First winter in the snow capital of the US 2011-12

By: nishinigami, 4:35 PM GMT on October 19, 2012

Well, our first winter in the snow capital of the US was quite a ride. 438" of snow = roof and fence damage to our home, but boy was it beautiful. It is like living in a marshmallow world :)Our first snow 10/30/2011Thanksgiving300" of snowIn Jan- view from my roofThe 11 foot snow wall ,view from inside my house,as a result of "snowmageddon" Valdez, AKOur glass green house that sets on a small hill in our backyard. The snow was mostly gone by June with the exceptio...

Hurricane season 2010

By: nishinigami, 2:48 PM GMT on June 29, 2010

Hello Wunderground community :) *waves*This is my third, and hopefully final, hurricane season in SE Louisiana. I must say that I personally do not have a good feeling about this one. Maybe it has been all the hype about this season being "hyperactive", or maybe it is the oil spill not far from where I live. Either way. I am looking forward to this season being over already and transferring next year :) (though my husband wants to go to Guam :( *smacks head at...

About Me

By: nishinigami, 7:01 PM GMT on August 27, 2009

Hello everyone.A little about me.I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom of 2 sweet girls. My husband is in the Coast Guard, so we travel a lot. We are currently stationed in the snow capital of the US, Valdez, AK. We love the snow so far, but the dark is hard to get use to. Looking forward to the return of sunny days :)I am very grateful to and those that come here to share their knowledge. It helps this newbie understand a little of what is go...

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