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  1. World Lowest Temperature for April 22
    The world's lowest temperature for April 22 was -90 degrees and occurred at Amundsen-Scott, Antarctica
  2. World Highest Temperature for April 22
    The world's highest temperature for April 22 was 113 degrees and occurred at Kaolack, Senegal
  3. 5.4 earthquake Panguna
    There was a 5.4 earthquake that occurred near Panguna on April 23, 2014 at 12:40 am Eastern Time. This is considered a moderate earthquake with possible major damage to poorly constructed buildings and slight damage to well-designed buildings. This temblor occurred at a depth of 43.92 km, which is a shallow-focus earthquake (0-70 km deep).
  4. Weaverville, CA set a record low temperature of 39 for Apr 22

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