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Today's story

By: ycd0108 , 12:47 AM GMT on June 11, 2012

Just back from the Island with a feeling of accomplishment. The car in the picture has been sitting there abandoned 'cause I had given up fixing it years ago when the fuel pump started spraying gasoline around the engine compartment while it was running. I had crawled under that machine more than enough times: Starter motors were the worst but the clutch slave cylinder is actually mounted on top of the transmission so I had to cut the metal away on the drive train "tunnel" and we still drove it about the island with no clutch for a while till the fuel pump failed.
We got it to roll today. We have a barge coming over with a much more reliable vehicle (I HOPE!) and the wreck has to roll on to the barge.
Stay tuned.
"There's Pie":
We went over last night and looked things over.
One important fact remained: this vehicle has to roll. Or at least all it's wheels must roll. Lemme tell you it is somewhat scary when you are towing a wreck and it's tires start smoking, especially if you care at all about the bonehead you put behind the wheel of the wreck.
So we tried to select "neutral" in both transfer cases and figured we must have done OK but the truck would not roll. Went back to the sundeck and thought about it - maybe the wheels are frozen up with rust?
Front port jacked up and spins; rear port and rear starboard spin fine. Front starboard is frozen solid.
Jacked the car up and busted one wheel wrench trying to get the wheel nuts off and sprayed AD40 on everything we could see. Took a large Estwing to the caliper for a while and then started hammering the brake disk back and forth.
"Goin' Mobile"

Fixer Upper (ycd0108)
look close at the graffiti on the rear passenger door
Fixer Upper
Beam me up, Scotty (ycd0108)
"I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK"
Beam me up, Scotty
Deadtruck Hill (ycd0108)
One step closer to the barge
Deadtruck Hill
Deadtruck Hill (ycd0108)
This was the view through the pitch covered windshield
Deadtruck Hill
Black Sunflower (ycd0108)
Getting tamer by the day
Black Sunflower

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21. ycd0108
7:50 PM GMT on June 16, 2012
Hi Rob:
Larry the Cable Guy and I would have lots to talk about.
He is the better entertainer but I keep tryin'. I still have the scar on one cheek where a snapped cable bit when we pulled too hard on my old 35' boat to get it down to the rising tide. The guests are up now and wandering about so I should go down and whump up soup and sandwich.
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20. RobDaHood
6:54 PM GMT on June 16, 2012
"Get 'er Done"


Never thought of you and "Larry the Cable guy" in the same sentence, but yeah...Maybe Larry with a Canadian accent. That might be something along the lines of Red Green?

Glad that things went well.
Enjoy the balance of the weekend.
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19. ycd0108
5:50 PM GMT on June 16, 2012
Good morning Shore:
You have been busy and I'm still working on comments on your latest posts.
I heard you enjoy squirrels so I'll see if I can put up a blurry picture of our resident. I think there are at least three of these tiny animals living in the wall of my shop. They tell us to feed them by sitting on the porch rail with their back to the window they know we are looking from.
I find the best thing to clean up the shells of the black sunflower seed they like is an air compressor with a spritzer on the hose.
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18. shoreacres
5:34 PM GMT on June 16, 2012
I'm glad it went well, too. Setting off on an adventure is one thing. Having an unexpected adventure come to visit can be something else.

We're having a bit of an adventure here - rain and thunder! I haven't heard thunder in some time, and we really need the rain. There's a line of mallards out on the walkway, splashing in the puddles, and I'm sitting here looking at some clouds, trying to decide if one is going to turn into a funnel. Maybe, maybe not. This kind of weather we can get lots of tiny runnels that just drop down a ways and then go back up.

