field with the cut hay. my wash got another rinse.
14:05, 87F, overcast. slight breeze from SW. mosquitos. pileated woodpecker in sheep woodlot. wash is slowly drying.
17:30, wash almost dry so brought it inside. 1 deer in donkey woodlot. fed herbivores early. got 4 eggs. going to CK for a seafood dinner with daughter, etc.
18:40, high tide at CK. mostly cloudy. nice breeze from the SW. had crabcakes and steamed clams at the pickled pelican. sat outside. roseate spoonbill, glowing in the sunset, flew across our view of atsena otie and wacassassa sound.
21:20, 75F, still, overcast. dogs were pissed that they had to wait for dinner but tucked right in when I brought it to them. dogs are much easier to please than a husband.. but they do have fleas.

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 1:05 PM GMT on July 17, 2012

07:40, 74F, clear, calm. mist on pasture. roosters been up for ages. reddog barking. fawn in sheep pasture. 2 deer in south field. yesterday's clothes got rinsed and hung out again.
15:30, felt like rain so took in clothes.
16:00, 90F, raining. thunder all around, grumbling in the distance. another large limb fell out of an oak tree behind the workshop. got 3 eggs.
20:40 76F, rain stopped. mostly cloudy. misty. 2 deer in cactus field.

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 1:02 PM GMT on July 16, 2012

07:50, 75F, foggy. roosters up. otherwise, pleasant and quiet on the farm. yellow dogs under the house.
14:00, lunch on the suwannee at fowler's bluff. high water on the river. upper 80's, not much breeze.
16:00, low tide at CK. oyster bars and mud banks exposed. egrets and spoonbills working them over.
21:00, 74F, big rain at choretime. 2 deer in cactus field, checking out the pups in the lane. got 1.1" and clothes on line totally soaked. sigh.

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 10:20 AM GMT on July 15, 2012

06:05, 73F, misty. waning crescent moon and venus lovely to the east over the workshop. dawn. roosters greeting it.
08:40, high tide at CK. roseate spoonbills standing on a slowly submerging oyster bar by #4 bridge. partly sunny, warm. higher tide leaving at 11:00 with no spoonbills in sight. turkey crossing 345, though. red-shouldered hawk carrying a rodent.
17:00, 79F, raining. radar shows a line of showers running north and south. dogs want to go out.
16:30, rain petered out - 1". do chores. mosquitos swarming. 1 deer in donkey woodlot.
21;05, 77F, fog forming. a dark night. mosquitos just won't leave you alone. glad I got the lawn mowed. helps some.

north florida - rocky hammock

By: marsHen, 11:35 AM GMT on July 14, 2012

04:10, waning crescent moon peering through trees over the workshop..
06:40, 75F, partly cloudy. sun's coming up.. roosters been up for ages. dogs barking. cardinal singing.
13:20, 89F, sunny, small breeze. clothes on the line, got 1 egg. cleaning house. daughter and son-in-law visitng for a few days tomorrow! they live in korea and I haven't seen them in 2 years.
14:45, 85F, a brief shower. snuck up on me. clothes still on the line.
18:20, 89F, sunny, muggy. got lawnmower going and mowed the front yard. pileated woodpeckers in the donkey woodlot. mosquitos still bad. all dogs settling in and beginning to get along with each other. newdog slowly getting used to sheep and donkeys. clothes still damp. brought them in and hung them inside. got another egg.
21:00, 79F, partly cloudy. storm clouds to the west but no thunder. no a.c. in my house but I do have 10 ft. high ceilings and ceiling fans! sweated through 4 shirts today. broke down and drank some gator-aid. dogs already asleep. good night.

