Marine Weather for HS 009

issued by the Bureau of Meteorology National meteorological and oceanographic centre for 24 hours commencing 2300 UTC 28 August 2014

please be aware wind gusts can be 40 percent stronger than the averages given here, and maximum waves may be up to twice the height.

Part 1 warnings Melbourne Gale Warning 1 issued 282007utc: area 1: bounded by 39s123e 50s138e 50s135e 40s122e 39s123e. Area 2: bounded by 48s129e 50s133e 50s120e 46s119e 46s123e 48s129e.

Melbourne Gale Warning 3 issued 282012utc: area bounded by 36s158e 35s159e 30s157e 29s156e 30s153e 33s151e 34s153e 37s155e 40s160e 37s160e 36s158e.

New Zealand Gale Warning 821 issued 281800utc: over waters east of 160e. Low 1005hpa near 34s160e moving westsouthwest 5kt. In a belt 180 nautical miles wide centred on a line 38s168e 39s165e 39s159e: clockwise 35kt. Gale area moving west 30kt.

Part 2 situation at 1800 UTC refer to latest warnings.

Ridge 38s147e 44s154e 47s164e 46s170e. Forecast 38s145e 43s149e 49s165e 47s170e at 290600utc and 38s148e 46s156e 49s170e at 291800utc.

Trough 28s162e 31s162e to low 1007 hpa near 34s160e to 42s166e. Forecast 28s164e 31s165e to low 1004 hpa near 33s159e to 42s164e at 290600utc and 28s169e 32s165e to low 1003 hpa near 32s159e to 42s162e at 291800utc.

Cold front 34s115e 42s125e 50s131e. Forecast 35s112e 38s122e 50s133e at 290600utc and 38s126e 50s137e at 291800utc.

Part 3 forecast refer to latest warnings.

Within 180nm of ridge: variable winds below 20 knots. Slight to moderate seas. Moderate swell.

Remainder north of ridge, outside warning areas: se quarter shifting NE quarter east of trough and SW quarter west of trough, north of low. Winds turning clockwise within 360nm of low. Wind speeds 15/25 knots, increasing to 20/33 knots within 180nm of warning areas. Moderate to rough seas. Moderate swell.

Remainder west of ridge, outside of warning areas: N/NW winds 20/30 knots, increasing to 25/33 knots within 120nm of warning areas but easing to 15/25 knots within 300nm of ridge. Moderate to rough seas. Moderate to heavy swell.

Rain areas, scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms within 360nm of low and 240nm of trough and cold front. Isolated showers remainder away from ridge. Visibility reducing below 2nm in precipitation.

Weather Melbourne

the next routine forecast will be issued at 0900 UTC 29 August 2014

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