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Codetalkers - A Memorial Day Tribute

By: palmettobug53, 2:00 AM GMT on May 29, 2006

Navajo Codetalkers on Saipan

While most people may be familiar with Nicholas Cage's movie, "Windtalkers", not everyone is aware of the fact that codetalkers were used in WWI. Several tribal languages were used at that time but mostly Choctaw.

The Army continued the program after WWI, and at the beginning of WWII, recruited codetalkers from a large number of Native American tribes. They ranged from the Navajo and Comanche to Kiowa and Cherokee.

Choctaw Codetalkers during WWI

The Marine Corps took over the program in 1942, and used members of the Dineh (Navajo), exclusively. Because of the use of codetalkers in WWI, Japan and Germany had sent people to study Native American cultures and languages after the war. It was felt that a code in Navajo, being a completely unwritten language, with intricacies in pronunciation, would be the least likely to be cracked by those nations.

Navajo codetalkers participated in every Marine assault in the Pacific, between 1942 and 1945. At Iwo Jima, six codetalkers sent over 800 messages in the first two days of the assault, with NO errors. Approximately 400 Navajo served as codetalkers during WWII. Thirteen were killed in action.

Navajo Codetalkers in the South Pacific

Their participation in WWII, Korea and Vietnam was kept confidential and top secret until the early '90's. On Sept. 17, 1992, the The Code Talkers Exhibit was dedicated at the Pentagon.

To read more about these men, here are just a few of the sites available on line:

Fact Sheet


Website dedicated to Harrison Lapahie

Congressional Record July 10, 2001

Congressional Medal Recipients Honoring the Navajo Codetalkers


Codetalker Dictionary

Website dedicated to Sam Holiday

I found the sites dedicated to Mr. Lapahie and Mr. Holiday especially interesting.

Additional information on Native Americans serving in the U.S. Military:

A Long Tradition of Participation

Medal of Honor Recipients

The American Indian in the Great War; Real and Imagined A Master's Thesis by Diane Camurat 1993

Choctaw Codetalkers of WWI

From the Wikipedia site, be sure to read the link to the article in Smithsonian Magazine.

Congressional Record June 18, 2002 Codetalkers Recognition Act, specifically mentioning Sioux, Comanche and Choctaw Codetalkers

"The Comanche Code Talkers of WWII" by William C. Meadows

Newspaper article/Press release for the above book? This lists 17 different tribes that codetalked in both WWI and WWII.

Forgotten Heroes

Native Americans in WWII

20th Century Warriors

"American Indians in WWI; At War and at Home" by Thomas A. Britten

Armed Forces Day

By: palmettobug53, 1:36 PM GMT on May 20, 2006

Today's the day to hug a soldier, Marine, sailor or airman! It's Armed Forces Day! Thank you all!

In an excerpt from the Presidential Proclamation of Feb. 27, 1950, Mr. Truman stated:

"Armed Forces Day, Saturday, May 20, 1950, marks the first combined demonstration by America's defense team of its progress, under the National Security Act, towards the goal of readiness for any eventuality. It is the first parade of preparedness by the unified forces of our land, sea, and air defense."

I'll add more links as I find them. If you know of a good link, please post it and I'll add it to the header!

Department of Defense-Armed Forces Day
Be sure to check out the "History" link listed on the side of this page!

Annie's Armed Forces Day Page

Wikipedia -Armed Forces Day

How To Celebrate Armed Forces Day

America Supports You

National Military Appreciation Month


US Army

US Navy

US Air Force

US Coast Guard

Oddball, Off the Wall, Offbeat Movies

By: palmettobug53, 2:16 AM GMT on May 17, 2006

Have you ever had trouble sleeping one night and found yourself up around 3 a.m., watching some weird movie on cable? I'm not necessarily talking about BAD movies... I've seen some strange movies that were really good. It's just that they maybe didn't have big name stars; it didn't come out at the right time or place for it's style or maybe the choice of subject matter was a bit odd.

These are the movies that you probably never saw at the cineplex. Non-mainstream type stuff. Indie movies, maybe. Art house films. What Siskel and Ebert used to call "a nice little movie". The kind of movies that always seem to show up at 3 a.m.

