By: sadielady, 7:48 AM GMT on May 09, 2012

OAR - The Olympic Atlantic Row200 days ago, when I wrote the last blog entry about Roz Savage as she arrived in Mauritius after rowing her third ocean, the Indian Ocean, I thought that was that - she said she had retired from ocean rowing! "You recall that last October I retired from ocean rowing? But I did also say that I WASN’T saying "never again" – just "enough is enough – for now". Well, it seems that "for now" didn’t last very long….Well, it seems sh...

LAST POST - from ROZ blog - for the time being

By: sadielady, 8:50 PM GMT on February 06, 2011

OCTOBER 11th - Leaving Mauritius for LA OCTOBER 3rd. Due to difficult currents and un-helpful winds, Roz has decided not to arrive in the dark. She hopes to arrive on the morning of the 4th. ROZ CAN SEE THE LIGHTS OF MAURITIUS - 33 miles to go.Landfall, if all goes to plan, should be within 24 hours!! OCTOBER 2nd - BREAKING NEWS: Roz only has 39.4 miles to row to make history! OCTOBER 1st At 1400 UTC 71 nautical miles to go. Approx 38 miles covered in last 24 hou...


By: sadielady, 3:32 PM GMT on April 27, 2010

LondonSHE IS NEARLY THERE!!!! FIVE MILES TO GO!! JUNE 2nd - 60 miles to go .....MAY 18th - THE PLASTIC OCEAN"The most notable thing about today was the amount of plastic trash I saw littering the ocean. Today was the worst I have ever seen it. I saw about 30 individual recognisable pieces: plastic bottles, yogurt pots, bits of packaging. There is something deeply upsetting about seeing a beautiful blue ocean glinting in the sunshine marred by a plastic bottle bobb...

Walking to Copenhagan !

By: sadielady, 5:15 PM GMT on November 18, 2009

LondonNovember 18th I have just been reading Dr Masters' blog and saw he had mentioned the U.N. Climate Change Conference that will be held December 7 - 18 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The last time I checked Roz Savage's own blog I saw she is planning to walk from London to Copenhagen to draw attention to the plight of the Pacific Islands Tarawa and Tuvalu, which could both be under the sea in fifty years. She leaves London on Friday the 20th with a group of friends to...

Tsunani - Tawara and Tuvula ??

By: sadielady, 7:04 AM GMT on June 17, 2009

LondonSEPTEMBER 30th ...After listening to the news this morning I decided to check on the two Islands Roz had been involved with on her Pacific Crossing.Each of these islands are less than 10 foot high at their highest point above sea level, surrounded by ocean. The tsunami near Samoa most probably swept over these two Islands ...... I can find no information about their situation, they are so remote.From Roz's diary I do know Tarawa has 12,000 people who live on t...

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