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More Snow

By: plapman, 2:16 PM GMT on October 31, 2006

The snowfall warning continues with another 10 cm predicted in the areas affected by the snow streamers from Lake Manitoba. Wind northwest 30 km/h gusting to 50 km/h causing drifting. The high today is expected to be -3 with an overnight low minus 6.
We've had approximately 10 cm of snow since yesterday. The roads and highways are treacheous being snowpacked and icy.
The high yesterday was -0.3 and an overnight low of -6. It was -5 with a windchill factor of -11 on the walk to work.
It looks like this snow may be here till April as the long range forecast shows few +0 days.
The granddaughter enjoyed her first evening at work doing a full 8 hour shift instead of the 4 she expected. She was tired and her feet hurt. I hope she sees the light soon and returns to her education.

Another heavy snow warning

By: plapman, 2:14 PM GMT on October 30, 2006

The forecast for today includes a heavy snow warning with 10cm today and another 5 tonight forecast. A high zero and an overnight low of -8. Winds from the NW 20 to 30 km/h. It looks like we're in for a white halloween.
Yesterdays high was .3 and an overnight low of -2.5.
It just started to snow as I was walking to work, the the temp wasn't bad as the winds are light with a wind chill of -7.
The granddaughter has decided education isn't for her. She has found work as a waitress. Hopefully she'll see the light soon and get back in school. She'll be 18 in a month and a 1/2.


By: plapman, 3:37 PM GMT on October 29, 2006

The high today is 3 with an overnight low of -3. Cloudy with flurries.
Its snowing as I do this. We had flurries overnight. The ground and roads have a thin white cover. I guess it will melt this afternoon.
The granddaughter went to a concert in Winnipeg last night. She got home about 12:30. She seems to have enjoyed herself.
Jess had a friend over for a sleepover on the conditions she tidied her room. The floor is visible now.

Oct 27 2006

By: plapman, 12:58 PM GMT on October 27, 2006

The high for today is 8 with an overnight low of -2 expected. Cloudy but clearing in the pm. The winds from the NW at 30. Not as nice as yesterdaybut still a good forecast.
Yesterdays high was 13.4 with an overnight low of 1.5.

Another good day

By: plapman, 1:06 PM GMT on October 26, 2006

The forecasted high today is 11 with an overnight low of 3. Clear with light westerly winds.
Yesterdays high was 8.6 and an overnight low of 2.7.
The municipal elections are complete with a new mayor in place with some new councilors to compliment the reelected incumbents.
There was a large drug bust on 2 of the local reserves. Large quantities of ammunition, guns, cash, stolen property and approx $5000 in drugs were siezed. It's good to see the RCMP get thier man.

Warmer than normal

By: plapman, 1:10 PM GMT on October 25, 2006

It looks like a good day on the horizon. The high is forecast to be 10, sunny with light sw winds. Tonight its supposed to cloud over with a low of -6.
Yesterday the high was 8.5 with the sun shining and a 7:00 am temp of -4.1.
I attended the monthly Citizens on Patrol meeting last night. The was a very poor turnout. It may be that we held the meeting a week early to get extra patrols out on Halloween.
Today the municipal elections are held. We have a full slate of candidates with 23 hopefulls trying for 6 council seats and the mayors chair. With that many hopefuls the vote will be split.

Promised Sunshine

By: plapman, 1:17 PM GMT on October 24, 2006

The forecast for today is a high 0f 6 with an overnight low of -6. It's cloudy now with light winds but clearing is expected for the afternoon.
Yesterdays high was 3.9 with an overnight low of -1.8.
Quiet night last night with the wife home. Granddaughter showed up around 12:30 and woke the house when Buck announced her presence near the house. Good dog.

Cloudy and more flurries

By: plapman, 1:44 PM GMT on October 23, 2006

The high for today is forecast to be 2 with and overnight low of -2. Mostly cloudy with a chance of flurries. The streamers are still coming of Lake Manitoba bring flurries. They snow on the ground melts during the day but one day it will start to accumulate.
The high yesterday was 1.6 with and overnight low of -2. It sounds very similiar to the forecast today.
I met the daughter while out getting nibblies for the wife last night. Her and the kids were on the way back from a weekend with Nancy's sister. The grandson said they should bring some of my homemade beer next time they go.

A cool cloudy day

By: plapman, 2:43 PM GMT on October 22, 2006

The forecast for today is a high of 2 and and overnight low of -1. Cloudy with flurries.
The high yesterday was 3.4 and a low of -4.9. There was a bit of snow overnight leaving the roads white.