One of my favorite oddball movies is "The Gods Must Be Crazy". At first glance, it's a silly, adolescent, slapstick movie. The cinematography leaves a lot to be desired. But it just a stupid movie about a lovesick, accident prone biologist, idiotic revolutionaries and a Bushman taking a Coke bottle to the edge of the world to throw it away and save his people? Or is is a commentary on our so-called civilization? Who are the civilized people? The white man and the westernized Africans or is it Xixo and the members of his tribe?

What are your favorite offbeat movies? What is it about them that intrigues you?

I Remember Mama..... A Tribute to Mothers

By: palmettobug53, 2:09 AM GMT on May 13, 2006

A single white rose, in honor of my mother, for this Mother's Day.

It's been almost 25 years since my mother passed. On the morning after her 31st wedding anniversary. Six days after my birthday. I've missed her every single day since then, and will miss her ever single day until I cross the River Jordan to see her again.

She wasn't a raving beauty. About 5'2"; what was called "pleasingly plump"; freckled; with very thin, fine ash blond hair. She was still wearing those "Farside" pointy glasses, and I had been nagging at her to get new frames. A very comfortable woman to be around.

She loved animals. Over the years we had cats, dogs, parakeets, tropical fish, turtles. I had a squirrel and a blue jay. For a number of years, in the spring, we had a small aquarium in the kitchen with toad eggs,. We'd watch the tadpoles hatch, sprout legs and morph into toads. There'd come one day, when she would say "Get them out of here!", because they were hopping free and getting squashed on the kitchen floor. She enjoyed watching the little male anoles doing their courtship ritual. She drew the line at snakes.

She had a really oddball sense of humor. (Could that be where my brother and I picked it up from? ...nah)One afternoon, the three of us were sitting on the couch, watching TV. A Rolaids commercial came on. "How do you spell relief?", intoned the narrator. And without a pause, and completely deadpan, Mom says, "F..A..R..T". My brother and I about died! "Mo-om!"

I found out after she died, that when she and my dad got married, she knew absolutely nothing about cooking. Dad had to teach her. I was totally shocked, as she was a good cook. At least I thought so. There's some dishes that I fix now, that were considered her specialties. Like her brown rice, her pork chop bake and her American version of Bubble and Squeak.

She went to the doctor in September, for a stomach ache that just wouldn't ease off. By November, she was extremely jaundiced. The doctors argued back and forth about the possibility of hepatitis (though the tests were negative) and the risks of surgery. In January, they finally did exploratory surgery, only to find advanced pancreatic cancer. She was told she had about 6 months and was sent home. She had a stroke the weekend of my wedding, and was admitted to the hospital. She really went downhill from there, finally lapsing into a coma. And then..... she was gone.

Make every day, "Mother's Day" and cherish the woman that raised you. Give her plenty of ((((HUGS))))) You never know how long you will have her.

Share with us some great memories of what your mother was/is like. Give us a funny story. Tell us about her special talents. Is she well known for doing something or making something? Is there a particular story the family always tells about her?

Childhood Obesity/Health, School Lunches and the Parent's Influence on Diet.....

By: palmettobug53, 2:38 AM GMT on May 09, 2006

I love watching cooking shows and one of my favorites is Jamie Oliver and his shows "Naked Chef" and "Oliver's Twist". I had finished my supper tonight and was channel surfing, when I landed on TLC, The Learning Channel. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but Jamie Oliver in "Jamie's School Lunch Project."

I was riveted!

I was horrified!

I was nauseous!

My mind boggled!

I don't even have children and I was totally speechless at what I was seeing.

Are things really as bad as what I saw tonight?

The show was filmed in England but the problem is not limited to there. It's here in the U.S., as well. I see things in the newspaper and on TV all the time about how school lunches are geared for convenience and budget, not nutrition. About how they don't want to get rid of the vending machines selling soda and junk food because the schools get money from the soda and junk food companies for allowing them to put the vending machines in the schools.

Obesity is becoming our number one health problem in the Western world, and I know that a lot of it is not the school's fault. It starts at home. But at the schools should at least be able to provide nutritious lunches and healthy choices.