My bluejay family's giving me the evil eye, too. I've put out a handful of nuts and three slices of 12-grain this morning. That's it! They need to learn to go off and forage, too. I must say,it's a lot tidier feeding the mockingbirds with raisins and apple and the others with bread and nuts. With only a balcony, the seed can become too much of a mess. And finally, I've gotten rid of the pigeons. If I were to put a handful of seed out, my prediction is that they would be back in under five minutes. I swear they post sentries here and then, just to keep an eye on things and spread the word if some stupid human thinks they've disappeared.
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17. ycd0108
5:18 AM GMT on June 16, 2012
The barge move went like slow clockwork: the newer vehicle is on the island and the wreck delivered to a scrap car pick up truck. Two smaller trucks took the other garbage off the barge.
Unfortunately I was somewhat involved in the process and totally forgot to take any pictures. I guess I switch gears when something like this is happening to "Get 'er Done" mode and the notion to record it slips away.
Dang! I would like to have seen those pictures myself.
Ylee: I'm sure I replied to your comment the other night but nothing shows up here. I would like a tractor like that one but I'd have to build another shed to store it.
Since the move went so well there isn't much of a story to be told: Car rolls on the barge at about 1600 hr. We can no longer ride on the barge due to Transport Canada's latest wisdom (only employees of the operator can be on board or something) so we drove four to the harbour and buzzed over to the loading ramp in a 16' speed boat. Waited half an hour for the barge; drove the Chevy sedan off; rolled the wreck on and hand bombed the trailer load of garbage on to the front deck of the barge. Took the new appliances to the cabin and parked our new ride by the docks there. BIL went back to town with one pickup to collect the garbage and I brought the rest of the crew back here.
Not much of an adventure, I know, but I'm glad it went so well.
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16. Ylee
1:11 AM GMT on June 15, 2012
Good luck tomorrow, ycd!

Nice tractor! I could use one of those! :)
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15. ycd0108
11:41 PM GMT on June 14, 2012
Afternoon Rob:
I just received a newsletter from the Island owner's association and one little snippet stood out: Dead Truck Hill is so named because a Fargo pickup was used for fill there. I always thought it was called that because when a vehicle needs to be taken off the small Island it should be ready and waiting so the barge can be scheduled. No point bringing a barge unless things are in place and the best place for a worn out vehicle is that hill. I think this will be the third wreck I have taken off. We are taking a Chevy Cavalier over with about 20,000 km on it and have just had it completely serviced so we should be good to go for a few years. The vehicle is used to haul supplies, small children and older folks (like me) from the docks to the cabin.
Thanks for watching and the good wishes. I am usually called in on "odd" projects because I happen to be lucky (so far) and I guess I'm now fairly experienced with "odd". I'll try to get some better photos of the barge move tomorrow.
Good news about the Pheromone possibility: we wonder what can take the place of the "Beetle Kill" trees. As far as I know most replanting has been done to date with the same variety of tree and some hope that the beetle population will peak and crash naturally. At this point about all we can do is log fire lines and try to be prepared.
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14. calpoppy
6:35 PM GMT on June 14, 2012
Good luck tomorrow with the loading of the truck. I am enjoying the story!!

There may be hope in controling the bark beetles. In this months Discovery magazine they had an article on a anti-aggregation pheromone, verbenone. When beetles invade a tree then lay their eggs they put off a pheromone that tells other beetles to stay away. This way there is enough food for their larvae. It won't help the millions of standing dead trees, but it is hope for the future for the forests.
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13. RobDaHood
4:09 PM GMT on June 14, 2012
Enjoying reading about the dead truck adventure.

Hope all goes well.

Remind me not to loan you my large Estwing!
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12. ycd0108
3:51 PM GMT on June 14, 2012
No barges to meet or tides to predict today. Tomorrow the "Gong Show" will depend on tides, boats, cars and trucks all performing their part of the dance. Some people will have to do some scurrying about as well.
So in a way I have a day off so I can fret about the small building project at my daughter's place.
We don't use C.A.D. programs to design things here. We look at the wood we have and try to fit it into a 3D mock up and retire to the sundeck to see what it looks like.
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11. ycd0108
3:52 AM GMT on June 14, 2012
We are on track for the Barge. The wreck is parked above the loading ramp on Deadtruck hill.
Tloml and I grounded the propeller on the way home (not quite enough water in the "Gap" we use at higher tides) but the I/O leg was up so hopefully not too much damage. The ancient Mercruiser leg has taken us through many a grind.
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10. ycd0108
3:35 PM GMT on June 13, 2012
Good morning:
N'bad outlook today. I'll take our weather - cool and damp - over Colorado's any day.
We will get our day in the spotlight one of these years.
The volume of "Pine Beetle Killed" forest in B.C. is a disaster just waiting to happen.
When (not if) it goes off there should be enough CO2 released to quiet any denier.
"Just you wait 'enry 'iggins, just you wait!"
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9. ycd0108
5:05 AM GMT on June 13, 2012
All good. The kid on the island will tow the wreck to
"Deadtruck" hill tomorrow night.
I will be there to steer the tow
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8. ycd0108
8:16 PM GMT on June 12, 2012
Hi Ylee:
I'll find out tonight if we can use the tractor and the barge has an HIAB with a winch. There is what we call "Dead Truck Hill" above the loading landing and I have simply pulled out the chocks and coasted on to the barge before with no brakes. The engine on that truck was seized so I just popped the clutch before I ran into the wheelhouse. Don't try that at home.
This run should be a walk in the park compared to some but you never know.
This barge can only take one vehicle at a time. If it was big enough I would take my 4x4 over and tow the wreck. There is not really enough turn around time with the tides on Friday so I'll have to have the wreck parked on the hill before then.
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7. Ylee
7:55 PM GMT on June 12, 2012
ycd, I believe you have gotten yourself into a fun project this time! :)