By: plapman, 3:35 PM GMT on October 21, 2006

The high is forecast to be 2 with an overnight low of -3. The winds are NW at 20 with a chance of flurries overnight.
Yesterday the high was 5.3 with an overnight low of -6.3.
Buck got to chase a rabbit last night on our stroll. The dog was gone for 5 minutes before he came back panting. He never has cuaght one of those bunnies but he sure gives it a try.

A skiff of snow

By: plapman, 1:04 PM GMT on October 20, 2006

The high today expected to be 3 with an overnight low of -3. Flurries throughout the forecast period with the big lake effect continueing.
There was a skiff of snow on the ground this morning. The roads are wet and still melting the snow but the grass is barely showing through.
The daughter was busted playing on government property last night.Her and some other kids were playing near an abandoned barn and could have gotten hurt. She came home in tears and really scared. That's a good sign.

Cool Morning

By: plapman, 1:11 PM GMT on October 19, 2006

The high for today is 4 with and overnight low of -4. Its supposed to cloud over in the afternoon.
The government prepared a nice meal last night. Roast beef, stuffed potatoes and veggies. My cell phone betrayed me as I'm getting my 35 year plaque. The Minister of Water Stewardship is on my left, the deputy minister on my right with the director of the branch praising my longevity when my cell phone rings. 2 rings and it quits. It turned out to be the granddaughter wanting a ride home from Oakville. I should have shut it off as the wife requested.

Oct 18 2006

By: plapman, 1:15 PM GMT on October 18, 2006

The forecast for today is cloudy with clearing late this afternoon. Wind northwest 20 km/h becoming light this morning. High plus 3 and an overnight low of -6.
Yesterday the high was 2.6 with and overnight low of -.6.
What a nasty evening walking Buck last night. Winds 35 km/h gusting to 50 km/h. Drizzle, sleet and snow flurries to top it off. It didn't seen to bother the dog though, he was chasing cars, BAD DOG, and grabbing mouthfulls of wet grass for a drink.
I'm attending a supper and presentation tonight for employees with 35 years of service. Thier 3 years late but I heard once they have the 25 and 35 year employees supper on election years only.

Cool and Windy

By: plapman, 1:25 PM GMT on October 17, 2006

Looks like we're in for more snow. All the white stuff from last weeks has gone. The high for today is 2 with and overnight low of -3. Showers turning to flurries later in the day.
The daughter has found a place closer to the kids school. I guess she'll be there till her new honw is built. It sure was quiet in the house last night.
Buck, the dog, was pretty upset at losing his place in the master bedroom. It's back to the basement couch for him now that it is free.

Showers maybe

By: plapman, 1:18 PM GMT on October 16, 2006

The high for today is 7 and an overnight low of 5. Cloudy with a 40% chance of rain.
The day started off on thr wrong foot today. I broke a bowl while preparing my breakfast. Poured my coffee to find I had forgotten to put coffee in the machine last night. All I had was hot water. I hope it improves

Nice Day in store

By: plapman, 4:40 PM GMT on October 15, 2006

It looks like a beutiful autumn day. High forecast to be 11 wihan overnight low of 5. Clouding over this evening
I guess were off to Winnipeg this evening. The granddaughter is coming home from a weekend in Calgary/Edmonton with her father.


By: plapman, 1:30 PM GMT on October 13, 2006

High for today is 3 with a low of -3 overnight. Clearing and windy NW 40 gusting to 70 km/h.
Last night a high wind warning was issued. Overnight the winds were from the NW @ 59 gusting to 90km/h. Most of the snow has melted with just the odd patch lingering.
The news says the east overpass may open to light traffic next week. The big rigs will still be travelling down the main street.

A Nasty day on the prairies

By: plapman, 1:09 PM GMT on October 12, 2006

The winter storm watch continues. Snow changing to rain late this morning. Local snowfall expected another 5 cm. Wind northwest 30 km/h gusting to 50. High plus 2. Tonight is not much better.
Rain ending early this evening then changing to snow overnight. Wind northwest 40 km/h gusting to 60. Temperature steady near plus 3.
It sounds like Portage is going to be bearing the brunt of the Trans-Canada highway for a while. News is that the overpass that was closed last Friday is going to have to be rebuilt. Major structural damage must be evident. The overpass is east of town and crosses the CNR mainline.

