Summers Severe Watches & Warnings NOAA Weather Radio

Winter Storm Warning
Statement as of 7:49 PM EST on March 04, 2015

... Winter Storm Warning remains in effect from midnight tonight
to 7 PM EST Thursday...

* locations... southeast West Virginia... east to the southern
Shenandoah Valley.

* Hazard types... sleet and snow.

* Accumulations... snow and sleet accumulation 2 to 5 inches.

* Timing... rain will change to sleet shortly after midnight in
southeast West Virginia... and by dawn in the southern Shenandoah
Valley... then change to mainly snow between dawn and noon.

* Impacts... snow and sleet will lead to hazardous travel

* Winds... northwest 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph.

* Temperatures... falling into the 20s Thursday.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A Winter Storm Warning for heavy snow and sleet means severe
winter weather conditions are expected or occurring. Significant
amounts of snow and sleet are forecast that will make travel
dangerous. Only travel in an emergency. If you must travel... keep
an extra flashlight... food... and water in your vehicle in case
of an emergency.

The public is encouraged to report snow... sleet or ice amounts to
the National Weather Service via email at rnk.Skywarn@noaa.Gov or
at phone number 1... 8 6 6... 2 1 5... 4 3 2 4.For additional
weather information... visit US on the web at
http://www.Erh.NOAA.Gov or at http://weather.Gov.

Reports are also welcome on our facebook Page or twitter feed

Areal Flood Warning
Statement as of 1:48 AM EST on March 05, 2015

... A Flood Warning for rain and snow melt remains in effect until 845
am EST Thursday for
Tazewell... Summers... Greenbrier... Mercer and Monroe counties...

At 100 am EST... stream gages in the warned area continue to indicate
very high water levels. Widespread flooding continues to be reported
on numerous streams and creeks mainly in Tazewell and Mercer
counties but also in parts of the Greenbrier valley.

Rainfall across the area Wednesday ranged from one /1.00/ to one and
a half /1.50/ inches. This rainfall... combined with existing
snowmelt... to produce widespread flooding. An additional half-inch
/0.50/ of rain is possible between now and daybreak... which could
produce additional rises on rivers and streams. Temperatures after
daybreak are expected to fall below freezing... changing the rain to
frozen precipitation... and reducing any additional runoff during the
day Thursday. Until this takes place... flooding will continue.

There are numerous small streams and creeks that are either in
flood... or experiencing high water levels. Here are some of the
larger ones...

On the Clinch River in Tazewell County... minor flooding is occurring
near the river gage in Richlands. The river appears that it has
crested... at around 12.3 feet. Between 8pm and 1am the river level
has remained at around 12 feet. Flood stage is 10 feet. Rain
continues to fall in this area... so the river could briefly rise
again during the overnight... possibly above the earlier crest.

On the Bluestone river in Mercer County... the river is running
extremely high... with moderate flooding occurring between
Spanishburg and Pipestem. The river appears that it has crested at
Spanishburg... reaching as high as 16.8 feet. Flood stage is 12
feet. Moderate flood stage is 15 feet. Major flood stage is 18
feet. The river level has trended down a bit... upstream of
Spanishburg. The river is still rising downstream toward Pipestem.
Until the river recedes on Thursday... extensive lowland flooding
will continue along much of the river and significant portions of
Route 19 will likely remain closed near Spanishburg.

Indian Creek near Red Sulphur Springs in Monroe County is also above
its minor flood stage of 8 feet... and will likely reach its moderate
flood stage which is 11 feet. At 1am... Indian Creek near Red
Sulphur Springs was 10.7 feet and rising. Lowland flooding is likely
and some roads may be affected including County Road 23.

In addition to the flood threat overnight... mudslides may also
become a problem in steep hilly terrain. The ground is so moist
that rocks... mud and debris may fall from hillsides resulting
in blocked roads.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

For your safety... be especially cautious at night when it is harder
to recognize the dangers of flooding. If flooding is observed act
quickly. Move up to higher ground to escape flood waters. Do not
stay in areas subject to flooding when water begins rising.

When it is safe to do so... please send your reports of flooding...
including mudslides or Road closures... to the National Weather
Service by calling toll free at 1... 8 6 6... 2 1 5... 4 3 2 4. Reports
and pictures can also be shared on the National Weather Service
Blacksburg facebook Page and on twitter.

Lat... Lon 3826 8043 3805 8026 3803 7999 3771 8033
      3761 8024 3743 8086 3735 8089 3727 8124
      3711 8131 3696 8177 3697 8177 3715 8186
      3723 8171 3721 8156 3727 8142 3772 8097
      3768 8088 3779 8092 3787 8075 3807 8081