Sci-Fi weather

By: ycd0108, 8:25 PM GMT on January 30, 2008

I read a lot of Sci-Fi in the '50s and sixties.
Some of the predictions then have shown up in the intervening years, for instance: A.C. Clark predicted geostable satellites in the forties, though he did not know that you and I would have access to the incredible images (IR,SST,La Nina, etc.) that we take for granted today.
Samuel R Delany described the "15 seconds of fame" available to all on "You Tube" in those early years.
One author I liked was interviewed in "Rolling Stone" regarding his short story predicting the melding of human and artificial intelligence (written in the '80s, predicting melding early in the 21st). When asked in the '90s what he thought about the prediction he indicated he thought it was likely to happen even sooner.
It has not happened to me (yet) because I still need to type and spell check. But when I look at the up to date images of weather on Wunderground I sometimes imagine I am better informed than the gods of Olympus

Episodic tremor and slip

By: ycd0108, 4:41 PM GMT on January 01, 2008

ETS still obvious on seismic here. Sunday, May 18. This event is clearer: regular and well defined and ,it seems to me, longer duration than I have seen before. Maybe I'm just checking more often because of the events in Sichuan

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