north florida - wild florida - suwannee river

By: marsHen, 9:56 AM GMT on July 13, 2012

05:50, 75F, foggy/misty. overcast. no stars, no moon. roosters up. reddog barking. going trawling offshore.
08:00, 79F, misty. late start. one of the crew locked the keys in the truck.
09:30, high tide at suwannee. low 80's, SE wind 10-15 knts. in a.m. increasing to 15-20. 2-3 ft. seas. did 3 offshore trawls but spiraled the last one inshore due to rough conditions. catches low - anchovies and catfish and a few flatfish. also did 4 offshore sets with the bait seine, just off the beach of deer down to spanish bayonet. they were supposed to be on suwannee reef but it was over my head out there. got a lot of catfish! and anchovies and silversides. water temps were 31C offshore, and 32C inshore, salinity was high even though all the waters were the color of pepsi cola. heading back down the river to the ramp we passed a flock of white ibis feeding in the flooded swamp along the suwannee bank.
18:00, 85F at the farm. feeding sheep, etc. early since there's a storm grumbling to the west with an impressive display of cumulus build-up. got 1 egg. beat the donkeys to their feed buckets. a 4' diamond-back was gliding past. I ran to get my rifle, but on returning (no more than 3 min.,) the donkeys had appeared and the snake had disappeared. never did rain but now I know that snake's around.
19:40, 81F, mostly cloudy, muggy. tried to mow back yard but mower ran, then refused to start after I shut it off to get a drink. never finished the center, but the perimeter is mowed. finished chores early. pups all asleep. good idea.

north florida - rocky hammock

By: marsHen, 11:25 AM GMT on July 12, 2012

06:50, 73F, foggy. roosters crowing. yellow dogs under house. mosquitos still bad. fawn in sheep pasture.
morning off waiting for propane delivery.. yard work, house work. got 1 egg. trimmed mulberry back. upper 80's, partly-mostly cloudy. hot and humid. did a wash. it dried and got taken in before I left for CK.
14:00, low tide at CK. spoonbills out on the mud flats with egrets. partly cloudy. SW wind, 3-5 knts.
16:00, low tide coming in. spoonbills moved around. total black wall of storm clouds to the east with a frothy gray curtain of clouds preceding it. beautiful but menacing. CK got rain - drove home in the rain. farm got 0.8" from that system. it was impressive looking, coming in over wacassassa bay!
17:50, 80F and humid. mosquitos bad. going back out on the water tomorrow..

north florida - suwannee delta

By: marsHen, 8:44 AM GMT on July 11, 2012

04:30, 73F, overcast. waning crescent moon in the east. roosters asleep. whip-poor-will calling from cactus field.
08:00, big flock of turkeys, and 3 deer on the road to the river. high tide going out at suwannee. manatees in the canal by boat ramp. manatees were in and around the river today. low 80's, SW wind, less than 5 knts. partly to mostly cloudy. in the back creeks catches were interesting with the bait seine - got large-mouth bass and some juvenile gray snapper. the 600 ft. seine had low catches, bringing in a few reds and some sheepshead and mullet. the water temps were perfect. 30C. the sawgrass was sharp, and has already gone to seed. big thunderheads popping up to the west and to the NNE. spectacular above the marsh and the cypress heads. no gator sightings. saw turkeys again on the ride back.
18:40, 79F at the back door. rain earlier - 0.5". muggy and mosquitoey. sprayed big dog house in hopes of knocking down some of the biting critters that are plaguing old reddog. newdog out patrolling farm yard. got 1 egg. frogs croaking.
21:30, 77F, misty/foggy/humid. calm. mosquitos bad. overcast mostly. dreaming of a cold front with brisk NE winds ...

north florida - suwannee river

By: marsHen, 10:08 AM GMT on July 10, 2012

06:05, 75F, drizzling. hope the hay guy's not getting this drizzle. roosters strangely quiet.
going out trawling today. not sure if offshore, or in the river.. hope there's no mosquitos.
09:30, high tide at suwannee, going out. we only pulled one trawl, offshore. the rest of the sets were in the back creeks and coon island with the seines. wind from east, 5 knts. 80's. water temp at the river mouth, 28.4C, off shore and back creeks, 29-31.5C. caught reds, sheepsheads, and trout, plus stingrays, cat fish, mullet, and the usual baitfish, including a fair amount of scaled sardines (har. jaguana) in one pull. the river banks and the marshes are 100 different shades of green, while the river is the color of dark coffee from the tannin runoff out of the swamps. ospreys fishing off the navigational beacons.
14:40, 92, partly cloudy but clouding up fast at the farm. the hay guy got rained on. hoping he got the hay up before it started. passed by his place going home and it was a cloud-burst.
15:50, overcast and grumbling near-by. crows calling. dogs napping after walk. sounds good to me. got 2 eggs. mosquitos still bad.
20:15, 74F. breezy from SW. overcast. thunder from the SW. nice cool wind from that storm - kept the mosquitos down in the lane. fed every one, walked everyone and came in early. put the pup up. I'll be up early so I can just let her out. some kind of moon should be out by then.

