Watching Major Hurricane Matthew.

By: seflagamma, 4:14 PM GMT on September 30, 2016

Oct 11, 2016: my area is SE Fla got spared from Hurricane Matthew, but that storm could have just as easily jogged west as east and we would have been in big trouble. So glad I did prepare. But NE Fla, GA SC and NC and parts of VA did not get off so lucky. Thank you all for the info put out on this blog.

October 4, 2016: Everyone on the Atlantic East Coast should be watching Hurricane Matthew carefully. Good luck to us all.

Updated: 8:59 PM GMT on October 11, 2016

Happy August & Tropics are getting active

By: seflagamma, 2:45 PM GMT on August 01, 2016

August 1, 2016:
Hello everyone! And White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits for a good August for us all.

Decided I needed a new blog thread for a new month. Will add pics when I can.

Thanks again to all of you who stop by my blog & leave a comment and keep it afloat!

Here are the maps:

Updated: 3:31 PM GMT on September 20, 2016

June & July start of the season a lot of company & family time.

By: seflagamma, 7:28 PM GMT on June 01, 2016

June 1, 2016, Good afternoon on this first day of June & first day of the hurricane season for our area. Hope we continue with our 10 year run of very good luck here in Florida.

I did see all your comments on my previous blog thread and commented. But decided today is a good day to crank up a new thread for the summer.
White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits for a lucky & happy June.
Several of us are doing that over on FB these days and we...

Updated: 1:19 AM GMT on July 17, 2016

May is here!

By: seflagamma, 6:35 PM GMT on April 30, 2016

April 30, 2016: Last day of April and May will arrive at midnight. Time flies these days.
Thanks to everyone who comments and posted on my previous blogs and keeps it alive. I do appreciate every one of you.

No pictures at the moment so will add some later. Edited: Now I am adding photos. You knew I would eventually!

So far after our extremely record breaking wet winter and Jan & Feb, we have finally had some more normal dry weathe...

Updated: 3:49 PM GMT on May 23, 2016

April is upon us!

By: seflagamma, 5:17 PM GMT on March 31, 2016

March 31, 2016: Tomorrow starts a new month so it is time for a new clean blog thread.
and to wish all my friends,
White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits for a wonderful and happy April!

So ready for summer weather (we except for so much rain because we got record breaking rain all winter down here). Suppose to be really hot the rest of the week, temps in low 90s! It will be pool time again soon, can already feel the temp of the pool wat...

Updated: 5:26 PM GMT on April 16, 2016

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