One problem Jamie ran into was the fact that high schoolers were already so set in their eating habits that they refused to eat the healthier foods he prepared in the cafeteria. He realized you have to catch them when they're young.

Most of the elementary school children wanted to eat nothing but chips (our French fries), candy, processed food, junk food, convenience foods. They could not even identify half the vegetables Jamie showed them nor had they even eaten some of the ones they could identify....

Their favorite was something called a Turkey Twizzler. It looked like an Arby's Curly fry but it was some processed part turkey and part who knows what. It looked gross.

Another major stumbling block Jamie ran into was budget or funding. They're allowed only so much per child per meal. And it was a ridiculously low amount. You'd think that the school districts and even the government itself would insist on a reasonable amount of money to feed their students.

I'm not bashing the English school system here. I'm just relating what I watched tonight. It got me to thinking. There has to be a way to feed schoolchildren nutritiously and at a reasonable price per child, whether it's in England or here in the States. AND get them to eat it! There has to be a way to include and educate the parents, as well, so that they can provide more nutritious meals at home. Otherwise, today's children are doomed to a shortened life span, filled with preventable health problems.

Anyhoo, Jamie is on a crusade after filming his "School Project" two years ago. Kudos to him!

Jamie's School Dinners


Do your local schools make an effort to provide healthy food? Or do they rely on what's fast and cheap? How does your local school rate? Are there ongoing debates in your locality about what foods/drinks are being provided?

And if you haven't donated yet, get your lazy self over to Karen's Page and just do it!

Karen's Page

One more link for Jamie:

You might be a redneck if.........

By: palmettobug53, 12:58 AM GMT on May 02, 2006

REDNECK BBQ GRILL (courtesy of BangorWalker - Thankee, Kind Sir!)

Yep, rednecks.....ya gotta love 'em! Thanks to Jeff Foxworthy, rednecks, and their ways, were brought to national attention. In some circles, it's a matter of pride to be considered a redneck. The road to redneck acceptance was paved by the Carter White House. (Or I guess you could say graded, as a lot of rednecks do like to live down a dirt road. You can always tell when company's coming!) President Carter had Willie Nelson, NASCAR drivers and BBQ soirees on the White House lawn. And don't forget brother Billy!

There's quite a few ongoing debates about what constitutes a redneck, and the differences between rednecks, hillbillies, hicks, crackers, white trash, po' white trash and trailer trash. Depending on the context in a conversation, the terms can be considered a matter of pride or of insult.

Here's what Wikipedia has to say:


White Trash



Trailer Trash

Now, I'm not trying to start a war here. I just want us to have some fun, and for those of us that wear the name proudly, to poke some fun at ourselves and have a good time!
Just keep it clean. There is some raunchy stuff out there, and this is a family blog. I will delete anything that oversteps the bounds!

So here we go!

Attributed to Jeff Foxworthy, but who knows where they really came from?

You might be a redneck if...
1. More than one living relative is named after a southern civil war general.
2. You've ever used lard in bed.
3. You think that potted meat on a saltine is an hors d'ouerve.
4. There is a stuffed possum anywhere in your house.
5. Fewer than half of your cars run.
6. You honestly think that women are turned on by animal noises and seductive tongue gestures.
7. You stand under the mistletoe at Christmas and wait for Granny and cousin Sue Ellen to walk by.
8. Your mother has been involved in a fistfight at a high school sport event.
9. The best way to keep things cold is to leave 'em in the shade.
10. The neighbors started a petition over your Christmas lights.
11. Your brother-in-law is your uncle.
12. You have refused to watch the Academy Awards since "Smokey and the Bandit" was snubbed for best picture.
13. Your only condiment on the dining room table is the economy size bottle of ketchup.
14. The rear tires on your car are at least twice as wide as the front ones.
15. You consider "Outdoor Life" deep reading.
16. You prominently display a gift you bought at Graceland.
17. You use the term "over yonder" more than once a month.
18. Your mother keeps a spit cup on the ironing board.
19. The most commonly heard phrase at your family reunion is "What the hell are you looking at, Bonehead?".
20. You think that Campho-Phenique is a miracle drug.




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