north florida - rocky hammock

By: marsHen, 11:30 AM GMT on July 09, 2012

06:20, 73F, foggy/misty. golden sunrise coming up. roosters crowing. crows cawing. newdog was bad, didn't come when called, and ran off into the bushes with the pup. pup ended up in pen. new dog out by the sheep on the tether. mess with me, will they ...
14:30, 94F in cowtown.. feed run and got some hay on the way back. the hay guy cut a small field yesterday and is hoping for no rain until late tomorrow "when it'll all be stacked in the barn." there was a storm to the east but it went south.
18:10, 85F, mostly cloudy. a lot of crows around. got 3 eggs. took in wash. and on and on.. fawn in the pasture pacing the fence. mom must be late. the sheep are callin'. they want supper, too early.
22:00, 79F, partly cloudy. a mist. some stars showing. barred owl calling from NW woods. no breeze at all on the sunset walk through the sheep pasture. so far I can't tell that the days are getting shorter but the chickens can - they've slowed the egg production. and the ram is busy checking out the ewes and sneering at the little new ram who is too friendly. a friendly ram is dangerous. he's not afraid of you so will not hesitate to knock you down if you get in his way. sunday I had to knock him in the head with the bucket. he kept coming up on me. then newdog helped out with a few choice growls. good dog. I need her to watch my back as well as the sheep..

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 11:45 AM GMT on July 08, 2012

06:40, 73F, some fog. waning gibbous moon overhead. tangerine skies to the east. rooster's been up since 4:00. doe deer in cactus field. went into the ex-goat yard to get a drink from the trough. pup got all excited. I reined her in. we don't need a deer hound here.
08:40, medium tide at CK. 80's, occasional SW breeze. was actually early for church today. water at goose cove and the sand spit was flat. after all that rain last week, plants are shriveling. I tasted the water and it didn't taste salty, so I watered a friend's plants since some were wilting.
11:10, low tide at #4 bridge with half-doz. roseate spoonbills swishing the skinny water. a turkey flew right in front of the truck at sweetwater curve. I could see it was a gobbler. close call for my favorite bird. lucky I was only going 53..
13:25, 96F at the back door which I shut to keep the heat out. partly to mostly cloudy. no breeze. ran around in the mosquitos with the dogs - now they're taking naps. I have work to do.
20:20, 83F, muggy. grumbling to the east but no rain. hoping the hay guy didn't get any rain. he was talking about cutting a small field so he needs 3 dry days to cut, fluff, and bale. mosquitos are still horrible. cut dog walks short due to the plague. put pup in crate for afternoon nap instead of her pen. got 1 egg. another pleasant sunset walk with new dog out in the sheep field - a tiny breeze, and only a few mosquitos!
21:15, 79F, mosquitos trying to get in back door.

north florida - rocky hammock

By: marsHen, 10:50 AM GMT on July 07, 2012

05:55, 73F with mosquitos. waning gibbous moon above the sheep barn. rooster's been crowing since 5:20.. got 1 egg.
15:10, 86F, mostly cloudy, thunder in the distance with towering cumulus to the west and NW. was sunny earlier. dried a wash. house cleaning today. mosquitos awful outside even in the middle of the day. humid too. reminds me of the day I visited florida city and the mosquitos chased me inside at noon..
found a larger crate for the pup for the night. crows eating reddog's leftovers. yellow dogs under house sleeping. sheep out in the pasture. they didn't get hay this a.m. I got 2 more eggs.
21:35, 77F, mostly cloudy with hoards of mosquitos.
a repeat of sheep pasture walk with newdog at sunset. more subdued colors today. storm clouds to the SE and south. green and pink grapes are dropping. elderberries have flowers and fruit. figs are getting ripe but the squirrels know this too. pup in larger crate in mud porch. good night.