How big is the barge? If I could, I'd get a tractor with a super heavy duty three point hitch and boom, pick the front end up, and pull it around and park it on the barge however it would fit.
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6. ycd0108
6:27 PM GMT on June 12, 2012
Just off the phone with the Barge operator. We were supposed to go Thursday but when I checked the Tide Tables it looked real tight to roll on and off in the time frame he had chosen. Friday looks a lot better: though it's a bit later in the day the high tide is higher and the low is not as low.
It will be a "Gong Show" whatever we plan.
As a younger fellow I took pleasure in these adventures: loading gravel trucks around midnight and scrambling to get the trucks back to the barge after unloading them on the small island. I do less scrambling and more logistics nowadays.
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5. ycd0108
4:07 AM GMT on June 12, 2012
That's SIL pretending, although he did most of the sawing. It took three guys working hard and three chainsaws running (two with Alaska Mills and one regular for cut off) to produce about 80 FBM (foot board measure) of fir 4x8. We can buy that wood from a local mill for about 100$. When the fuel and oil is entered in to the equation (forget the cost of the saws and the Alaska mills; and the filing; and the trucking) we realized about a buck and a half an hour for our effort but it was fun.
Here's a link to the tune (?) referenced above:
http://www.lyricsdepot.com/monty-python/lumberjac k.html
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4. ycd0108
2:57 AM GMT on June 12, 2012
Danged if I didn't want to learn to play guitar like the guys on stage or the fiddle/violin like the people in the orchestra.
Fine addition to my blog.
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3. OrangeRoses
10:44 PM GMT on June 11, 2012
I would hope, also, you like my blog because it is more than just the weather and in colour too!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3DhXcQepbY     12:27

Rocking Enough?   I'm on the  edge of 17 

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
2. ycd0108
3:44 AM GMT on June 11, 2012
OrangeRoses: I did "get a kick" from the play on handles. The back door on the car was painted at least five years ago by my grand daughter and her chum.
Maybe that is why I found your blog intriguing.
I watch 'em all and your's comes up often as I browse.
Anyone who responds to my blog or comments on theirs becomes important to me (especially if either of us has put some thought in to a comment or post).
There are some special people here.
Let's Rock
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1. ycd0108
1:12 AM GMT on June 11, 2012
I had to get that story started before I lost it but I did read all comments on the last entry and hope I can respond in some acceptable fashion:
If I go back to the previous entry I will loose track and probably this comment so I'll have to go with memory (which is not particularly reliable any more) but here we go anyway:
Shore: The Orca parts were mostly worn out pistons and gears stung together likely with a "Buzz Box" arc welder. I often have Ian's tunes running in my head and now I have another one. Thank you. But I ain't going to Calgary. I pulled a "Mining Exploration" project out of that town some years ago and watched the local hockey team in the "Stetson" once. Flown in and out a few times or just over on to London. Not my kind of town.
I'll have to go back to the photos to reply to your comments but I'm sure you agree that it is worth the effort when someone notices your blog or photo.
Ylee: You are going to have to watch this goofy process here - taking one vehicle on to the island and getting a wreck (and some bulky garbage) off is quite a process. I'll get more photos this week and try to tell the story. The cabin is a joint effort with five share holders - mainly Tloml's family. It is well used in the "high season" but in "Off peak" demand it just sits there. Funny thing I notice is that folks actually talk and listen to each other there. There is no internet and no TV signal but there are lots of books. Even the grandchildren will get so danged bored they will chat with their goofy grandpa.

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