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Open Again, Trolls need not Apply.

By: unruly, 10:12 PM GMT on July 26, 2011

Thunderstorms coming.

It was a very nice day.

So far today, the T-Storms rode right on by. Hopefully, more to come...


Updated: 11:47 PM GMT on August 02, 2011


Have a nice week.

By: unruly, 11:01 PM GMT on July 22, 2011

Happy Friday People.
Come on in, set a spell.

Hot one here today. 101F with an index of 112F. Good times.


Do not post here if your not here to play along.

Good times ahead. Tunes, jokes. Lets have some fun :)

Updated: 1:16 AM GMT on July 25, 2011


The Nice Guy Blog

By: unruly, 12:09 AM GMT on July 22, 2011

Welcome friends.
Please come in and sit awhile.
Post a tune, a joke.. (keep it clean)

Closing for the night (too bad we have to do this) I will be back...Sometime.

Updated: 12:43 AM GMT on July 22, 2011


If You Think You Are Immune To A Troll Attack...

By: unruly, 10:08 PM GMT on July 18, 2011

Recently, a Troll has used my personal name as well as my Girlfriend's, to post Wu members personal information.

This person should be aware that the real WU'ers are not falling for it, don't condone or endorse it. We will do what we have to do, to eliminate the problem and keep this a "Family Site"

Know this Trolls...EVERYTIME you post, you have a thousand, very smart people looking for you. You will not get away with this for long.


You are now, and always have been doing it wrong.

Good night all. I hope you all have a great night. To those that may care, think about what we are talking about. This blog will open tomorrow, in the evening.

WU mail me and let me know what you think about this, if you'd like.

Update. I see that "the one of which we do not speak" was at it again today. Yes I know it was you. You really should try to phrase things differently if you are going to be a successful Troll. We know who you are. Not falling for it.

Updated: 10:48 PM GMT on July 21, 2011


Summertime in New England

By: unruly, 11:08 PM GMT on July 08, 2011

Welcome all who enter here.

Have fun!!

Updated: 5:29 PM GMT on July 12, 2011


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