First Snow

By: plapman, 1:08 PM GMT on October 11, 2006

More snow forecast for today with the winter storm watch continueing. High for today is 0 with and overnight low of -3. Another 10 cm snow could accumulate by morning with winds 20 to 30 km/h.
We have about 4 cm of snow on the ground and 5 mm of ice on the roads. No drifting as the snow was wet when it fell and has crusted over. The ice makes driving treacherous.
The long range forecast calls for a warmer spell. Hopefully all the snow will melt.

Winter is coming

By: plapman, 1:23 PM GMT on October 10, 2006

The high for today is 6 with an overnight low of -2. Rain in PM turning to snow overnight. A winter storm watch is in effect with up to 10 cm of snow predicted with winds gusting to 40 km/h.
The Lake Manitoba 20 km north of us is the snow producer. Every year moisture is picked up off the lake and turns to snow to be dropped south of the lake.
The daughter returned from her weekend away about 9:30. Everyone was tired and the kids were in bed and asleep by 10.

A cool day

By: plapman, 1:42 PM GMT on October 08, 2006

A high is forecast of 5 and and overnight low of 0. Couldy with sunny periods and 40% chance of showers. Windy with 40 kph gusting to 60.
Yesterday was a nice day. high 17 with showers. People were out walking last evening enjoying the warm night.
We had a good family get together yesterday. It was Nancy's sisters 50th. We rented a small hall and had pot luck. There sure was a lot of food.
Nancy's brother is off to Halifax today for a get ogether with his wifes family. It's been 27 years since she's been back.
Traffic is really heavy through town the last couple of days. The reason being an overpass on the bypass of the Trans-Canada was closed on Friday with all traffic being
diverted through town. It appears workers noticed movement of the road surface and engineers closed the overpass. No word yet as to how long it will be closed but if there's structural damage it will be awhile.

OCT 6, 2006

By: plapman, 1:27 PM GMT on October 06, 2006

High today 20 with an overnight low of 11. Cloudy periods with winds sw at 20.
It looks like another beautiful prairie day. I hope the weekend follows suit. Saturday we're off to Sanford for a family Thanksgiving at the wife's sisters. The daughter is planning a trip to the Turtle Mountains to spend Thanksgiving with friends. The family always went there before the son in laws death . She felt she should continue the tradition.

Nice day forecast

By: plapman, 1:02 PM GMT on October 05, 2006

Loks like another nice day. High 18 and overnight low of 10, Clear and winds southerly at 10.
Quiet night at home, duaghter did some visiting on the way home with the kids. She missed a super meal, roast of bison, spuds, baby carrots and gravy.

Frost Last Night

By: plapman, 1:14 PM GMT on October 04, 2006

We got the first frost of the season last night. Car windows had to be scraped.
The forecast for today is better. A high of 16 and an overnight low of 8. Clear today while clouding over tonight.
Wife was back at work last night after her 2 days of rest plus an extra on Saturday. She was cold when she came in at 2:30 am.

Oct 3 2006

By: plapman, 1:04 PM GMT on October 03, 2006

Its a fair morning with a high of 14 forecast. The overnight low is expected to be 0. If it gets that cool it will be the first frost of the season.
The fellow who was hit by the train was on a bicycle. He's in critical condition with a severed foot. The was another pedestrian train incident Sunday. It seems another fellow walked into the side of a moving train. An eye witness, who stopped for the train, said the fellow was tinkering with a coke can and walked right passed him into the side of the train!
There are few train accidents here even with both mainlines passing and crossing here. It is strange to have 2 in one day.

Another fine Day

By: plapman, 1:37 PM GMT on October 02, 2006

It looks like another fine day on the prairies. High forecast to be 19 with and overnight low of 6. Its clear now but supposedly cloudy over this afternoon.
A really great day yesterday with a high of 26. Me and Buck made 5 1/5 miles. He was tired after that hike. I finally wore him down a bit.
Looks like there was a train - pedestrian accident last night. The injured person has been transferred to Winnipeg.
The local elections are heating up with a list of 19 candidates for the 6 positions on council and 3 for the mayor's chair.

Summer has returned ;)

By: plapman, 1:47 PM GMT on October 01, 2006

It is going to be a great autumn day. Forecast high 25 and an overnight low of 8. Winds SW @ 20 and clear.
A church had a benefit supper for the daughter yesterday. They had a good turnout and a collection after the supper. Great meal by the church ladies, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, perogies, and pumpkin pies as well as lemon.
The daughter took the kids to the homesite. They planted bulbs for flowers next spring on the grave and had a visit with the family duck and visited nieghbors. All came back tired and went to bed early.

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