Storm Spirits from Hurricane Earl to a Seasonal Front over the Alps of Texas

By: rebelcry , 11:22 AM GMT on August 31, 2010

My photo of an early spring storm over the Paisano Mountains in West Texas revealed a stern face blushed by dust and dusk.
And this recent photo of Hurricane Earl by Hector777 shows an eerily likeness, though this spirit, while no less grim, is more pale.

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The Band of the Earl Hurricane arriving at Guayama (Hector777)
The Band of the Earl Hurricane arriving at Guayama
Alps of Texas Apparition (rebelcry)
A thoughtful but stern apparition glares upon the rugged Paisano Mountains west of Alpine, Texas. The Twin Sisters (6,109 & 6127 ft) and Ranger Peak (6,249 ft) dominate the Alpine Valley below. In turn they are dwarfed by the giant anamoly. On one hand the ghostly appearence is a natural wonder of a dry season's powdered mountain and desert sediment caught in the storm. At the rear of the storm the high pressure down draft and the dust, thick with moisture glows against an apocalyptic sunset. On the other hand the enchanted expression through dust and cloud is surely super natural. A Paisano Pass mystery!
Alps of Texas Apparition

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