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MailBox for CJ's Cards

By: seflagamma, 6:08 PM GMT on February 12, 2007

March 3, 2007: My Candle is also lit. (Thanks Code)

Feb 23, 2007:
I have started receiving cards in the mailbox now and I hope to send out the first package to Mandy and Ed on Monday afternoon... will check the mailbox Monday morning to get any that arrived since I was there this morning.
And I have the box for 2 months so will continue to pick up as long as they arrive. I did send "WU mail" to those of you that sent the cards so you know it arrived safely. (Some of you I had to guess but I think I guessed right LOL)

Feb 12, 2007:
I know a lot of people here want to send Mandy & Ed a card for our little CJ so this morning I rented a mailbox for 2 months so we could have a safe address to mail cards to without anyone having to put their home address on the website. It only will fit cards, not big presents unless, of course, the present fits into a card envelope! LOL

So as of now you may send cards to:

"Mandy or CJ"
c/of Patti L
5448 N. University Dr. #5
Lauderhill, FL 33351

I will try to pick up the mail there (it is only about a mile from where I live) once or twice a week and bundle up all the cards into big envelope and mail them to Mandy.

2/23/07: decided to add just a couple of today's Flamingo Gardens Picture to the bottom of this header. but got 26 over at the side! LOL

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Home Improvments..

By: seflagamma, 8:45 PM GMT on February 02, 2007

Sat, Feb 10, 2007
WOW wasn't it exciting all being together waiting for CJ to be born!!! Oh well, now my weekend will be here in about 2 more hours and it will be back to home improvement projects or just plain old housework for me this weekend!
Will be in and out as I can.
Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Friday, Feb 9, 2007
Mandy and Ed's CJ has arrived!!!!
3:47am, 6 pounds, 12 oz, 20 1/2 inches long.
Baby, Mandy, and Ed are all doing great!!!!!

Wed., Feb 7, 2007:
I uploaded (in process still) some pics of the house with new paint job and the storm shutters. Putting some of the shutters in the header (see below). Some folks that don't live in Hurricane Country cannot image what they look like!! (Sandi LOL!!! & Veracity, I close them myself; the servants have other jobs to do ROFL!!!) Will also upload a few pics of the patio. It's a mess again because they are installing the patio shutters right now but hope to get it put back together soon. Off work today; YIPEE!!!

Monday, Feb 5, 2007:
The sound of drilling into the walls outside is a beautiful sound. Our Accordion Storm Shutters are going up this morning. May take 2-3 days to finish the job but so happy it is finally getting done. We ordered them 6 mos ago but waited until house was painted before having them installed. It will be so wonderful to be able to shutter up the house by myself anytime I feel the need! No more worring about getting hubby or son to do it.
Also kids are still in process of moving into their apartment yesterday and today. So things sort of hectic but in a good way. Hope to have more blogging time in the near future!

Wasn't that a great Colts Victory last night!!! YEEHAWWW!!

Sunday Feb 4th, Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!
Big time rooting for Colts today!!!!
Got the food and beer and champaign on ice, shrimp, steaks ready for grill, making 7 layer Mexican dip to munch on and going to enjoy the game!!!!

Feb 2, 2006
I had no idea until an hour ago while driving in my car to go pick up lunch and heard about it on the radio.

Was so hectic here at work all day we are totally unaware of anything in the outside world today.

So happy to hear that most of our WUBA friends are safe...

will try to get on line tonight to read all of the details.

Sorry I wasn't here earlier this morning with everyone.

Prayers go up for those that were affected.

Below are some pictures of our new Accordion Storm Shutters. One of the back sliding glass window with the shutters closed. and One of one of the front windows with the shutters open (pulled back into side box) and one with them closed. They are not attractive looking but it is the price of living in hurricane country. At least you don't have to store them in the garage and it will take about 15 mins to close them up when a storm comes. No more worrying about getting the plywood up over the windows anymore for me... most of our neighborhood now has these types of shutters.

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