north florida - wild florida - the cedar keys

By: marsHen, 10:51 AM GMT on July 06, 2012

06:40, 73F, mosquitos.. roosters up. lil pup spent the night in a crate in the mudporch. the mosquitos attacked with vengence when we took our morning walk . waning gibbous moon hanging over the farm while we fought off mosquitos.. yellow dogs hiding out under the house.
08:00, medium tide going out at CK. 80's, SW wind, 5 knts. partly cloudy. water temp 30C, 86F. suwannee plume is running dark into the CK waters. offshore the water is clear and green. visibility is 2M+. inshore visibility is 0.5M. the water is the color of strong tea from the tannic acid flowing into the river from the floodplane and the swamps, due to the rain we got last week.
catches were low, mostly baitfish, a few flat fish, cat fish, pipefish, filefish, etc. one scallop. no rays! hot out there. glad for the bimini. laughing gulls going after the pinfish we threw back. didn't have a lot of sucess. a frigate bird hovered nearby.
14:10, high tide at #4 bridge. some fisherpersons out in several boats. 2 big white egrets in the spartina. a woodstork circling the curve.
16:00, 105F, at the back door in the sun.. 88F at the front door under a roof. sporatic, breezes from SW. partly cloudy, partly sunny. mosquitos still bad.. so I need to get the chores done early. but a nap sounds good.
21:00, 79F at back door. partly cloudy with hoards of mosquitos who are slowly finding their way into the house.. good walk with newdog in the sheep pasture at sundown. only a few mosquitos out there and a breeze from the SW. there is still some grass. fawn in the east section of the pasture. I think it spends part of the day in that oasis of palmettos which is shady and offers camoflage.
the waters and the skies were beautiful today.. many, many different shades of blue and brown and green. cumulus and cirrus clouds in the sky. the cirrus were blowing off from the north this morning. peach and pink sunset.

north florida - wild florida - steinhatchee

By: marsHen, 2:14 AM GMT on July 05, 2012

04:50, 73F, foggy. waning full moon over the palmettos west of the house. roosters quiet. pup in pen carrying on. barred owl hoo-ing out in the NW woods. packed lunch.
going to trawl the seagrass meadows up in steinhatchee. have to meet the crew at 07:00 in cowtown.
08:40 the suwannee looked pretty high when we crossed it in fannin'. 6 turkeys along side the road to jenna. high tide on the steinhatchee river. we lucked out and got to the ramp before all the scallopers and didn't have to wait.
apalachee bay: 80's, W wind 5 knts. in the a.m. with a light chop . gradually increasing to 10 knts. in the p.m. sunny. water temperature, 29.6C - 85F. got big catches - lots of seagrass dwellers and some YOY black sea bass, hogfish, and 2 YOY gags, which is what we are looking for for diet, life history, and habitat studies. got one huge flounder, par. albigutta, over 300 mm. it disappeared in a flash when I threw it back over.
mid-morning the river spewed boats into the estuary. racing out of the channel, recreational scalloping boats headed out in all directions in groups of 4-6 boats that were racing each other. between the tide and the boat wakes the water was choppy. when we were finishing up, everyone must have gotten their limit. all the boats went back into the river. there were races to the no-wake sign..
we did trawl up a fair amount of scallops that got measured and, sigh, returned to the water. some of our sites had a lot of scallops, others only had a few.
16:20, big rainstorm in live oak on our way back and another not so big one in cowtown. I got groceries and dog food since it had stopped raining.
17:00, just stopped raining at the farm. puddles on the road in but lane is dry. let newdog and the pup out to help me unload the truck. no help at all there..
19:15, 81F, partly cloudy, partly sunny. mosquitos are still plaguing the yard and the outside critters. my bug light has quit zapping. and don't tell me that they just zap moths because I've cleaned hundreds of mosquitos out of them. more mosquitos than moths, actually..
21:00, 78F, humid and mosquitoey. there might be a few stars out. foggy. field tomorrow. trawling off the cedar keys..

north florida - rocky hammock - happy b-day USA!!

