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By: marsHen , 9:38 AM GMT on February 09, 2012

04:20, 50F, cloudy, waning full moon over palmettos in SW. dogs up and barking. oatmeal..
06:00, 53F, cloudy. left for st. pete to attend a fisheries meeting.
09:00, 60's in st. pete. chilly north wind. cloudy. attended a series of presentations on florida coastal fisheries. fell asleep during the tumors in the redfinned needlefish (str. notada) report.
just tired. most reports were interesting.
attended a fish i.d. workshop.. prefer field work over fish i.d. odors are fresher..
16:00, partially sunny, 60's, noticed sandhill cranes and wild turkeys in pastureland in sections of the veterns expressway. turkeys were large, esp. one big tom who was practically tripping over his beard.
17:30, 63F, overcast. glad to be back at the farm.
little rooster crowing. dogs glad to see me but barking at the lab vehicle. got 1 egg.
18:40, 59F, overcast with chilly breeze. built a fire in the fireplace. no moon tonight. a little reading by the fire in my favorite chair. cat is elsewhere.

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