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By: marsHen , 11:20 AM GMT on August 20, 2012

06:50, 74F, partly cloudy. roosters crowing. pups out. got a lot of rain yesterday - 2.5" at the rain gauge. crows carrying on.
10:30, low tide with spoonbills at CK. mid-80's, SW wind 5-10, clocking to the NW in the late afternoon and increasing 10-15 with gusts to 20. rain event came in at 15:00. worked on the big seine (600ft.). 3/4's done. then there's another one that needs some mending.
16:00, high tide at #4 bridge. very high, driven by the SW wind. raining. bodacious rain on 345. had wipers on high and slowed down to 40 mph. it was intense. let up by the farm to a drizzle.
16:30, 78F, puddles in the yard, drizzling. not much wind. let dogs out. got 4 eggs.
19:50, 74F, raining. had to do chores in the rain. dogs are all wet. my foul weather jacket leaks..

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