By: marsHen, 11:39 AM GMT on July 04, 2012

06:50, 73F, foggy. mosquitoes are TERRIBLE! not that I'm surprised after all that rain.. roosters crowing. dogs hiding under the house. have to mow. that usually helps some.
upper 80's - lower 90's, partly cloudy. grass was dry enough to mow by noon. mowed all around the house. didn't seem to help. mosquitos ferocious. if you stand still for more than 2 seconds, they mob you. friends visited in the late afternoon to inspect the pup and have a cup of coffee. we fought the mosquitos on a brief walk around. got 3 eggs, one broken.
20:30, 80F. calm, overcast. mosquitos a torture.
got chores done before dark to avoid their peak time. crated lil pup in the mudporch which has screens.
no wonder most of the native americans in this area lived along the coast - got those sea breezes, probably built out on the water and their middens grew up around them.

north florida - wild florida - the cedar keys

By: marsHen, 2:27 AM GMT on July 03, 2012

04:50, 73F. full moon setting over the sheep barn. PI wants to be on the water by 07:30. I told him people in hell want ice water, too. but I still have to be at the lab at 07:00. dixie at back door. roosters quiet.
06:55, medium tide coming in. at CK. why am I the first one at the lab? and the PI was 15 minutes late!
temps, low 80's, wind, W 5-8 knts., water temp, 28.5C, 83F. a light chop. water felt great! oystercatchers, willets, gulls, brown pelicans, spoonbills on an oyster bar, cormorants. current was strong due to the full moon. moderate catches. mostly baitfish except for one pull with the 600 ft. seine when we netted some trout, sheepshead, one black drum, one snook with a damaged gill raker from a previous hooking and the usual stingrays and catfish. all identified, measured, and returned to the water. had 3 more pulls with the 600 in mud and current. hard work, and low catches back in the back creeks. there was one surprise - a YOY cobia - ~ 5" long. enough wind to keep the bugs off. mud past my knees. fell into a hole on the last pull and lingered there. the water was delicious.
14:00. super high tide at #4 bridge. frigate birds. brought home a fried shrimp dinner from annie's.
14:40, 74F and raining at the farm. lil pup making a racket to drown out the thunder. a lot of lightning and noise. all over by 15:20. got 0.5" of rain. took the dogs for a walk. got 1 egg.
20:10, 80F, mostly cloudy, calm. 2 deer in donkey woodlot. walked out into the pasture after feeding the sheep, with newdog. it was so humid fog was forming. my glasses fogged up.
21:10, 78F, fog. cloud bank to the east. no moon in sight. no fireworks in CK tomorrow except for individual family extravaganzas.. oh well.

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 11:00 AM GMT on July 02, 2012

06:00, 74F, foggy/hazy. roosters up. reddog barking. yellow dogs under grapefruit tree that got severely pruned by the freeze 2 winters ago. 1 buck and 2 does in the donkey woodlot..
10:20, high tide at CK, 1 frigate bird circling the bridge. mended nets, had to move some geckos, mediterranean, I think to another net box. updated the map of our universe. going out tomorrow.
16:00, still high tide. 3 spoonbills, 6 egrets standing on a dock, waiting for low tide. walked a female florida box turtle across the street near the sand spit.
17:15, 89F at the farm with a small SW breeze.
19:20, 87F, calm. dark clouds building up in the east. got 3 eggs. teaching the pup to do the bird chores with me. newdog out with sheep on her tether.
20:30, 84F, shifting breezes. lightning to the east clocking to the south. distant thunder - no lightning closer than 6 miles away.. clouds obsure the waxing full moon rising.
21:10, 78F, lightning moving away. good night, farm..

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 10:42 AM GMT on July 01, 2012

06:20, 70F, foggy out in pasture. roosters carrying on. yellow dogs under magnolia tree.. someone left a dead southern pocket gopher corpse under the clothes line.. live young rabbit in the lane.
09:00 high tide at CK. frigate birds circling #4 bridge. white ibis poking around in the church yard. there was a party after church for one of the members who will turn 89 on the 4th. good fudge brownies! light winds from the south.
11:00, upper 80's at the farm. light breeze from the south. locked up dogs, covered a few plants, and let the sheep in the yard. they want to stay in the front yard today for some reason. really would like them to mow in the back by the clothes line.. got 3 eggs.
18:00. it was not to be. the sheep were not interested in the back yard. they did leave the bananas alone this time. they went back into their barn on their own and nagged me for dinner.
20:50, 80F. partly cloudy. waxing orange gibbous moon above the sheep pasture. watering the olives. it was a long day, but it was shorter than yesterday.

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